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Thomas Massie Outraged over NSA, DHS bullet grab and more. C-span coverage on House floor

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I been outraged for a long

time. I told people and they said I was crazy. But I got a big problem with this because they are going to tap your phones no matter what.

This was a tactic to sway away from Benghazi.

Because that skank we call Hilary is going to be running in 2016.

Recently, I have heard

Recently, I have heard repeatedly by defenders of the NSA surveillance programs that government has achieved a proper balance between privacy and national security.

Our right to privacy does not teeter on a fulcrum. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees our right to privacy and it is explicit and absolute.

Imagine if someone said to you that you can own a gun, but can’t pull the trigger. Or you can say anything you want, just so long as it doesn’t offend.

The Constitution is explicit. We all have the explicit right to privacy just as we each have an explicit right to own a gun or an explicit right to unencumbered free speech.

we all should be

Everyone should be outraged!

and others will show

and others will show themselves for who they are, when they do NOTHING

I tip my hat to you Mr Massie for speaking up

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Now we need some bite in the barking.

Thank you Massie!!!

Bump for Rep. Massie!


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix