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Military Coup underway in Egypt * Constitution suspended*

Apparently Morsi is under house arrest after the deadline passed.

Whats more? The US has lot of influence in the Egypt Military, RT claims it spent as much as $1.2bn on them. Not sure how this will end. While the movement is genuine from the grass roots, the outcome might not be as they intended.

Here is a link to the celebrations from the crowd:


Here is the Military's statement:


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The MSM defines it as a

The MSM defines it as is a coup for psychological reasons. What it really is a civil insurrection.

Anyone else having problem accessing news sites?

So, I'm very interested in this story. when big events in the world happen I like to go to both mainstream media and alternative and foreign media as well. Somewhere in between all the spin I can take what I need from each source, leave the rest, and find the truth.

Today I can't do that. I can get Daily Paul, Infowars, RT, RIA Novosti, and youtube to load.
CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and I can't open any of Egypt the stories linked from Comcast Xfinity (my internet provider).

Is anyone else having this problem?

Not me!

I am able to browse as always


I am able to access MSM sites from work no problem, but from home I couldn't. Really weird.

According to another


"...CAIRO - The head of Egypt's armed forces issued a declaration on Wednesday suspending the constitution and appointing the head of the constitutional court as interim head of state..."


Suspending the Constitution--those words make me nervous!! I think if it happened here, even if Ron Paul were the interim President, I'd still be very leery...

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Egypt is the first nation-state to fall to northeastern usurpant

Kings. The first time they were tricked into damnation for eternal victimization towards false idols brought forth from their first revolt.

and if the Earth is to keep us around Egypt will have to be blessed by wisdom and shine light on this mass of death brought upon them yet again in history by the old kings of war and gold

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Replacing one Government with

Replacing one Government with another Government won't help....when Government is the problem.

Makes ya wonder if America

Makes ya wonder if America anticipated this when they sent the f16s and the abrams tanks that Rand Paul tried to block...

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This is actually the THIRD one.

The first one put Mubarak in power.

The second one took him out.

This third one is trying to "fix" the f-up from the one that took Mubarak out.

The CXA and NYA keep effing up over and over. They are trying to get it right this time, but they wont because you cannot engineer nations.

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Was watching a debate on RT

And one guy claimed military was Plan C for Washington

what they imagine they can design

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