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Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired From RT For Daring to Ask a Question

I don't know the background behind this story, but I didn't see it posted here yet. Curious what the Daily Paulers think about it.


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I'm a programmer for Diebold.

I submitted an app along with my comment that causes all clicks to be recognized as "up". ;)



Ron Paul Was Right

These Tards

are so FOS...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

and the small group of salt of the earth

kentucky voters who wanted to ask rand a few questions at a little talk he gave, and who waited patiently out front only to find that rand got wind of it and snuck out the back door to be whisked away; were they FOS too?

talk about a loaded question.

talk about a loaded question. Paraphrase: "the sweet, innocent and humble gathering of wonderful people who just wanted to ask nasty-Rand a question were FOS too?"

nice way to avoid the question

i didn't say they were any of those things and i didn't say rand was nasty. they looked like salt of the earth country folks, that's all.
it's too bad you can't accept any criticism of your man, just like the gang over at huffington post, when anyone dares to even suggest obama might be fallible.


I could have just not posted...

i didn't say

you avoided posting.



Interesting..I voted this

Interesting..I voted this down and the integer failed to respond at all????


Integerz go to bilderberg

Too funny! :D

B. F. D.

First of all, this is the kind of stuff, doing an ambush on someone in the senate building, asking about Bilderberg, with Luke in tow, that is considered significant by a tiny portion of the public. By that, not a traditional libertarian, but the mommy's basement, alex jones sold me a 9-11 truth video yayy mommy I'm a junior conspiracy theorist, too much time on the hands, dipwad. There are admittedly a lot of those people (some post here) but in proportion to the country, not so much. And it is precisely this idiotic version of libertarianism that has a problem with Rand.

Second, Luke is a dipshit. I've never seen anything he does that appears to have credibility and his presence there is suspicious. He obviously has a history of pestering politicians including Rand Paul. He probably isn't supposed to even be in the building. He clearly isn't giving ht whole story and even admits it, refusing to say what his credentials are. Call that questionable.

Third, neither of them really articulate what the problem was. It obviously has something to do with access, credentials and press rules for the building. Do I think such rules are constitutional? Not in the absolute sense but one cannot interpret the Constitution through a lens of absolutes. The Supreme Court never has done that.

A good journalist would at least give both sides of this. This is instead of a journalistic report is more like what Abby would tell her girlfriends over cocktails. And she's the smart one of the two.

I was a fan of hers before this, but if she's in the Luke camp and out trying to undermine the best shot that liberty has, count me out.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

"...obviously a history of

"...obviously a history of pestering politicians including Rand Paul"...
It's about time somebody started pestering politicians about their actions don't you think. I for one would like an answer to the reporter's question...and why is she being threatened for asking the question? So instead of d-psh-tting the messenger...start asking the real questions.

nice to take out of context

of course politicians should be questioned. But the question of why he endorsed Romney is not something that there is or was no answer for. He answered that plenty of times and probably didn't want to stop and have a conversation with the Lukester for him to create a slam video out of it. Which he did anyway, even though he had nothing to work with.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Sorry your argument doesn't

Sorry your argument doesn't hold up. You are separating Rand Paul from the ilk of other politicians giving him all sorts of hypothetical reasons for his highly questionable actions from abandoning his father at the 11th hour to threatening a reporter's right to ask him why?. Your loyalty to Rand Paul is irrational and seems to be based on hypotheticals and at the same time quick to slam anybody else who questions Rand's motives, and actions. His answers are not forthcoming as the videos prove. Because you don't like this particular videographer and what he is dredging up on Rand Paul, you discount the evidence.????


I'm not giving anyone any hypothetical reasons. Your press youtuoobers are the ones making the claims. I'm drawing reasonable inferences from the (limited and speculative) information (using that term loosely) that they've provided (if they've provided anything).

Whether I have loyalty to Rand Paul (which I do, but not for any reason you state) is not irrational, but that has nothing to do with anything here.

Sorry, we just disagree. And it is not that I don't like the videographer, but in this instance, I don't like this specific behavior of his, which is consistent with other behavior that I have not liked in the past. I've never been a fan of ambush journalism or of Luke's style of "reporting" or of acting like an uncontrolled maniac.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Never been sold on Rand

I have never been sold on Rand. If action is what defines you then I will never be sold on Rand unless he has an enormous rabbit in his hat. I doubt it. Personally I think he is just as much of a shitbag as most of the rest of congress and the senate.

I'm afraid I agree with

I'm afraid I agree with you...There are champions on the rise to cast an eye toward...Rand is NOT one of them.

me too

If he were the real deal he would stop and answer this very important question like his father instead of walking faster and refusing to answer like all the other bought and paid for senators. He endorsed Mitt Romney guys! He's one of them

This may have been

done at arms reach. The last thing the establishment would want is Rand telling RT that supporting Mitt was a last option. Rand may not even be aware of the goons sent to cause this reporter problems. That seems more maniacal than anything I'd expect out of Rand but certainly within what I'd expect from the regular Washington thugs.

Is this true?

I want to hear more about this and it better be reconciled in the open.

It's not true. See below.

It's not true. See below.

Where did you prove that this is

fabricated? I've seen both these reporters demonized prior. They both have a fair degree of credibility in my eyes.

I didn't prove anything

She couldn't even confirm that Rand called the Capitol Police. It was a baseless accusation on her part. The only way to prove it would be to ask the NSA for call records to show that there wasn't one.

These aren't reporters. The dude stole $80k some dollars from We Are Change and the girl is his lackey.

Why don't you ask Rand

Why don't you ask Rand Paul...instead of making excuses for him hoping he's worthy of it.

I'd prefer not to

put Rand on some pedestal and regard him as infallible. Maybe Rand didn't call the Capital Police. I would be out of character, but he's certainly not above answering questions about it. I'm not going to disregarding her statement that she was harassed and if Rand had no part in it, lets hear it.

I think you did it.

Now explain yourself in public. You owe us that much.

I don't put faith first.

You obviously trust Rand beyond any scrutiny. How far would your faith in him go?


Is that how it's done in Canada? Make a youtube video accusing someone of something, and now they have to answer for it?

What about my faith in you? Until you respond to the allegations that you called the cops on this chick, I can have no faith in you.