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This Is Big! Israelis Send Strong Message To Iran.

Zionist, Israelis and Jews, Oh My!

Sometime when folks use those terms they paint the words with broad strokes.
I however prefer clarity.

Zionist = Ideology
Jewish = Religion
Israeli = People

I do understand that sometimes they cross all paths, but not always.
Probably less than many would think.

Not defending anyone.
Not pointing any fingers either.

I want to live in a better world.
Where everyone can live, laugh and love and most importantly...

Exercise Liberty.

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Where are the videos

with words and signs from the Israelis that say "We LOVE you, Palestinians!" Oh, yeah, the Palestinians are not an existential threat...

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

All of the usual lies again

Israel will attack Iran when the people of Iran realize that for the past thirty something years, all of those oppressing them in the name of Islam have been of Jewish descent and could have immigrated to Israel under the law of return. Inside Iran all the people from the Jewish community are rich and all of the Persian Gentiles are poor. North of Tehran is filled with Jewish shop owners such as Saatchi, Mozzaffarian or Javaherian. Iranian government has effectively turned Iran into a communist Godless country, and all of those people shown on TV chanting death to Israel are actually Jewish.

What Israelis are afraid of, is the House of Mohammad. Just like the way House of David has a special role in the Bible, in the Quran house of Mohammad has a special role to play in end times and most of the House of Mohammad are living in Iran and Iraq.

If there comes a day when Jewish shop owners all pack and leave, I would be worried about a possible attack by Israel, until then the same lies will continue.

I really am praying for peace

I just read Isiah 19 since more than three preachers think Egypt is fulfilling it right now. Out of all the doom and gloom in the Bible this one truly is a time to hope for peace when there is none. When God's will is fulfilled . To think that Israel, Iran(Assyria) and Egypt could bring stability and know God.

Uncontrollable tears...

...I can't stop them. What the heck?!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

57 Minutes Of History, Most Americans Have Never Heard !

In 1967 the American "War" in Vietnam was escalating, and the 6 day mid-east war commenced:



It just keeps getting deeper.
Good find.


The embedded video will play but the link below it has been removed, not sure how long the embedded will stay up.

Here's another link...

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


what a loaded discussion--

Am I the only one who believes that people everywhere are waking up, including Israelis--

and that not all Israelis, even if their ancestors were brainwashed enough to believe the Zionist 'dream'--

are evil, any more than all Muslims or all Christians are evil?

I say Israeli, because it is the nation that is founded on religion--

I think the leaders of Israel and America are both complicit--

but I honestly believe that these people holding these signs with these messages are trying to do something good--

Am I evil because I am an American, when *my* military leaders and government leaders have chosen to kill innocents far away?

Where do *we* go?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

People are waking up

Why did Ron Paul say, "Israel is our friend?"

What is the zionist dream? That Israel is a SOVREIGN NATION.

What's wrong with that? Isn't that what we want for America?

Modern Israel, founded with the Balfore Treaty was because the area that had been named Philestein by the Romans who previously conquored it, WAS OWNED, OCCUPIED and OPERATED by The Brittish.

It was a territory.. not a state, not a country..

The Jews came to the area when they escaped SLAVERY in Egypt.. they built a temple, and then another.. They have been purged repeatedly from the area throughout history by ENSLAVORS.

When the Nazis were purging Jews from Europe, few from Russia escaped to Palestine where they build communes called Kibutzs (they were 14, 15, 18 years old) As more Jews escaped the nazi regime, England refused them to come to Palestine, and actually lined the shores and shot them dead upon arrival.. The Druze and Bedoin are the only Arabs of Palestine, and they HELPED the JEWS. There was a symbiotic relationship, still is to this day.

The Balfore Treaty was to help Europe PURGE their countries from Jews rather than let the Nazis take them (it was becomming a huge environmental problem, and thus a political problem). That is how Modern Israel was established.

What many FAIL to understand is that Israel has ALL WAYS FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM from the world of enslavers.

So if you want freedom, look to Israel. Take the time to study the history.. If you want a road map to FREEDOM and SOVREIGNITY, look to Israel. If you want a map to UN NWO enslavement look to Palestine (Allah does not make you free and has NO tolerance for any other religion or non believer).

