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What's It Going To Take To Awaken The American People?

If this was 1969 all over again, and the draft still existed would college campuses be so silent today?

How many people are truly wide awake in America?

25% at best? How can the tireless minority light a fire under the sleeping majority without causing harm?

There's been a lot of hype about, "the imminent financial collapse," but I don't buy it. What other world currency is going to replace the dollar? A financial collapse would turn the simmering pot into a quick boil, causing too many frogs to jump out of the pot.

Incrementalism is the recipe for a total takeover. They don't want the frogs to feel the heat building up.

Is a financial collapse the only thing that will wake up the average American who cares more about their local sports teams than their own country?

People seem to care only when they are hit hard in the wallet. Americans have been hit hard in their wallets, but the hit didn't happen over night, it happened over a century, very slowly since 1913.

Russian troops are now coming to America to help protect us, the NSA is spying on every single American citizen while the border remains wide open, 70% of Americans are on prescription drugs, the IRS is targeting Obama's political enemies, the media has become a target for assassination, and an American citizen who dares to tell the truth is called an enemy of the state.

Good Lord.

What is it going to take to change the tide?

Rand Paul is my only human hope. I firmly believe that he shares the exact same opinions and values as his father, but Rand doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve like dad does.

May God please help us.

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i don't think that was what he was talking about, and i don't think you do either. private as in no govt connection, no crony loopholes to avoid prosecution for wrong doing.

I KNOW that is what he is talking about

The GOP has many factions within that DO NOT AGREE WITH EACH OTHER. That's why it has been said the GOP is a BIG TENT.. last convention there was Neos VS Tea Party VS Liberty Caucus.. Secular VS religious. and why there are 10 GOP presidential candidates in the promary (actually there are far more than that but the top ten get MSM coverage (except Ron Paul).

saying it's a big tent

doesn't make it so. if it was so big everybody would be in it. for starters it's a war party but so these days is the democratic party.

the amazing beauty of ron paul that i'm sorry to say rand doesn't possess is the crossover appeal, besides libertarians or republicans with libertarian leanings, independents, liberals, progressives and most importantly the youth all were drawn to his TRUTH. it can't be faked. it can't be half baked. it was the stuff of real revolution but it was shut down by the establishment. i'd love to see someone come along that could repeat threefold what he did, but i haven't seen anyone yet come close. best to keep spreading the libertarian message of ron paul far and wide and as he has said: anyway you can. anyway that appeals to you

until the debate rules are changed, the corruption eliminated and the reality that money rules the contest, the establishment with the help of the msm will pick and sell the winning candidate for prez. heck, they probably know already who it is.
i'd like to see rand remain in the senate where he can do some good. and i'd like to see more like him, and especially many more congressmen like his dad was.

Explaing what it is shows why it is so

What I see you telling me is this:

I LOVE the GOP exactly as I think it is, a war party filled with people who I refuse to stand with, and I want to keep the GOP exactly as it is. I want McCain and Graham and all those who support them to remain in the GOP and to climb the ranks because as long as the GOP is what it is, I can continue to love to hate it.

Ron Paul's TRUTH drew me in. He was right about the GOP being ripe to be taken. He didn't tell us we had to sign loyalty oaths, or sign pergury papers.. those of us who worked to become national delegates had a HELL of a time. It seems to me now, Ron Paul's TRUTH, left a lot of gaps for those who took his message to heart and worked to materialize it.. and now that I did all that work, I really beieve his campaigns were not because he wanted to win.. he was setting Rand up. I feel totally set up. But at this point, having learned so much through hard knocks, and you've seen the hard KNOCKS we took for Ron Paul, the REAL BEAUTY is Rand.. because Rand IS turning the ship around and the GOP is coming around. I would have never thoght that I would have lived to see the day, but I am. Just the other week a Republican who was very hard on me for supporting Ron, told me, "I never understood Ron Paul, but now I see what he is saying, and I really like Rand Paul." I took that as an apology for what they did to me (if they could have put me in jail they would have, that's how hard they personally fought me).

As I mentioned to a poster below.. I worked with Ralph Nader on three elections to OPEN DEBATES and GET BALLOT ACCESS for Indy's and third parties. What we did back fired.. we helped the states close the loopholes, so NO Indy will ever get in a debate or beyond primary ballot access.

