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Grassroots-libertarian Business Money Bomb - Support Liberty Businesses - IRL-RPG

I remember when Kelly Clarkson said something somewhat positive about Ron Paul and the social media went crazy and Ron Paul support bought her song...a lot of it.

(My book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jack-wagner/irl-rpg-players-guide/e... )

Similarly we regularly try to support business the support the "cause."

I've been back in Northern California for a year and a few months. I have worked on a number of local campaigns, one of which won a seat on the County Board. I have attended a number of various political meetings, began appearing on local radio on the specific issue of Public Banking and about politics in general (I'll probably go on election day mornings from now on).

You can read about my time volunteering around the U.S. for the Ron Paul 2012 capmaign here: http://freeindependentsun.com/republic/the-transition-tour-w... (there are entries for 6 other states I visited)

I have been living in a more secluded area of my county with no car. We have public transit, but it is mostly to get you to work and back, and ends service when most community/political meetings are just getting going.

I've had a good part-time farm job the entire time. I've made "ends-meet" by taking other part-time gigs; music, acting, labor, political work, etc. But I haven't been able to "get-ahead" enough to get a car and a more centrally located shelter. I have been able to donate a small amount of money (need to do that no matter how broke you are; because they need it, and it's good for your soul), and when I am really strict I am able to start getting ahead a bit.

I took a service job in hopes the money would be good, and it isn't.

The cause requires me to be free from jobs and job hunting and have at least the basic resources (like a car) to do urban/rural-political-outreach.

So what I am proposing is we start a trend of Money Bombs for like-minded businesses. Not handouts. We simply say, "Sure I'll buy what you made even if I don't need it right now because it does seem like a good product and I want you to be better off financial because you do a lot of free work for the good of all."

I've done a couple paid political jobs. Money gets in the way. It being a "job" with a "boss" very much gets in the way of the cause, because the cause is to cultivate a society in which people are as independently capable as possible.

I self-published a book to help with the cause.

I've done some outreach, sold some copies, but nothing substantial.

The book is a D&D/WoW like "game" that you play in Real Life. IRL-RPG. I'm working on the second book, which you can see notes for on my website:


The book is full of ways to organize almost every aspect of your life into a creative and fantasitic "game." You level up by leveling up in life. But working on your craft. By furthering your abilities. By improving your health. Balancing your budget and investing properly. I promote Gold and Silver in the game.

I get about $9 of the $20 price for the book.

I get most of the $5 for the pdf.

100 copies of the book would get me first months rent in a more dense area that gives me more political standing.

200 copies would get me a decent car.

400 would get me a good Toyota pickup (late 80s/early 90s) that would last a while and help me do more trading (barter, free pickup, etc.) and more landscaping (hopefully just buy/growing fruit trees and planting them for people, or on bike paths. Keep a map, put a small fence to protect them from deer, water them, check in on them, etc).

1000 copies would hook me up!!!!!!!!

1000 sales of the pdf. would be amazing!!!!! I'd be able to do some amazing things.

I am also good at understanding investing. The majority of the money I have "saved" and "invested" in my life came before I really understood how to invest, and I spent most of it on travel anyway (which is a valuable investment in of itself).

So you can be assured that any money I make that allows me to actually start interacting with the market properly will help me become free from needing to sell copies of my book to pay rent.

I grow most of my own food already.

I'm starting to learn more about carpentry, mechanics, and 3d printing.

As well, my cause is to help make other people independent. So you can be assured a lot of my money will be going to help other people free themselves financially and spiritually.

Thank you for your consideration.

There is a small preview of the book on the Lulu.com pages below:

PDF: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jack-wagner/irl-rpg-players-guide/e...

Book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jack-wagner/irl-rpg-players-guide/p...

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Viral Video

Made this and added links to the book:


Jack Wagner

Had 1 PDF sale yesterday!!!

Thanks to whoever bought it!!! That's 3.50$ in my "pocket."

If you got $5 you are going to spend on something trivial today please consider also spending $5 (or spending that $5) on my PDF. It is worth it!!!

Jack Wagner

Bump for California

Bump for California!

Liberty Business Bump???

Wondering if that is a better term.

Jack Wagner

Good luck with this jacktober.

Good luck with this jacktober. At Walking Liberty Publishing we want to showcase liberty authors like yourself. Please get in touch at your conv.


There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.


Any purchases will help a bunch. I think everyone will like the book too. Lots of cool art in it and work-book sheets, helpful ways of looking at life and growth.

Jack Wagner