Bull $h!t

There is plenty of evidence that proves you are propagating a fallacy. Do the uncomfortable research and you will find that Palestinians and Israelis coexisted in the holy land for decades as friendly neighbors, until government intervention. Or better yet take a trip like I did and go talk to the HUMANS on both sides, before you blatantly CROSS the T's and DOT the I's!

Otherwise you are just a propaganda parrot.

If anyone's waking up, it's you, as slow as it is.

You are right about all the propaganda...

This is the truth from one of the more pious rabbis and his interpretation of zionism:

Pretty eye-opening!

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

But I completely agree

The few Jews who remained in Palestine, and lived in caves long past the many reigns of terror (occupying empires), that came and passed, the Druze and Bedouin worked together.. matter of fact, from what I've read, if it wasn't for the Druze shouting, "The Brittish are coming!", the Brittish would have wiped out the Jews who came to Palestine before the Balfore Treaty (the real land theft which league of nations and UN protect)

I am looking forward to going to Israel.. I don't know how much of Palestine I will be able to visit, if any.. I have talked to few Palestinians in my past with marches with ANSWER, and know many Jews who lived in Israel, those who liked it and those who didn't..

I am not an expert.. I only began studying Israel when I thought I would find out what Ron Paul meant by saying, "Israel is our friend". How did he figure that? Well.. now I am learning, and yes, I may be slow.. but I'm persistant, and I very much look forward to going, and staying for awhile. I want to take a tour with a Franciscan Preist, a Secular Jew, an Arab, and I want to do a food tour.. I want to build a home for a Palestinian, Work as a volunteer for the IDF, work on an archilogical dig, spend some time working at a Kibutz, tour the Rockefeller Museum, go to the zoo, go to the Dead Sea.. go snorkling in the Red Sea.. walk the trail of Jesus.. pick olives.. and give a Palestinian the opportunity to go to college in America. When I have done that.. I will form opinions of experience, not merely sharing what I have bee studying. It is my studies that have helped me make my intenitary. If you have suggestions, I am open.

Thank you.


the peoples who were persecuted under the Nazi regime were not Jewish, they were European. They had as much right to Palestine because of their "Jewishness" as you do to Rome because you are Roman Catholic.
The shocking treatment of these people had as much to do with advancing the Zionist agenda as it did with the Nazis wanting them out of Germany.
All that misery and death to bring about "the shining city on the Hill".

Jill Booth

While there were many peoples, Slavs, mentally ill, anti-government peoples who were not only persecuted, but murdered by the Nazis, who were not Jewish, is it documented FACT that Jews were persecuted and murdered by far.

The Brittish OWNED, OCCUPIED and OPERATED Palestine and why the Balfore Treaty was the Brittish giving thier OCCUPATION to the Jews, because the purging of the Jews in Europe to Hitler to murder them was causing HUGE political problems for all the nations that participated.. Palestine was a place to dump Jews rather than murder them outright.. thought the Brittish did take the opportinity to stop the ships of Jews from ever landing, and even slaughtered those who came to shore.. There were Jews in Palestine since before Biblical time began.. The Jews who came to Palestine had as much right as any legal immigrant that came to America. Palestine was a territory, not a state, not a kingdom.. it was nomad's land.

The shocking treatment of these people? Who? The Jews who escaped the Nazis from Europe? The Refusnics? What's wrong with Israel being a SOVREIGN NATION? What do you want, to murder them and scatter them about the world? Why shouldn't they have a homeland and what better place than Palestine? Are they any different than our own American ancestors who left Europe wanting freedom, and what we did to far more native Americans, than Israel has defnding the Balfore Treaty from Arabs (not just Palestinians)? Israel is a very small place by comparison to the USA. Why is it OK for us but not for them?

Palestine LOST the 6 day war. Israel did not have to give back Gaza, nor did they have to give back the West Bank. Israel EXISTS. Why do we insist on siding with the UN and saying Palestine was more than what it was AN OCCUPIED TERRIOTRY OF THE BRITTISH?

All that misery and death is due to what? How many Jewish suicide bombers? But they should not defend what they built after they won war after war after war that they did not start?

I think the lack of KNOWING the history is where we as Americans are losing our way.. for we are forgetting what it means to fight for freedom, rather we are falling for a UN NWO, which is what props Palestine.