I NEVER belonged to a major party until 2011. In 07/08 I had lunch with Ron Paul and BEGGED HIM, tried to show him.. GO INDY WE CAN WIN GO INDY. He wouldn't. And there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to join the GOP. I joined in 2011 for Ron. It HURT. It was HARD. Today, my committee is a LIBERTY COMMITTEE.. so it worked out.. and Rand is a good candidate because he's keeping the GOP POWER, and I'm happy.. it's better than anything I ever experienced because we are rising in the ranks, we are rewriting the by-laws and reslutions and we are changing the GOP.

I am going to do what I can to get Rand the presidency and I hope some young and talented Republicans replace Rand and take more offices. To me, they are the brave ones who are working, not waiting for the GOP to materialize Ron Paul's message.

ron paul's message

goes WAY beyond the GOP.


and those who want to materialize Ron Paul's message got in the GOP while the rest stayed on the fringe.. way out there, where they have no power and can continue to moan and blame.

you have the power

when you walk out your door, how you live your life. ron paul is inspiring not only as a political figure, but as a force for integrity on how you live, whatever field it is you're in.

spread the message: peace, sound money, personal freedom.

I don't know

I believe we have power to make choices, but I also believe "life happens as we make other plans". Ron Paul is an inspiration, and I have done many things I swore I would never do because of him.

because you have become one of "them"

it is very sad to see.

What does that make you?

I'm one of THEM Ron Paul RepubliCANS standing with Rand for LIBERTY GOP.

Since Obama is IN.. and that would make you one of the currant "US".

Talk about SAD.


that's why having Liberty committees taking the GOP is what is so wonderful and thrilling.

it's great

that you have a vitally absorbing interest, so many people don't.
and although i disagree with a lot of your opinions i applaud you for being able to take the mostly constant drubbing you get here.

Thank you

I don't expect people to agree or even be honest with me about truth. I have changed since I came to DP because I learned, so I share my experience and what I learned. It is MY truth, but I don't have the corner on truth.. everyday I learn something here, and that's why I'm still here. It's OK to be wrong as long as I learn why, how, and am willing to change some more, afterall, I can not change anyone else. They have a RIGHT to their truth.

Thank you for the kind words.

well our whole situation is sad

but what I was referring to is one of those party loyalists who toe the line no matter what...vote for Romney? That is just as bad as voting for Obama. I will support Republicans if they are worth supporting, but I don't see party loyalty as the fix to our situation. In fact, party loyalty is what caused our situation.

What are you talking about?

When you become an elected seat/office holdre, the voting game changes.. you have to work with what you have to make it what you want.

Ron Paul was not going to win. Had I voted for Ron Paul I would have been tossed off my elected seat and they could have charged me with purgery because of the oaths I took to become a delegate.

Romney was not going to win.. NO ONE on my committee voted Romney in the primany, and NO ONE wanted Romney.. but the GOP gave us Romney.

So now that I have a seat, do I throw ALL of my hard work away to voste FOR Ron Paul, KNOWING he isn't going to win.. or do I vote FOR my seat and then get liberty candidates appointed?

You would have thrown all your work away and left the GOP as it is to say you voted for Ron Paul who we all knew was not going to win.

I decided it was best to vote FOR my seat and build a LIBERTY GOP.

Now we have control over many areas of the GOP and you have issues with that too.

YOUR situation is sad, not mine.

no, my situation is not sad, I am happy

I am FREE to vote for whom I choose. I do not work for a corrupt organization that requires me to give up my freedom to vote as I choose. Like I said, that party loyalty stuff is what got this country into this mess. Look at the republican party loyalty supporting Bush all that time even though he didn't do as he said....now look at all the party loyalty in the democratic party supporting Obama just the same. It is a sickness, a disease, that perpetuates this.

Anyway, I will not give up my soul for party loyalty. I continue to work to change the hearts and minds of individuals and I am winning.


You are free to vote for whoever others put on your ballot.. I have a hand in who goes on my ballot, and while I am restricted by my loyalty oath being elected, my constituants are not.. Ron Paul placed third in the state of CA in my district.. San Fran and Santa Cruz beat us.. 49 other counties did not do as well.

What got this country into this mess is that too many people expect someone else to do the work for them, and that opens the door for those who do not agree with you to take control away from you.

What are you winning? Seems to me most your posts are about your complains on what you are losing.

oh I don't rely on who others put on my ballot

In Oregon we can vote for whoever we want.....and I do!

Winning as in having an effect in changing the minds of people I speak with. Opening people's eyes to things they have not considered. Being a catalyst for change. I have been doing it all my life and I know I have made a difference. In 15 years things will be different again because of a lot of work by a lot of people.

