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This Is Big! Israelis Send Strong Message To Iran.



Zionist, Israelis and Jews, Oh My!

Sometime when folks use those terms they paint the words with broad strokes.
I however prefer clarity.

Zionist = Ideology
Jewish = Religion
Israeli = People

I do understand that sometimes they cross all paths, but not always.
Probably less than many would think.

Not defending anyone.
Not pointing any fingers either.

I want to live in a better world.
Where everyone can live, laugh and love and most importantly...

Exercise Liberty.

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If i showed you a picture of a grand wizard of the KKK

Would you tell me that the animosity between groups with different skin color could never be reconciled.

A Jewish state may occupy Israel but regular people live there. Some good, some bad. Some use violence and threat of violence, most dont. Some are brainwashed by their government, many aren't.

Every individual has a right to live in peace wherever they are. The act of grouping them together is legitimizing the state. People born in Israel aren't responsible for the occupation. They just want to live in peace. Why should they lose their claim to peace due to the actions of their relations or their ethnic group. The problem in the middle east is not the people, its the predominant ideas.

One day there will be no distinction between an Israeli and Iranian. Between Jew and Muslim. One day people will respect each others individual right ro be left alone. That's when we will have peace. In the mean time, we must break down these nationalistic, and statist ties that cause so much hatred and violence. People dont occupy. States do.


Theives murdering invaders they have a right to live in peace

They need to just be left alone. They are just people after all right?


Never said that.

I'm only saying that the actions of ones countryman or even of ones parents shouldn't condemn someone as a thief.

I'm saying that the term invader should apply to those who actually invaded an individuals property, not someone who happened to be born into this mess, or even who unknowingly supported what's really going on. No group of people have claim to any land. Not Jews, and not Palestinians either. Or maybe you think we should surrender all of our property to the American Indians.

The only claim and the only responsibility individuals have is peace. You need to get over ethnic and cultural association buddy. Your likely to get somebody killed.


The irony however, is that

The irony however, is that most Israelis DO support the occupation and Jewish only colonization. Otherwise, they wouldn't keep voting for racists like Netanyahu.

Do most americans support invasion of foreign lands

Or total enslavement by the corpratocrocy of the American people? We certainly seem to have voted that way since after world war two. Or maybe we were just taught to show allegiance to the state what ever it decides to do, because anything else is unpatriotic.

it is precisely the allegiance to the state or an ethnic group that creates animosity between individuals who have never interacted before. Serving ones best interest tends to lead towards identification as an individual with the dominant social group. But the ultimate evolutionary trajectory is towards identification with the group that cherishes individuality above all else.


the answer is yes!

the answer is yes!


there will always be nations (THANK GOD FOR THAT), and for some time there will be distinct races, and ethnicities within races (THANK GOD FOR THAT TOO).
you are p***ing against the wind if you argue against natures call for separation.

we must break down the judeo-bolshevik internationalist tide, respect each other's borders and traditions and only then we might get peace for a while.

as it stands, Earth had finite resources and it is only natural for the inhabitants to battle over them. time to deal with it.

if 20 people were brought into your house by a gangster would you "understand" how they are not at fault while they consume your property? b***h please.


Very silly...

Why should anyone find fraternity with someone for any other reason but shared convictions and shared passions? The concept is statist in nature. All of history is a shared human experience. It doesn't belong to just one group of people because of blood line. I am white. Does that mean I can't claim Gandhi or MLK as my ancestor. Where do you draw the line. I'm Irish. Can I claim any Irishman as my forefather, even if they aren't related by blood.

Ideas are the only things that bind people together. Those shared ideas could be shared religion, ancestry, ideology, political philosophy, racial association, nationalism, morality, etc...

Its silly to believe that people can de defined by their heritage just as its silly that people might be defined by their skin color. We are all in a race for resources but every action that we take is an individual action including those that we take supporting a cause and aligning ourselves with other individuals, but as soon as we dont agree with the group Ideology we cease to be a member of the group. Now it maybe in our best interest not to speak out against the group for fear of retaliation, but that sounds more like slavery than anything else.



but while you play your game for resources alone, other team up and get shit done: China colonizing Africa.

ideology is cool and all, but regardless of what professor X told me, while the other team bring the whole crew, it's stupid for me to even try to take them on alone.

we draw the line wherever it suits us, i know where i draw mine.
the "but that's statist" dream is nice, time to wake up.


China who?

The average chinaman or the Chinese state? I thought the Chinese population were just slaves like us?

what benefit would you receive if America did what china was doing?

I would argue nothing. Individuals hardly benefit from state action. Wake up bro. Non-aggression principle.


Not right away, anyway

The vast Lakota homeland however, seems nearly to be quelled. Or is it just simmering under the surface?

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More fight

They'd have more fight in them if they weren't so drunk and lazy. One of the most disgusting sites on the planet. Another problem we have over here without getting mixed up with other peoples crap on the other side of the planet.