"That shinning city on the hill".. let me tell you, The stories in the Bible are ALL ABOUT FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT.. In Islamic Nations you have your choice of a court, government or shaira law.. one reason the guatameno prisoners are held indefinately is the USA does not have Sharia law.. (and if you are an adulterous women or a homosexual, you should be very glad about that).. Atheism has been a dumbing down of history and politics, trying to replace new born philisophies that sound so intelligent.. Objectivism for example.. but what they do not teach is how and why people excaped tyranny throughout the ages.. that shinning city on the hill represents Sharia Law. The Jews can appreciate it for it's history and architcture and it does preserve the rock of ages.. it also reminds ALL, that Islam is part of the greatest story ever told; however, as a westerner,, I do not hope they win.. not that I am an adulterous woman or a homosexual.. I am not.. but I don't believe stoning people to death for sexual preferance is better than defending what a country has built that advances humanity.


don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. Most histories are lies written by the victor.
May I suggest that you visit the following site
the detailed research is astounding, undertaken by people who are passionate about "warts and all" history.
To keep it brief, and no matter what you have been told, the Jews of Europe did not have Semitic bloodlines, they came from the Kazakh regions in the 8th century, because their King converted to Judaism.
Being a Roman Catholic, doesn't make you Italian.
PS. I don't trust ANYTHING Wiki has to say about Jewish history and especially Jews/war/Palestine/Israel, so am not inclined to use that as a "factual" base.

Great link, Jill!


"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

While I agree

history is written by the victors, yet, victory is short lived.

I have been studying Israel for several months, so I see myself as a student, not an expert, and I share what I learn, not to educate, but to learn.

I am familar with IHR, from when I was a Counter Punch subscriber.. Mark Weber is known as a Neo Nazi and Holocast Denier

I fail to see what difference it makes if the Jews of Europe had Semetic blood, but then I have never liked the term anti-semetic, because it's a lie, as I personally know Jews who are Chinese and Black, mixed blood, and Spanish/latin, there are many cultures within Judaeism. Religions spread. Not all Muslims are Arab and as you say, not all Roman Catholics are Italian. Beliefs are not limited to race. All faiths have their inside problems/disagreements.

As for trusting wiki.. it's a general source that at least allows some editing and challenge.

I for one believe the world is an illusion, it's ALL lies. So it's a matter of finding a ground on which we can at least have some arena that allows us to debate.. if not wiki, by all means, provide your source.

I read a joke today.. An American, Israeli and Palestinian get into a bike accident. The American blames the Chinese for making bad bikes. The Israeli demands there is an investigation to see who caused the accident. The Palestinian asks for another UN resolution.

When I see Israel and Palestine, I see a wall. There is a wall that keeps the Jews in, where they have made freedom for themselves. There is the same wall that keeps Palestinians out, where their government refuses them freedom.

Maybe he has reason to deny the

Holocaust. Like the forensic evidence doesn't stack up? or the numbers don't stack up, or the timing doesn't stack upThere is no reason to deny an existing peoples their land because it suits your religion.
Would Jesus, the character central to Christianity, have been kosha with the brutality shown to the Palestinians?
Somehow, I think he would weep for his Palestinian children.

An existing people's land

Israel exists, so I agree, there is no reason to deny Israelis the land made for them by the Brittish who OCCUPIED AND CONTROLLED PALESTINE, with the Balfore Treaty.

Holocast happened and if we forget, it will happen again. The best lesson I learned from the holocast was from an Israeli: "If we were armed, the holocast would not have happened."

Jesus is a "central charactor"? I think that statement is true for Muslims, and since Muslims do not have any faith in Jesus, and Muslims BRUTALLY control Palestine, I don't believe the Jesus charactor applies. Israel is not a Christian nation. And I think Jesus weeps for ALL people who do not have faith in him. Jesus does not weep for suffering. Suffering is a condition of life.

I think you do not understand how BRUTAL Palestinians are to Palestinians and do not understand the true plight of Palestine.

