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Ron Paul Alex Jones today's interview (17min)
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Hiliary was said to have 53%

Hiliary was said to have 53% of the Dems vote already. This is troubling. My local radio station did not believe it so they did a poll of their own. 61 people called in and gave who they would vote for if it was today. Hiliary was tied with Bill Richardson at 3rd place. This is a very liberal station I might add. AIR AMERICA. They are the equal and exact opposite of FOX. John Edwards came in first by a landslide with Dennis K in and comfortable 2nd. What does this mean??? Exactly what everyone is already saying. The MSM are lying to the public and trying to ram Hiliary and Rudy down are necks. They are trying to make it seem as if they are only the ones who stand a chance of winning. They want you to not vote your heart, more or less vote like you are placing a bet on a college game. Sure you may have graduated from EAST-Coastal-Central Arkansas. But if they went against USC, who are you going to PICK. This is the senerio they need for you to consider. YOu may like Paul or anyone else, but can they bet Hiliary. They need for you to believe that no one else can win. Who ever you vote for, it needs to be from your heart. Who represents you and the People the best. IF you listen to the MSM, DON"t complain when your life is a living HELL due to GIgantic Government, insane TAXES all while watching your children get drafted to a WAR with IRAN. It's starting to get a little Ridiculous that after 8 years of BUSH, the MSM are baiting people to vote for the only two Candidates that maybe even worst than him. And nobody knows Corruption like the CLINTONS. Don't give your rights to the MSM and allow them to vote for you. TRY THIS OUT. Call all of your Conservative stations in your area and give them the same challange. Have them take there own polls. Challange them to do it every other week and after every debate. This may show that Rudy may not be the best choice for any party. I'm not saying Ron will get the most votes, but it may level the field and the exposure a bit and hopefully wake voters up. If it comes to HIliary or Rudy it does not matter who wins, Like a Clinton Secretary, We're all screwed.

They are the True Patriots

Please, let Aaron Russo rest in peace. Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Aaron Russo, each one is a true American Patriot, and a hero. Each has already deserved his place in history. AJ is a conspiracy theorist??? Give me a break! Just for your info, the guy is running the biggest alternative radio talk show on the planet. He is listened to around the globe. It’s not a conspiracy any more. The official 911 report, in fact, is the biggest conspiracy. And you don’t need AJ (any more) to come to such conclusion. Just check out all the facts, the evidence from hundreds of witnesses and scientists, check out how controlled demolition looks like. Well, my guess is you are aware of everything, as well as of the fact that perhaps one fourth of RP supporters are the 911 truthers. And you are so sure that none of them would argue with you because they want RP to win so much, and because if they do argue, they would be attacked by other RP supporters for not being nice to you, right? Otherwise, why to make such a public statement/threat to stop supporting RP? I don’t buy the official 911 fraud, but I am still a die hard RP supporter, and I will not stop supporting him despite being disagree with him (and with you for that matter) on the 911 issue. Or should I? So who of us really wants RP to win?

He has stated...

He has stated that he thinks the official govt report covered alot of bureaucratic ineptitude. If he thought it was an inside job he would say so EXPLICITLY as his impecable character dictates.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go make a better tinfoil hat so the evil, all-seeing govt can't read my brainwaves anymore.

On 911 and Ron

He knows that government is very corrupt, even better than any of us. It would definitely be very detrimental to his campaign to say it was a set up. But make no mistake, he knows there are many concerning factors that are very questionable and that the administration wanted a reason to attack Iraq, alter the Constitution, etc.

He is not foolish enough to make this announcement, whether he believes it or not, without absolute proof of what really did happen. It would be foolish to destroy his campaign by saying something he cannot prove...at least at this time. Absolute honesty can be a bad thing on occassion, especially when it negatively effects the many.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

As long as Paul stresses that he ...

As long as Paul stresse that he thinks 9/11 happened due to govt. incompetence as opposed to being an "inside job" I have no problem with him reaching out to Jones's website-goers and radio show listeners (of which there are many, apparently.) After all, he does interviews on Pravda- I mean- Fox News, too.

Here's audio of RP talking about 9/11...

He was on the Pat Gorman Show back in June and stated in more detail than I've ever heard regarding this subject.


Ron Paul is BRILLIANT how he is playing his cards with this subject.

The media are evil and would try to cut him to pieces for coming out fully for 9/11 truth. But that doesn't stop him from saying he supports a new investigation.



watch the association with nutjobs

i'm a ron paul supporter who's donated 3 times. in fact, i've been an RP supporter since at least 2000, probably previous to that.

alex jones is "famous" for his ridiculous assertions - he preaches that 9/11 was an "inside job," that the towers were brought down by explosives, that a plane didn't hit the pentagon, etc. in short, he's a raving nutjob.

RP is doing himself and his campaign a great disservice by associating with whack jobs like alex jones and aaron russo.

if this keeps up, not only will i be embarrassed to tell anyone that i'm an RP supporter, but he'll lose my support as well.

if you want RP to be taken seriously, you'll need to stop associating with conspiracy theorists.

