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Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired From RT For Daring to Ask a Question

I don't know the background behind this story, but I didn't see it posted here yet. Curious what the Daily Paulers think about it.


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So What

No surprise here. Rand has explained before that he's not like his dad. His words and actions remind us of that all the time. I don't care much for the guy and would never vote for him.

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If you lie down with dogs...

you get up with fleas.

Happens in my world, too.

What Rand should say is this, "Listen, guys, that question is now irrelevant. Why don't you ask me about the economy, the financial drain on this country from the wars, big government, anything? How about something from today?"

He should stop and give them one minute/one question.

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This video is not new...it's from 8.1.2012

source video from wearechange youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UKXpzdFQ_I

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People love gossip.

That is why this thread will not die.

it's true

there's probably no way to find out who actually tried to cause trouble for martin, but it sure doesn't look good.

Just speculation, no facts

They had nothing connecting Rand except speculation. The situation described sounded more like competition from other networks were driving this so called attack.

If I remember correctly, when

If I remember correctly, when Rand was running for the Senate in Kentucky he stated that if elected he would the endorse the nominee of the party. He did what he said he was going to do. End of story.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

No He Said He'd Endorse The Candidate For The Senate Seat

If he lost the Republican primary in Kentucky. He said he'd endorse his opponent in that primary race.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

he didn't say

he'd do it on an enemy of his fathers show.

old news and its bullshit.

old news and its bullshit. Stop posting this bullshit propaganda.

Isn't this vid

like a year old? Or did they rehash to make a new one?

Not sure.

It does seem from around the time this occurred I guess, last year(?)

Abby Martin

As lamentable as Rand's endorsement was, Abby is a hard core progressive statist. She is no ally of liberty and dedicates a large amount of energy painting libertarianism as a fascist trojan horse.


With the rise of pied pipers such as Beck, Levin and half the neocon propaganda machine claiming "tea party"....

Couldn't it be possible?

Movements are hijacked. The tea-party/Liberty movement is no different

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



This comment of yours, Gnome, is

idiotic and smacks of both dogmatism and partisanship. Abby Martin's actions give the lie to your arrogant words.


Favoring who? The LP? Oh, are you one of those recovering progressives? Old statist allegences die hard.

maybe gnome

is more comfortable with rand hanging out and chewing the fat with the likes of hannity and beck, both enemies of his fathers.

Straw Man

That's a straw man rebuttal. Hannity is a right-progressive.

Progessives, such as those found on the KGB-funded RT, are not allies of Ron Paul either. RT gives airtime to libertarians for the sole reason that they oppose Washington hegemony. They have no philosophical commonalities with libertarians, otherwise.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

ben swann

gives her a lot of respect, as she does him, in fact they agree on everything and point out
that they are among the few journalists who support greenwald.
you don't have to be such a rigid purist, it's much better to find common ground like she does in the ben swann interview and other reports i've seen by her.

abby martin

She's a Chomskyite

She's enamored with the utopian marxist idea of benevolent totalitarianism.

There are 2 tribes of progressive: 1) pragmatists who subscribe to absolute rule by elite and their 2) naive "useful idiots" who disregard 7000 years of human history and cling to the idea that human nature can be altered and government can somehow be made into a benevolent force.

Abby Martin, like most of the RT staff (except Thom Hartman) is #2.

she also did an excellent interview with lew rockwell

on a podcast at LRC. highly recommended.

Not this again lol

If these people are against Rand Paul it will only help him with people who are likely voters in a Republican primary. This has all been discredited and an objective viewing of the video in question shows a very rude stalker attitude by the "activists."

I've met Luke, Adam and people like this on the road at various events. They are pushing for hits on their videos - and thrive off of pulling in traffic from the Daily Paul and other sites.

How can anyone prove that anyone called to get her fired? Maybe it was a valid complaint as they were following him in an area of the capitol I've never seen on video.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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What I saw in the video of Luke and Abby trying

to interview Rand Paul was a very arrogant Rand Paul who had no time for real questions from real people, so time or interest in making time to be real and open for a change. I am sure he thought of them as plebs or something. How dare the plebs ask big, important Rand such impertinent questions! Sorry, but I more often than not feel that Rand Paul is one of them, the elite, and does not identify with us, the people. I think he is probably a tyrant-wannabe.

Regardless of how old it is,

Regardless of how old it is, some people haven't seen it.

And I am let down that so many people look at this as the interviewers wrong doing. If he was anything like his father, he would have taken the time to answer the tough questions. That's why I like Ron, because he faces the tough questions with honesty.

But I do see the point that if he would have answered it, it could have been used against him. That would have been fine with me. What I dont like, and what has turned me around on Rand again, is that he went after the reporter. Seriously? Threatening to have her arrested for doing her job. And even if she wasn't a reporter doing her job, I believe the first amendment allows for questions to be protected.

DevisDevine, I totally agree with the perceptions you express

in this comment. I thought the journalists behaved straight-forwardly, while Rand's behavior was unnecessarily and arrogantly evasive. If he is so afraid and disdainful of journalists and questions, is he also afraid and disdainful of the American people? I believe the answer is yes. He is not open and humble and genuinely decent like his dad. He does not feel like "one of us".

This Is Old News Matt!!

BOOM!! BOOM!! Please delete this thread..It was posted last year..

so that's your only complaint?

if someone reposted rand endorsing on hannity you'd say: oh this is old, it doesn't matter anymore. evidently these incidents do still matter to some.

bush and the iraq war. oh who cares that's ancient history.
obama signing the patriot act and adding shit. again old news who cares.

who thinks like this???

nothing to see here

move along...

you want it scrubbed too? that's hilarious.