Palestine is controlled by the UN, which respects Sharia Law. Maybe you believe in arranged marriages and that your husband has all the rights? Maybe you believe that a woman's duty is to serve her husband and his family AS HE SEES FIT, and to produce heirs, as many as possible? Maybe you agree that living in a policed state that monitors eveything you do and say is good living? Maybe you think Islam should be the world's religion and nothing but Islam has a right to exist? Maybe you think that if Israel ceased to exist there would be peace in Earth because Sharia Laws are true freedom? Maybe you believe that homosexual behavior deserves death? Maybe you believe torture is humane and just? Maybe you believe that it is not what you think, but what others think about you that is MOST important? Maybe you believe that HATE is a good way to live?

Maybe you beleive that Israel HATES Palestine? That would be wrong. Israel very much wants PEACE with Palestine, however, Sharia Laws prevents that, and since the UN respects Sharia Law, the UN is wanting a global government to enslave ALL people, Sharia Law or Communism.. the UN abets wars, it does not stop them.

Maybe Mohammad should weep for his children?

Lets agree to disagree on this one Granger.

We are at opposite ends of the earth on these points.You will "defend"
and I will "deny", and nether will budge.



you know I don't agree with you about Israel, Granger--

but as for the people; the people themselves are not the government--

I don't believe Israel, the state, is legitimate, but then I am not sure any country is legitimate--

I heard Ron Paul say that Israel was 'our friend', but I do believe he was being diplomatic; I think he knows that it's wrong for so much aid to be sent to other countries, and he definitely includes Israel in that--

I heard him say that only once; many, many times I heard him talk about blowback--

it is obvious that the CIA and the heads of the American government are Israel-friendly and not Arab-friendly; the MSM is Israel friendly--

so I am very distrustful.

But when a group of regular citizens of any nation expresses a desire not to have war and to have peace and says that they hold no animosity towards the citizens (regular people) of another nation whose government is hated by the others' government, I listen. I believe them. Maybe I am naive, but I want to believe these 'little', regular Israelis are sincere.

I know honest, sincere Jews who are not happy with the Israeli government. Just as I do know Christians who are not warmongers and Americans who distrust the government of America.

There is a huge divide between the governments of nations and the people of those nations--

and many of us feel helpless to do anything.

*I*, for example, am severely chronically ill and not very mobile; financially things are extremely difficult for us, but I have found ways to build bridges and be an activist.

It would be impossible for me to run for an office, for reasons I can't go into here--

I support good where I see it, wherever I see it.

And I call bad where I see it--

the governments of most nations (if not all) are rotten to the core, but the governments of America and Israel are almost compost--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

He was being "diplomatic"?

What does that mean? He was being disingenuous?

What does that mean to say, Ron Paul tells the truth, EXCEPT when it comes to Israel? What does it mean to say that you don't believe the state of Israel to be legitimate? What makes Israel any different than the legitimacy of the USA, or Mexico.. Do you mean that since Israel was never ruled by a kingdom? What do you mean?

When you talk about AID, why is the focus on Israel? Do you think we get nothing back? Or is it that you do not appreciate the intel, engineering, agriculture, husbandry, medicine and other advances, weapons.. you would rather we do not advance? Or do you think that we can advance further than those who are freer, and have already advanced because of their freedom? Why not complain about the budget to the UN, or today, we gave $53 Million to Kenya for a national ID.. why no complaint, because you think we will not get a return? We will. Our return will be to unite with Kenya. We should follow the lead of Kenya and the UN rather than Israels?

Many here talk about how we've been dumbed down. We have been dumbed down. Many here claim the greatest fight is the fight to be self drugged.. marijuana is a medicine, a drug.. and they want to self medicate. Do you believe that this is how we can technologically advance? Do you believe this is what is going to save America from tyranny?

Do you understand the plight of the Jews has ALL WAYS been to be FREE, to LOVE, THINK, Pray, Study.. FREE to travel, free to live outside walled ghettos, which they were put in for ONE reason: they were BORN a Jew (and Jews resist enslavement).

It is obvious to me that America is ARAB friendly because America is addicted to Arab oil, It is OBVIOUS to me that the government is NOT friendly to Israel because Israel is not addicted to Arab oil, not interested in being enslaved to a global government, and has freedom Arab nations do not. America has a fear of Israel, and so it fights Israel with the power of the UN (which is a majority of dictatorships, the majority addicted to Arab oil).