You can win elections but that doesn't necessarily change anything. It is the hearts and minds of the people that have to change. When I was working against anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon 20+ years ago, I told them the same thing. Winning this election won't actually change anything. People's attitudes aren't going to change overnight. Sure we had "politically correct" people running around pretending to be a certain way, but they weren't really. But now, things have changed. The attitudes are dramatically different than 20+ years ago.

trade your vote if you want. I would hope you could find a better way to change the system instead. But, that is me...not you. I will still encourage you to not become one of those people and change the system instead...so nobody has to give up their own vote.

I see

OK.. you are right, you can write in anyone you want. But if it's not to win, what's the point? So you are registered with the secretary of State and your county registrar's office to have you on a list they sell?

After working with Raloh Nader for three elections, I think Ron Paul has it right.. and since I've gotten into the GOP, I FEEL (not to be comfused with believe ot think) Ron Paul is correct.. the way to change a government is from the inside.. and I believe this is proving correct as GOP committees have become (like mine) and are becomming (based on the state and organization promoting Rand Paul and Ted Cruz) LIBERTY oriented.


In a Friday interview with Bloomberg News, Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) was asked to reflect on his presidential campaign and state whether or not he was “unhappy” with his party.

“Well, it's not my party,” Rep. Paul responded. “I don't like politics at all, and I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don't like. So the party in many ways is irrelevant.”

You're twisting his words

Ron Paul answered a question about the course the GOP was on and when he responded, it was, "It's not MY (as in I don't own and dictate what it does) party."

The party is not irrelevant otherwise he would not have been a Republican his entire life but for all of 6 months to accept the loser Libertarian Party nomination, which I was a Libertarian, and I did not vote for his nomination, as at the time, I saw hiom as just another Republican to take away the nomination of REAL Libbertarians who EARNED the nomination. His nomination was when it becamee clear to me that the Libertarian Party was controlled by the GOP.. I went Indy in 92.

he has said this again and again

“I think parties are pretty irrelevant,” Paul says, and he doesn’t go out of his way to convince Republicans that he is one of them.

And yet

HE remains in the GOP.

and yet

“I think both parties are Keynesian economists, and support positions that I do not like,” said Paul.

it's like dennis kucinich is a democrat.

they are the black sheep of their parties, but both wise men (and supporters of each other) and both knew they had to be in one party or the other for a career.

I'm NO fan of DK

He's a charade and I hope he moves to England and remains there.

these good friends are linking up

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich want to give peace a chance
By NIKKI SCHWAB | APRIL 17, 2013 AT 5:25 PM

They've left Congress, but these good friends are linking up to take the next step together. On Wednesday, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, returned to Washington with his wife, Carol, to launch his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. At his side was former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, (with wife Elizabeth) who will serve on the institute's board.

"One point that we want to make with the institute is that it's obviously not going to be partisan," Paul laughed, giving the nod to Kucinich. The Ohio Democrat explained how the friendship began. "Ron Paul and I, if you go back to Iraq, that's when we started to compare notes," Kucinich explained. Both were vehemently anti-war.

"Then we started to compare notes on a whole range of issues dealing with international relations and interventions and then civil liberties and the Fed," Kucinich continued. "So the affinity that Ron Paul and I have demonstrated, through our standing shoulder to shoulder on a range of issues over the years, really stems from this love of country, which knows no political boundaries and knows no ideology."

Knows no political boundries?

Knows NO ideology?

Maybe that's what it demonstrated to DK, but RP was very adiment that he would NOT go Indy, and he insisted in the GOP. So by hos own actions he demonstrated political boundies and furthermore, his message was beased on the ideology that FREEDOM IS POPULAR and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

please try and

read the sentence without a slanted point of view and agenda. what they were doing TOGETHER, and if that's not enough DK is on the RP P&P institute board for crying out loud.


I thank RP for getting me into the GOP. That's NOT what I wanted to do, but I wanted him to win the nomination so I went where I NEVER thought I would go. Now that I am there, I'm with Rand and Ron Paul's institute has nothing for me. As far as I'm concerned, it's a business he can profit off the disenfrancized. Good for him.

I'm sure he will wind up supporting Rand in 2016, after all, I'm convinced his presidential campaigns were NOT to win, but to fill empty GOP seats for Rand's future. I highly doubt DK will support Rand. I don't care who he winds up endorcing.

DK has done a lot of harm to me personally, so I am NOT going to support him. Ron can do what he wants. I'm with Rand now.