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RCMP thwarts plot to bomb B.C. Legislature on Canada Day

Mounties say they have thwarted an alleged plot, inspired by al-Qaeda, to explode pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day.

These are the same kind of devices used in the bloody Boston Marathon bombing in April.

The RCMP told a Tuesday media briefing in Surrey, B.C., that they arrested a Canadian man and woman on July 1.

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This needs more attention

CBC isn't approving any of my better comments. Not sure if because they're flooded with comments or because someone doesn't like what I'm saying.

Here's Nuttle's music video.

Shot at Monty's in Victoria.

Statement by Toews

Mr. Toews reminded Canadians that the federal government recently passed legislation that grants police extra powers in the fight against terrorism – but come at a controversial cost to civil liberties in Canada.

S-7, the Combatting Terrorism Act, resurrected two anti-terrorism powers that Parliament granted to Canadian authorities after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks but expired in 2007. Neither measure had ever been used.

The law allows police to detain people pre-emptively and hold them for as long as three days without charges and would give authorities power to compel testimony through so-called investigative hearings at which people are brought before judges to answer questions.

CBC article here


Interesting that comments are disabled on both CBC and Globe articles.

edit: Comments have opened. Happy to see a good deal of skepticism.

Home turf...

I live in Victoria, BC and regularly visit the BC Legislature.

This story has CSIS (Canadian CIA) written all over it.

The statements from the RCMP that 'public safety was always the priority and at no time did the inert devices represent possible harm to people or property' and the journalist follow up to say 'how were you able to know for certain that the devices would be inert?'. The RCMP go on to say that they had 'control and were monitoring suspects' and the 'element of design' of the operation would ensure that the devices were inert.

The RCMP said they have been in covert investigations for 5 months and that the parts of the explosive devices canme from Surrey and other areas of the Province.

Somehow the RCMP were confident enough that the device wouldn't go off that they didn't bother to evacuate the 40,000 people gathered at the BC legislature yesterday. Weird? The RCMP seemed very confident that the device would not explode, yet, the suspects were not arrested in Victoria, no, they were arrested on the main land in Abbottsford (a 3 hour trip from Victoria).

The RCMP must have been facilitating the movement of the supposed 'inert explosive device' in Victoria because they were very confident in the safety of the public. How did these two suspects get 3 hours away from Victoria if the RCMP had such close tabs on them?

Lots of questions yet to be answered.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Exactly what happened with the G20 in Toronto

The RCMP & OPP had been investigating the 'Black Bloc' for two years, including being active members in all of the planning meetings... including paying for the whole bill at restaurant based meetings.

Same thing went down with the 'Brampton 19' kids who planned to cut off Harper's head.
Just so happens that all of the kids were armed and trained by the RCMP.

My head hurts, I must be having a fluoride withdrawal


Are you familiar with Dan Dicks out of Toronto who runs PressForTruth.ca?

He did an amazing expose on the G20 in Toronto in his documentary film "Into The Fire".

Why does the Black Bloc always get away with this sh!t? I think you nailed it. The RCMP (a national 'police' force) have continually supported and aided these violent groups/individuals to proke an agenda.

Look at Montebello and police agent provocateurs: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2007/08/23/police-monteb...

Classic false flag BS time and time again.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

How convinient of al-queda to

How convinient of al-queda to prove PRISM's justification, good thing it was not in the US, i mean, THAT would have been REALLY convinient, al-queda couldnt have done a better job then to show their heads in a country OTHER then the US, especially considring the US i s trying to justify, a VERY effective tool that MAY limit their communication with one another

Yep, how convinient of al-queda to be their own instigators of tougher actions against "terrorism", so helpfull, dare i say, so script like

I really dont give a rats ass, if it means to give up our liberties, you can take THAT to the god damn bank

Not without empathy, just too much of it, to ignore the bigger picture

It's funny how they claim al qeuda,

but then reference satanic lyrics in the guy's music. It's all about the narrative. They already mentioned being able to be held 3 days without charge as one of the measures enacted to fight terrorism back in 2003, as if that had anything to do with this story and isn't canada's version of the patriot act. Happy Canada day, by the way we're taking away some rights.

What was supect to me

Was the fact that these guys used pressure cookers

a don't believe in coincidences

I won't be surprised to find out that there is a fed/mountie involved somewhere down the line... you know just to keep tabs on the potential terrorist.

well that may be a problem,

well that may be a problem, unless they take it in turns to watch one another