I do not see MSM showing Americans about the outstanding advances for humanity in Israel. I see MSM, which includes Aljerrez, RT, press TV) being anti-Israel. I see MSM, which includes movies, being anti-Israel because they do not share what GOOD is happening in Israel.. who here can tell me that hospitals are treating Syrians. Israel has stayed out of the conflicts on both borders. MSM hates that. It rather would have Americans waiting for bad news.. such as when Israel bombed a cache of Russian rockets in Syria,, that was all over the news. And what do Americans say and think? "Look at the warmongering Israel at it again.. trigger happy Arab haters." But that is not the truth. That is the propeganda America is being sold and buying. And why? Because Israel is fighting for it's freedom from global government. Some here will disagree. And every example I show them that prooves they are wrong, they slip away for awile.. but they will be back (rust never sleeps).

When you look at any GROUP and pick put the bad apples as examples of the group, you are acting as a collectivist in group think. Would you appreciate it if you went to a party and talking about DP, and some popular person there said, "Oh I've been to DP and there's a zionist Republican who posts their hate on every thread so I stopped going because the DP is a zionist Republican hate machine, and anyone who goes to DP has to be like Granger to let that Granger Fidiot speak."

What would you say? "The Granger does not speak for everyone!" And so they tell you, "Get rid of The Granger and I will believe you, but not until then.. you are just like the Granger and I don't trust you because you go to DP where the Granger speaks lies and BS!!" So then you are on the defensive, and that is a difficult possition to defend, not to say a real party downer. THAT is how collectivism kills freedom.

Many here say Ron Paul is antiwar. I don't agree. Ron Paul is PRO PEACE. He is all for defense (he is a veteran), not of just our borders, for what are borders without people and their ideas and products to trade? Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He is non interventionist, which means we don't get involved in other's wars and we make good trade agreements and keep them. I firmly stand with Ron Paul on that (and so does Rand Paul).

I saw a documentary about universities in Israel. There was a professor who made a profound point. He said that since most Israelis spend two years out of high school serving the IDF, when they come to college, they come willing to speak up and debate, not just the other students, but the professors and the school. One of the freedoms Israel enjoys is the art and science of debate. Arguments are HEALTHY.. they are mind exercises. This is why they advance, while we produce drug addicts and a police state to make sure the perform slave labor. It is a shame, but we are becomming more like Russia than Israel.

Many of us have developed our paranoia. We are becomming a nation that wants not to fear it's government, but look at DP, and all the threads that WARN us.. everyday WARNING SPYING WARNING BANK CRASH WARNING POLICE STATE WARNING FAMINE WARNING WAR WARNING BE VERY AFRAID.. WARNING GUN GRAB WARNING FOOD POISIONING WARNING WATER POSIONING WARNING FALSE FLAG and we have the audacity to say this is because we are awake?

Have we gone from an American dream to a nightmare? WHY? I think it's because the government is wanting to fail, the GOP is wanting to go under, the Republic is willing to give us a UN NWO where we are ALL slaves equally. All they have to do is get us to not trust the government, hate America and be very afraid. The UN will save us, for it's there, waiting for us to dig our grave in the name of fear and hate of government.

National IDs for Kenya and the USA. We watch the upheavals in Syria and Egypt and people cheer.. Oh they are doing it right!!! Living under marshall law is right? Watching your countrymen bomb each others houses and kill our families in the name of freedom is right?

Ron Paul asked us to get in the GOP and take that party and build a better America. It is happening. I THANK GOD it is not the masses but a few GOOD people is all it takes.. for we have those few good people, and we are making tremendous strides with in. 2016 will not be censored, we will not be beaten, bones broken and slienced. We will stand tall, and oronocally, our greatest enemies will be those who refused to join us, rather they must enjoy FEAR.. fear of government, staying on the fringe waiting for some political savior.

You don't have to run for an office to get in and lend support to those who can. You don't even have to agree with them 100%. Goodness knows we do not all agree in the GOP.. we are not all clones. What we have in common is FREEDOM IS POPULAR and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.. each of us have different counties, different states, different politicians with their own strengths and weaknesses.. Take what is good and advance that. For example, I don't care for Justin Raimondo, seen him before, I had no desire to see him again.. he bores the bejesus out of me.. but I knew the Republican Liberty Caucus selected him as speacker and so I showed up to give my support. It's not about ME. It's about taking the GOP and that is going to take ALL kinds of people. As humans, we are not all going to get along or agree. That is not the point. The point is MATERIALIZING RON PAUL'S MESSAGE.. and Rand is doing that, as we are doing that.. each our own way.

