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Wow! Glenn Greenwald was on Fox & Friends: Blackout is over

I guess the blackout by Fox of Glenn Greenwald is over: he was on Fox & Friends. How does one embed a video here? Anyone know?


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I'm glad Fox had him on.... Kuddos...

Now, how about giving 20 year NSA veteran Russ Tice some airtime to discuss how these spying programs have a fine focus on politicians?

So, Fox news has changed it's spots,

come in from the cold, mended it's wicked lying ways, is deeply sorry, and is now a voice for liberty?....
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Title is a bit off

The blackout is not over. Perhaps one day but not in the near future.

The blackout is what is happening right now in Syria. Hardly any airtime. Makes sense when ultimately Iran is the next Target for War.

Never forget, despite the MSM invite of Mr. Greenwald they DO NOT work for The American People.


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

It should have read banned...

I had emailed Glenn earlier and asked why he was not appearing on Fox News for interviews. He emailed back that he had heard he was banned last year.

Greenwald is good at playing the media game.

He planted a lot of seeds here but didn't give anything away.

It's easy when you have superior intellect

to the clowns in the circus you are forced to deal with. Like Ron Paul, he appears to be a master chess player with the articulation skills and sharp mind to back it all up. I met him when he spoke at the UCSD campus earlier this year in San Diego. He displayed a brilliant mind and spoke as eloquently as anyone I have ever heard.


I think he will eventually

I think he will eventually get his own show on Fox.