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State trooper gives pass to Iowa governor's driver

"Did you get the wind, the word on who that vehicle was?" Hedlund could be heard asking the dispatcher in the recordings, before chuckling. "I guess my career doesn't have enough problems the way it is. It was the governor."

Hedlund, of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, had called a dispatcher on April 26 to report a black Chevrolet Tahoe that was driving a "hard 90" mph on westbound Highway 20 near Iowa Falls. The dispatcher called for the assistance of a nearby trooper, who eventually moved to intercept the vehicle several miles away after the SUV turned onto the Interstate 35 southbound ramp. The dispatcher also checked the vehicle's license plate number, which raised suspicion when it did not turn up in a computer database.

Hedlund pursued the SUV in his state vehicle for miles until the trooper arrived. Hedlund promised to be that trooper's backup during the stop. The SUV ultimately was clocked at 84 mph, over the highway's speed limit of 65.

Dash camera video shows the unidentified trooper zip in and out of traffic to catch up to the governor's vehicle and pass a school bus at a high rate of speed before ending the pursuit after realizing who was inside the SUV.


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