I respect you for calling good/ bad as you see it. I think that is one of the most wonderful things about DP is many here SPEAK THEIR TRUTH.. it's refreshing even if I don't agree with their truth, and to be around those who say what they mean, and mean what they say, rather than those who deceive, cheat, and lie.

America and Israel have problems.. there are rotton apples. I do not believe we are compost. Palestine is compost.. and I'm not talking about the people. I'm talking about a government controlled by the UN that keep people without a state, in the name of HATE for Israel. I thank God Mexico is not compost and doing to us what Palestine does with the help of the UN to Israel. But we have a border, and we have trade, and that makes a difference.

not disingenuous, no--

just making a point that we have no real enemies. I believe, from what I've heard Dr. Paul say, that he believes our "real" enemies are within this nation--

not outside this nation--

so, yes, I believe he was being diplomatic, as always. Careful; he's a statesman--

I've never heard him say, "____________ (try China or Russia) is our enemy"--

So, why not say that Israel is *our* friend, though what does that really mean? It means that Dr. Paul sees the real threat as within the ranks of American out-of-control bureacracy--the alphabet agencies, especially--

our 'enemies', in his opinion, from what *I* have heard, are our own foreign policymakers--

So, yes, diplomatic, and diplomatic does not have to mean that he is being disingenuous--

the fact is that AIPAC has tremendous influence here in the U.S., and that is just dead wrong.

I don't doubt that there have been evil people on all sides; I don't see it as black and white, with "these are the good guys; these are the bad guys"--

What concerns me about what you say about Israel is that you seem to be very pro-Israel.

And, frankly, this is just my opinion, just my own belief, I can't be pro-ANY nation, including America, right now/anymore.

So, when someone/anyone starts 'pushing' the good things about any nation, I become suspicious.

Yes, I've heard people praise Iceland for standing up to the big banks, and that intrigues me, but I don't think that makes me want to move there; I am sure they have their gaps--

I am not pro-Iceland or pro-any nation, however much good might be happening there.

Palestine is a huge wart on Israel, so to take Israel's side with that huge wart--

maybe that is a loving thing to do, and it's your right to choose to do that, but I am uncomfortable when anyone suggests to me that 'this body is healthy' when there is a huge cancer (yes, or enormous wart that takes up half the body) in that body.

It makes it hard to take a person seriously.

Yes, Britain was bad/evil; yes, there were many mistakes made; yes, the UN is out of control and ridiculous.

I don't, however, get all worked up over "Sharia" law--

I respect different religions, and I think there are gaps in every religion--

any person can find abuse inside any religion if he/she looks hard enough--

any religion--

so to 'pick on' Islam seems ridiculous--

by the way, Orthodox Jews are often more fussy about arranged marriages than many Muslims--

leave the religions alone, and let them work things out--

the fact is that Israel is a problem--

as much as many middle eastern nations have become Islamic, and often in response to horrific treatment by the 'west'--

Israel is the only religious-based (from the beginning) nation, and the fact is that most of those who 'run' the country are not religious Jews--

I see the huge cancer that is killing America. I acknowledge it. I know that down there, hidden deep somewhere, almost strangled to lifelessness . . . is an inspired constitution--

but the fact is that the cancer has almost killed its host--

I see the same thing in Israel--

The world needs a spiritual revolution and Israel's 'brand' of prosperity is not the answer--

I will try not to say anything more; I know how I feel when I hear Ron Paul speak; he has had the courage to criticize the leaders and policymakers and citizens of his nation--

I feel much the same way when I hear those Jews and Israelis who nail Israel for its wrongdoings--

what is the difference?

The courage to speak up against evil is universally admired--

so I will admire it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thank you for a thoughtful response

To say we have NO REAL ENEMIES is not true. All one has to do is look at American flags being burnt to see that we do have REAL enemies. Israel is not burning American flags.

Ron Paul has said:

So does Ron Paul believe that the UN is our friend? No. He believes that the UN is the friend of those who do not want freedom.