I agree with you entirely.

I agree with you entirely. We should distance ourselves from conspiracy but Ron Paul is just trying to get as much exposure as he can. I dont beleive 9/11 was an inside job, i think we warranted the attacks and did little to prevent them. Ron Paul also beleives along these lines, and while it is politically correct, it is also the most sane view.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

Welcome to about 80% who....

....believe that 9/11 WAS an inside job - as RP supporters.

I'm not apologizing for it....nor should anyone else.

But I tell you guys what.....I don't go around supporting RP and talk about 9/11 truth in the same conversations.....so don't worry.

Like Ron Paul has said to John Gibson of Fox (and other idiots).......if he had to agree with EVERYthing a network or interviewer stood for, he couldn't be interviewed by ANYone.

Everyone, please quit getting your panties in a wad about 9/11 truth......one of these days YOU will also realize it was an inside job. You already SHOULD considering the evidence is so obvious.

Our government is now run by absolute criminals who will stop at nothing to further their goal of a New World Order, and it should be painfully obvious to all RP supporters that this is the case.



I agree with you and why anyone would consider not voting for RP

is beyond me :)

(Just for the record, I am not convinced 911 was an inside job, but that's beside the point)

~~Vote for Ron Paul, there is NO one else like him, not for a LONG long time, and then, it might be too late to do anything~~

---- ---- ----
Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

Amero, New cry to

Amero, New cry to impliment.. Was on Drudge at 5am this morning... gone at about 7am cant find it in his history either. Poor Matt (in a funny Irish accent). A wee bitta fraid are we laddie?



alex jones

alex jones and arron russo intruduced me to ron paul and i thank them dearly for it. i think its really sad when people call them kooks when they said stuff thats totally unbelievable, but you say nothing when 4 or 5 months later you find out its true.alex jones predicted 911 2 months before it happened and the details of the event were spot on. he doesnt have a crystal ball. he does his research and works his ass off doing it. he knows how these scumbags operate. jones.russo,jack blood,and ron paul are all heroes in my book.

Great. The MSM will have a field day with this.

Alex Jones is a big time d-bag. It's good Paul got a decent interview. Too bad it had Jones' name attached to it though.

RP_army_of_one, I'm going to

RP_army_of_one, I'm going to call you out on this. On what basis do you call Alex Jones a d-bag?

PLEASE explain just HOW.....

How is Alex Jones a "D-Bag"?

Please explain something he's said or done that's either wrong or evil.

You may not agree with everything he says (and that's fine), but Alex Jones has done MORE to fight the New World Order and promote Ron Paul than any other person on this planet.

And PLEASE don't say the New World Order, etc is just a bunch of "conspiracy theory"........that line ain't gonna work around here.

By the way, his sites are:


Also, you can listen to his show 24 hours a day looping by clicking:



Alex has no solutions.

I have listened to Alex for a long time, maybe 5 years. He is masterful at pointing a finger at what is wrong: police state, corruption, NWO, everything. This is good and necessary.

Does he offer any solutions? Tactics to fight or meaningfully oppose? No. Not one. So. Alex will be giving us the horrible play-by-play as our Republic gets swallowed up by the North American Union, or we get trotted off to FEMA camps.

Standing in Ottawa, or at Ground Zero, or anywhere, with a bullhorn is not a solution. Exposing the Bilderburgers is not a solution. This is all finger-pointing. Great. We've seen Terrorstorm, 911 the Road to Tyranny and can await his new Endgame.

Right. But after we have seen all the videos, heard the radio replays and listened to Alex. What do we do? Now what? How do we actually stop the tyranny?

There may not be an answer, and we may be all sitting ducks.

Not at the moment

Supporting Ron Paul is a very good thing, and that is why we are all here, sharing our beliefs and hopes. But it is not a practical solution now. He's a Congressman running for president; not much clout there.

Here is a solution. It is far-fetched, and the cure could be worse than the disease.

Long ago I heard whispers about great dissention in the military; that some of the Joint Chiefs were planning a coup d'etat because they had grown so fed up and angry with the Bush mishandling of the military (many reasons). Anyhow, if anybody can topple the Bush regime, it's them. They have the firepower. By taking control of the white house they could change the course of this nation - provided the commander was doing it to restore the Republic and not set himself up as dictator.

There was a movie about this, with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Seven Days in May. Worth watching, except the Burt Lancaster General was insane. Well, it may take that. I don't think Bush or Cheney are "all there" either.

Well, as I said...

"The cure could be worse than the disease."

Yes, impractical and improbable. But I am fresh out of ideas for stopping the tyranny.

Oh jeez, just watch

Giuliani will be apalled that he associated italians with the Mafia.

Doesn't Ron Paul know its only Okay to hate muslims. 911, 911, 911.

Ha Ha then he'll have to go after Hillary too

Didn't Hillary use the Italian mafia as the basis for her song

All in the family

Rudy really doesn't want to go there. Talk of his dad, uncle and cousin's mob ties are best left alone.

Washington doesn't need more lawyers.
It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom