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UPDATE: Pro-Abortionist Chants "Hail Satan" While Pro-Lifers Sing Amazing Grace at Austin, TX Protest

"It's been a very interesting day at the Texas State Capitol. Cahnman's Musings hasn't been following the hearing. Instead, we've been participating in the surrounding events. LetTexasSpeak has been doing a live broadcast from the rotunda where women have been sharing their abortion related testimonies. The pro-abortion crowd has responded with repeated chants of "hail Satan." It's taken us all day to get a video recording, but here it is:"


Original video posted on FB: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151551294311896&set=v...

More from the Blaze: http://twitchy.com/2013/07/02/hail-satan-abortion-supporters...


I'm agnostic and pro-life, and I don't quite know what to think of these young ladies...

UPDATE: Title has been corrected as my curiosity led me to this additional video which suggests the chant was an isolated case by an individual caught on camera, not the entire crowd:

It appears the protesters protesting the protesters are chanting, "Not just for the rich and white, healthcare is a human right."

The original title, Pro-Abortionists Chant "Hail Satan" While Pro-Lifers Sing Amazing Grace at Austin, TX Protest, was misleading.


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I am Right That

This law also severely limits women's access to have their child murdered BEFORE 20 weeks also?


the bill provides stronger safety standards to avoid horrors like those that occurred in the Gosnell clinic. If a clinic fails to meet the safety standards, it wouldn't be allowed to operate until it met those standards. Opponents of the bill try to use this section of the bill to say that the bill will restrict a woman's access to a clinic, when the intent is to make abortion safer for a woman. The intent is to avoid Gosnell-like conditions.

Maybe we should just ask the Gov. to intervene in everything.

Then we could all be safe, ALL THE TIME...


You already asked the state to intervene

And legalize abortion. So, you want the state to intervene and legalize abortion but you don't want the state to intervene and set standards for care? That's illogical. I thought the whole point of legalizing abortion was so that women didn't have to resort to using a coat hanger and yet, if no one defines what safety is and sets the standards for safety, what's to stop a bad doctor from doing just that - using coat hangers? You can't have it both ways.

Legal or illegal, the state is involved. And the Constitution allows states the right to set safety standards. The Libertarian position is that the state protects life. What you advocate isn't libertarianism, it's anarchism.

I'm not advocating anything.

I'm not advocating anything. I was asking a question.

I am however, wondering how you can say, with a straight face, this bill is basically about benefiting women tho..

We'll make you safer... by shutting down ALL access to medical facilities. That seems pretty illogical to me..


I do NOT know the specific of the bill. I'm not opposed to making abortion safe.. I don't think shutting down every clinic besides one ( correct, right? ) is the way to do it.

That's doublespeak.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The bill requires abortions to be performed at Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC's). Unlike office-based surgery center's, ASC's are regulated by an outside accreditation association that conducts routine inspections, which tends to motivate facilities to maintain a higher quality of care.

Will clinics close because of the bill? Yes, but I have no doubt the market will correct itself and we will soon see an increase in ASC's obtaining licensing to provide abortions.

You 'claim" to want to protect women...

But by closing clinics, this bill will do the exact opposite.

Again.. I'm not sure how you can say it with a straight face. Do you think this isn't going to cause women to use a coat hanger?

Were there specific problems with the current clinics, or are you advocating fixing something that wasn't broken to begin with based on one case? ( That didn't even happen in TX, did it? )

I don't recall making that exact claim

Abortion supporters make that claim, but I do think that women's safety and health is important, no matter if I think their choice is wrong, so all I'm doing is providing the facts that this bill will protect women much better than the current setup does. The fact is, women are injured all the time by *legal* abortions, yet you don't hear about them. In 2003 alone, 145 women who had been injured by *legal* abortions filed suit against the state of Texas, demanding that the state make abortion safer.

Well.. again

Maybe we should listen to all of the liberals who demand the state protect them too...? No?

You know damn well this bill has NOTHING to do with protecting women.

But the end result..

is that it restricts access for women.

So... it's the govs. job to protect everyone?

People aren't responsible enough to make those choice for themselves, and they need help?

I'm not sure, but that view seems inconsistent.. no?

I don't believe it has

I don't believe it has anything to do with whether it can survive outside the womb. Personally, defining the beginning of life as anything but conception is totally arbitrary. If you argue in terms of development, you can take that logic to its conclusion and make a case for abortion until a child has become an adult.

Those who argue that women have a right to do as they please with their body are correct, but that freedom ends where the right to life of the human inside her begins.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


it's ok to harm the baby right?

can the women harm the baby while in the womb by smoking? who will force her to quit? how should she be punished for harming the baby? how about the morphine pain pills she takes for her bad back? will she be forced off those to protect the baby? who will monitor her to make sure she eats right and doesn't do anything to harm the baby?

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I agree with you on every point

But for the sake of those who are arguing against this bill, you can't deny that it's infanticide and murder to say that one baby who is 20 weeks old is worth spending millions on and saving because it is wanted, while another baby who is the same gestational age should be put down because it is not wanted. My whole point is the illegitimacy of the abortionists' argument.

And for the record, I believe life begins at conception and is sacred and should be protected.

upvoted and agreed

upvoted and agreed

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


so the gov't owns ur baby after 20 wks?! thats a scary thought!

how do you not see any major problems with this??

The reason I am not permitted to murder my neighbor

is because the government owns them. Oh.

No, they own themselves like you and I

a woman owns her own body and should be able to do what she sees fit.

Where are you getting your idiotic theories??

Nobody said the govt owns anyone. Your whole premise seems to be throw enough insults around to confuse the real issue, which is protecting the life of a child, that for all intents and purposes could live outside the womb. Making it illegal to murder such a child doesn't give the govt ownership over it. It's an insult to my intelligence to have to even respond to such an accusation.

seriuosly what dont you get??

I know that im dealing with religious pro-lifers so I have to dumb things down a bit but.. DUDE!?

How can you not see that if the woman doesn't have control of her own body then the gov't does control/own her and her baby!

It's freaking nuts that you people "hate the gov't" but still want it to legislate YOUR morality on everyone else!

you people are a joke!


Your moral myopia is so utterly astounding that I cannot bring myself to act with any form of respect towards you any longer. IT'S A HUMAN BEING WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Uh, yes. I WILL advocate for "legislating morality" when that involves protecting the rights of human beings! Would you support a ban on torture? Do you support laws against murder?

Be consistent, you arrogant sicko. Either declare you're fine with murder and all other violations of human rights, or stop supporting specific forms of murder. But no. You can't see past your inane double-standard view of what "rights" are, and have successfully deluded yourself into thinking that, as long as you can't see it, it's totally okay to kill a human being in the name of convenience. Let me spell this out: the baby has a totally unique genetic code. It is NOT part of its mother's body. It is an individual, with rights just like you and me.

When it comes to people's rights, morality DOES need to be forced.

Tell me, if you were aborted, would you be alive? No, that's stupid. You'd obviously have existed up until that point, though. Which means that if you were aborted, you'd be DEAD. Comprehend that. DEAD. Every abortion is another DEAD. HUMAN. BEING.

I'll just go ahead and invoke Godwin's Law. You - and people like you - are actively supporting a level of genocide that Hitler couldn't even come close to. You are supporting policies worse than those of the Nazis. Yes, I'll go there - because it's true.

You're all about freedom until someone else's becomes an inconvenience.

That makes YOU a petty tyrant.

do you know what an umbilical cord is?

You know that the baby is connected by it with the mother, and not you, right?

mind your own business.

First of all

I'm not a dude - I'm a woman. And I don't fear that the gov't is going to "own" my body if I can't have an abortion after 20 weeks or even before that. I have bigger concerns regarding loss of liberty than the gov't taking away my right to kill a child that medical science has proven can live outside the womb, given the proper conditions and medical care.

And if you call bad grammar, name calling and insults "dumbing it down", then you've succeeded. But don't dumb it down on my account, because I have enough intelligence to see that the gov't loves to watch us split hairs over the abortion issue - it divides us and distracts from the real issue, which is the erosion of ALL of our personal liberties, not just abortion.

you don't realize how effective the brainwashing has been on U

It's sad really how you spout just what the eugenicists have programmed you to say.

The flashing lights of the TV directly into your eyes have been very effective.

Uggg .... Religion baaaad
duh... pro-lifers are uneducated
erg... you want to own babies and women’s bodies
uhhhgh... Killing babies goooooooood. They are not real until I see them.

Honestly, have you ever had and original thought. How about looking up the history of Planned Parenthood / Margret Sanger and how it was designed for the sole purpose to kill the likes of YOU and your potential children. It was designed to CULL the population of the rabble. You aren't part of the club thus the reasoning for the massive pro-abortion propaganda machine for the last 40+ years. It isn't about giving you more rights. It's about preventing all of us scum from breeding. The propaganda is there to get you the cheer for it and to actually step up and volunteer for it.

You are joyfully and willfully accepting their programming and I'm sure they appreciate it.

ACTUALLY I was picketing abortion clinics w/my church @ 6yrs old

And through most of my adult life I was very anti-abortion.

I thought it was "murder" and very cut and dry.

But, as it turns out, I am a very curious and skeptical person so I am open to learning and changing my views based on life experience and new info I come across.

So, you can keep your religion, conspiracy theories about abortion and satan or whatever, and I'll just keep thinking for myself.

Good luck with your life, you seem like a lovely person.

Why isn't it murder

And when in your tiny head do you think the baby becomes more human or gets the benefit of God given rights .. at what time?

Murray Rothbard on Abortion

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So big deal

You just so happened to be programmed late in your life. Doesn't mean you are any less brainwashed.

And it isn't a conspiracy theory when its in black in white in Margret Sanger and Bill Gate's fathers letters. Why not go read Roosevelt's letters on not allowing the poor to breed and his approval of sterilization?

Is it a conspiracy that the letters exist? Or is it just a conspiracy theory that there are actually people who know how to read?

Stay ignorant if you like. That's your business. But don't pretend that you are suddenly enlightened because you believe what someone else told you or are now going along with a made up political meme that you can't remember how you got indoctrinated with.

wow, so I have been "programmed" to think the way I think?

Do you hear how you sound when you say crazy sh*t like that?!

And you want to be taken seriously??

In short ....yes

As has most of America. If you aren't reading it for yourself, Looking up actual documents and making up your own mind. Then you are adopting the values of another, not based on any facts, but because it sounded good to you.

Think about it, just how much do you "know" that really you have no first hand knowledge about?

You assume you are being told the truth....in fact you take it on "FAITH" that you are being told the truth.

You live your life steeped in Faith with very little first hand knowledge. Just be careful who you put your faith in.

You aught to research who you "believe" to be truthful because there are a lot of people who don't know what the hell they are talking about or worse have evil agendas.