Ron Paul listed FIVE departments, not ALL departments, for closure: eliminate five cabinet-level agencies (Education, Interior, Commerce, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development)

Our enemies within, are those who want a UN global government, not a sovreign nation that respects the rights and powers of the people within their states. Israel fights to be a SOVREIGN nation FREE from UN entanglements, and this is why Ron Paul says "Israel is our friend".

AIPAC does NOT have tremendous power in the USA. The UN has tremendous power becuase the foreign policy makers in America work with the UN and blackmail Israel with brobes, blame Israel for their failure and resent Israel's resistance to their policies. Israel is determinded to stand for the freedom of it's people.

I am pro-Israel and believe it would be in our best interest to emulate Israel rather than appease the UN.

Suspicious minds are not born, they are made by design

Palestine is not a wart on Israel. Palestine is a huge wart on the UN that controls it.

You don't get "worked up over Sharia Law because you believe torture is humane? You believe homosexuals should die? You believe women have no rights? You believe that Muslims don't kill Muslims over Sharia Law? These are gaps? This is merely abuse? Suicide bombing is OK? I'm picking in Islam? If Christians were doing these things, If Buddists were blowing up Mosques, if Jews were blowing themselves up I not respect them. Why is it OK for Muslims to have 8 children and migrate to the USA but it's not OK for Catholic Mexicans?

Yes, Orthodox Jews, super rich Catholics, Kings and Queens.. anyone who believes that HEIRS are above the state laws has arranged marriages. Does that mean wee the people should too?

So you give Islam a free ride and then turn to tiny Israel and admit, that is the problem. It's not the global UN.. it's not Sharia Laws, it's not our foreign policy that does not respect sovreign nations.. it's the Jews who accepted the Brittish OCCUPIED land in Palestine, ratified by the Balfore Treaty, won war after war they did not start, but DEFENDED the land given to them by the League of Nations,, that is the problem?

You blame the West for Islams problems? Why not leave and join them? Why remain in America? If I thought America was THE problem, I would leave.. probably go to Dubai personally, but I know, being an American.. a westerner, I wouldn't last long. It took me all of four months to figure I was too western for Krishna.

I believe Islam is growing not in response to Western nations, but because Western Natoins FREEDOM allows them to grow.. they start very kind.. when they are the minority.. but as they gain power, they become brutal to their own people.

I see the dumbing down and escapism, the lack of getting involved to keep freedom, the paranoia, Americans take FREEDOM for granted, and unwilling to OWN UP and take responsibility for government, they don't get involved,, they think someone else is going to do it for them.

Israel is THRIVING. It's AMAZING and wonderful what Israel is doing. Israel is blooming a desert, advancing technology, agriculture, engineering, science, the arts..

There is a wall.. Inside that wall is Israel where people are FREE inside that wall, freedom of religion, FREEDOM to THINK, to grow to thrive.. and that same wall there is Palestine where the UN enslves the people to poverty. Why does Israel bloom while Palestine, MUCH LARGER.. why does tiny Israel THRIVE while Palestine has NO RIGHTS but Sharia Law that BRUTALLY controls it's people with torture?

Blaming is what those who do not understand what responsibilty of ownership is. Israel understands.. IT OWNS itse self as a SOVREIGN NATION.. Palestine is owned by the UN and Sharia Laws.

Israel is not the answer? Suicide bombing is? Tourture is? Why have you bought the UN lies?

The Jews who damn Israel are GLOBALISTS. So you admit you side with those who want a UN global government.

In America, you can speak up. In Israel you can speak up. In Palestine you can not. Where there is Sharia Law, you can not speak up. It is NOT universally admired. Ask Snowden.

no, Sharia law is not the only--

problem. There are evil people in all religions; people are all worked up over some Bhuddist radicals right now; there have been wrongs committed by all religions--

I didn't state that Ron Paul approves of the U.N. *I* don't approve of the U.N.; I never have.

I don't know why Muslims are allowed to immigrate to the U.S.--

I can't afford to go to another country; if I could, I would, and I know where--

I am a fairly impoverished, working poor, highly educated (both of us are; 1988vote is a husband/wife team) American--

and life in America is not prosperous for us--

I am saddened by what has happened to America. Much of what I see around me I find repugnant, as repugnant as many see Islam.

