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Edward Snowden Situation: Potential False Flag?

This topic may not be popular, and I'm not saying that this is necessarily what I believe. However, the author of this article raises some valid points that ought to be discussed.

What are we if not open to all possibilities and ideas?


Although I hope this isn't the case, I put absolutely nothing past our government.

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Hey, to those who are down

Hey, to those who are down voting this topic, is there a problem you have with debate, or are you trying to censor viewpoints you don't agree with?

While I don't necessarily agree with the author's conclusion, this topic definitely merits discussion. Stifling discussion that you don't agree with shows that you're not a true Ron Paul supporter IMO.

The down votes always come with

no comments, discussion or reasoning.
Personally, I smell a rat with the Snowden story, and get hammered for it.

Disclosure and Normalization

This is no accident. I know it seems like a good thing, and that we are winning... and that's true to a degree, that's why they are ramping things up... and this is one of the ways they are doing it.

They can no longer keep the spying, the corruption and the scandals secret.

They cannot keep us under control with our own ignorance any longer. So they are reverting back to the old staple of control... FEAR.

This is disclosure... it had to happen... It's all part of the transition to open-tyranny and the big-brother state we have all been anticipating.

They watch everyone, literally billions a day, yet a guy working directly for NSA slips through the cracks... who happens to be a Ron Paul supporter... he escapes the USA to China & Russia, our biggest enemies and Obama's fellow commies... makes them look great, like they are more libertarian than the USA... I'm calling BS...

Sorry if you were totally played by the MSM... you should have stopped trusting anything they say a long time ago... like they haven't ignored this stuff for years... all of a sudden, in the midst of so many scandals, they start playing this up... and calling the Ron Paul supporting leaker, a traitor... This is part of the NWO plot... to divide and conquer America...

Obama said he's not going to "scramble jets for a 29 year old hacker"... but he scrambled them for a 16 year old US citizen named Al-Awlaki... Just like Bin Laden, TPTB are protecting him...

Remember Obama's whispering conversation with Medyedev about after the rigged election he would have more leeway, and to let Putin know as much... That's because these guys are all NWO, and are working together...

This is all being done to subvert the USA...

Our government has been completely infiltrated... Compromised...

We the People are America... and we are the only thing standing in the way of the New World Order...

Thanks for reading the Truth... good luck

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Your right, i dont like it,

Your right, i dont like it, and your right, we should be open to all possibilities

i hope snowden stands to fight another day indefinetly, if he is genuine,
though, its gone beyond the man for me, if he is a false flag, well, they've unleasehed something that cant be put back in the bottle as far as im concerned, .....oh im sure they can get it back statuos quo levels, but i suspect it'll be a weak shadow of it......they just keep digging their own graves, and we're left standing, asking, WHY are you digging your own graves, dumbstruck by it

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