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It's Summer Time, Let's Start a campaign for Ron Paul Curriculum!

Children of all ages and grades are out for the summer, and the new school year will start for most in September. Now is the time to do something that is not just important for children and their families, but for the future salvation of our once free country, and that is to campaign for ronpaulcurriculum.com
Home Schooling is our greatest hope for the Constitution, and our greatest hope for a new and larger generation of real patriots, before our corrupt government tries to outlaw this form of education. Please share with friends, families, and strangers, via email, phone calls, twitter, or in person, the importance of homeschooling. Even for Democrats who might not think anything of it or might be against it, let them know, that someday there might be a Neo-Con republican president who might change what it taught in public schools, and they may not want their children to learn the Neo-Con propaganda. Below are links for two videos and two websites that might help in convincing many in signing their children up for Ron Paul's Curriculum.
I am going to start this campaign myself on the celebration of our independence from the British, I am going to start making calls to everyone I know and then head out to the streets to talk to people, as well as posting this info on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I hope others will do the same. Happy Independence Day!

School Sucks:


Tom Woods introducing ronpaulcurriculum.com:


Lies told about homeschooling:


Main link:


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