I see Christians who approve of constant warring. I see the deaths of millions of unborn babies--

Yes, I would leave America, if I could--

but I probably wouldn't remain on this planet (no goofy stuff about mars or the moon, either)--

I'm almost done with my time on earth--

and I will go to a better place, I surely hope. :)

It's all right for you to be pro-Israel, Granger; you are not alone; I have many friends and family who are. I am not comfortable with that, but that doesn't mean I dislike my friends.

We all get to be what we are, even if we have to be quiet about it--

I don't dare speak up, except on DP, not anymore. I did for years, but I realize I am in a police state now--

I'm not worried about anyone burning an American flag. It's one of the proper ways to dispose of a worn flag--

I guess I just don't have the paradigm/perspective you do, and that's fine--

I believe in living and letting live--

No, I don't believe it's right to kill homosexuals, but I also don't believe what Israel has done to Palestinians is right--

two wrongs don't make a right--

evil is evil wherever it is--

The fact is, and this cannot be refuted--

both Mexicans and Muslims are growing in population--

White Americans and 'white' Jews are not--

Israel actually has a declining population, except for a few Orthodox, just as America does.

God will always bless those who welcome babies--

whether those with declining populations and material success approve of them or not--

I glory in one thing--

Jesus Christ--

He reigns, and He will reign.

He will decide what is to be done with the nations; I don't have enough information--

but I do believe what I believe--

and I have studied.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thank you 1988vote

I believe your DP name is: 1988vote, because you voted for Ron Paul in 1988. I was a Libertarian at that time.. had been since 1976, and I protested Ron Paul's nomination. It burned me that MY Party would nominate a Republican (seems to be the norm anymore).

I never thought I would be a Republican. I never thought I would be for Israel. I was raised by Atheists who had NO respect for any religion, so I rebelled and joined many religions. I never thought I would be a Roman Catholic. Now they are wondering, is Granger converting to be a Jew? I like the Messianic Jews and I have been visiting them where I live

My life is very rich and I am most blessed and grateful to God.

I am facinated by Israel, and feel that I am being called.. I don't know why God is showing me so many wonderful things, but my heart is filled with joy and hope, and I am happy.

I am planning on going to Israel. I hope to stay there for a long time. I want to tour with a Franciscan Preist/Nun, Muslim, Secular Jew, and do a food your. I don't think I will be allowed into Palestine, but I would like to see it. I want to stay in a Kibutz, and go to all the mountains, and the zoo, swim in the meditrannian, snorkle in the Red Seae, collect salt from the dead sea, be baptized in the Jordan River.. walk the path Jesus walked, and the orchards to pick olives. I want to work on an archiogical dig (or more), volunteer for the IDF/ civilian support, build a home for a Palestinian, and I want to provide a scholoarship for a Palestinian to come to America and attend a university here.

I don't hate anyone. I LOVE people; I LOVE life; and I ADORE GOD.

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful posts. May God bless you and yours abundantly and constantly. Peace be with you.

You are Evil

If you support them or do not voice opposition when you are knowledgeable of their wrongdoing.

You ask "where do we go?" The answer is: We go about every place we can and expose evil by sharing the truth with others and encouraging them to do the same--we fight back and do our best to stop them. We can succeed!

oh, and, babybear--

"where do *we* go?" is a rhetorical question.

I'm not really happy living in America anymore, because of all the destruction the leaders of my nation have caused--

(and some of those leaders are in shadow governments; Dr. Paul used that term: shadow government)--

but I wouldn't be happy living anywhere. I'm ready to 'move on'--

but I still have responsibilities. Frankly, the world has become too much for me.

I wish there were a 'new land' I could settle, where nobody had been driven off, so that I could have a place to live.

But I am a bible-reading Christian, and I believe God will send good people to places where they can be at peace, in time--maybe not now--

without hurting anyone else.

My belief in God keeps me going--

And I believe that God loves all people, everywhere--

and I believe there are many good: Bhuddists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims--etc.

who mean no harm to anyone and who worship God in their way and are often more God-fearing than some Christians--

I don't like to generalize, but I believe that evil people use religion in every possible way to divide people--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--