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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Required Viewing Part Deux


Another classic that was very controversial upon release. I am going to DC on the 5th and this put me in the right mindset entering that majestic land with wretched people. It doesnt shy away from the corruption of Washington throughout the picture and Mr. Smith's struggle with his ideals is something we can all relate to.

the truth, however, always finds a way.

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Two Words -

F%ck*ng AWESOME!!!!!!! Haven't seen it in a while - THANK YOU

Great movie, though I can

Great movie, though I can imagine a constitutional senator or congressman (such as Dr. Paul) would have been against Mr. Smith's bill.

The premise of his bill was the federal government buying state land, which would further erode the 10th amendment.

Nitpicking aside though, the actual moral of the movie as well as the message of integrity is something that is clearly lacking in modern cinema.

yeah i thought that too

But I think they only rent it out for a few months during the summer plus the kids all send in money to pay for the land from the state, which sounds like a win-win if the state isnt using it.

True. My angle on it was from

True. My angle on it was from a technical constitutional point of view, so it doesn't necessarily mean that the bill itself was bad.

The actual message of morality and integrity is what makes this an outstanding classic.