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People power! Anti-smoking police hired by Scottish hospitals ignored by smokers

Lindsey Archibald
Daily Record, UK
Tue, 02 Jul 2013 06:11 CDT

All three wardens walked away from the job at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow in just one week after being intimidated and verbally abused by smokers outside the building

Three wardens hired to stop people smoking outside hospitals have quit in disgust over the levels of verbal abuse.

All three walked away just days after starting the £12,000-a-year job, blaming intimidation from smokers.

The wardens were hired as part of an NHS drive to stop people flouting no smoking rules outside hospitals.

It was hoped they would encourage people to stop lighting up as doctors have warned the fog of smoke at hospital
doors could harm the health of visitors and patients.

The three wardens began work last week at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow, which is also home to the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

But they quit within days, citing unbearable intimidation and verbal abuse from people they caught smoking in the grounds. NHS Glasgow and Clyde rolled out the scheme at 11 hospitals, employing 17 full-time wardens.

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There are some smokers who don't care about other people's property rights, and will indulge themselves at anyone else's expense. I've known smokers who go out of their way to avoid contaminating other peoples property, clothing, etc., but these ones seem to be obnoxiously on the other side of things, verbally abusing people who are protecting other peoples rights to non-carcinogenic air in front of a hospital no less, where people are more likely to have severe health problems and lung problems. This is more an example of the tyranny of obnoxious smokers than an example of people power for liberty. Why don't they just walk to a place where smoking is permitted rather than hanging around areas deemed sensitive by doctors? Should non-smokers seek out smoking areas and spray water on all of the smokers? What is the difference here?