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Texas Teen Jailed For Facebook Comment Beaten Up Behind Bars

The family of Justin Carter, the 19-year-old Texas gamer who made offensive Facebook comments that landed him in jail, is working with new urgency to get his $500,000 bail reduced because they say he's getting beat up behind bars.

"Without getting into the really nasty details, he's had concussions, black eyes, moved four times from base for his own protection," says Carter's father, Jack. "He's been put in solitary confinement, nude, for days on end because he's depressed. All of this is extremely traumatic to this kid. This is a horrible experience."

Carter has been in jail since his arrest in February. After he finished playing the online game League of Legends, where the community trash-talking can get quite toxic, court documents show he posted the following messages on a Facebook page:

"I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/ And eat the beating heart of one of them."

Carter's father says his son was responding to an insult by being sarcastic and followed the message with "JK" for just kidding, but that's disputed by police.


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It's a sad world we live in

I remember when internet shorthand LOL and JK really meant something.


In the land of the Internet, LOL and JK used to be sacred words. We can't see each other's facial expressions or hear the changes in each other's voice, so when your girlfriend or buddy says something off the wall and you're like "you better not be srs" and they're all "jk lol" and then you're all "oh lol" because those sacred words reassured you of the direction of the conversation.

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He is probably being beaten up by

all those sensitive folks that wrote the same stuff about George Zimmerman and other "Whites" like him.

The jail must be really full.

Or maybe is was Adam Kokesh having a bad mushroom trip.

Or Bradley Manning having a "War" flashback.

Important Facts

He was released on bond on July 12

Justin Carter is being persecuted in Comal Texas
He was arrested by Comal County Deputies. None have been identified yet.

New Braunfels Police Lt. John Wells defended the arrest

The office of Comal Criminal District Attorney, Jennifer Tharp is persecuting.

The Judge who ordered the $500,000 bail is Judge Jack Robison

The defense attorney Donald H. Flanary III,

Growing up it was all death threats

I'm gonna kill you, your father is gonna kill you, I'm gonna wring your neck, etc. etc. etc.

It may be worth noting that neither was I killed nor had my neck "wrung" although throttled isn't inaccurate.

These days my whole family would be in jail and I'd have been raised by foster parents.

I leave it up to you to decide which would have been better. Just saying that society continues to criminalize behavior and I'm surprised to see so many of you going along with it.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

doing their part to CONTINUE

doing their part to CONTINUE the cycle......while giving every opportunity to claim they are indeed those who are the ones that will STOP the cycle

Claiming to be, and WHO they be.....those that spoil it while using the authority they give them, is NOT that will never stop, only taking away the authority that should not be granted will, no exceptions to the target of the reigning

Slippery slope :(

An example of how all the NSA spying can take us down the slippery slope (also of teenage boy's propensity to be idiots)

Anyone listen to the lyrics of the hit song "pumped up kicks?"

Very disturbing lyrics. The

Very disturbing lyrics. The band said they were just trying to raise awareness about school violence but I think that's a steaming pile. Who the heck is NOT aware of school violence? Those lyrics are disturbing - not informative, or uplifting, or supportive - disturbing.

But, they can sing about anything they want. It's their right. Just wish they'd be a little more responsible.

I think about a lot worse

I think about a lot worse things than that to do to some people in very high places, but know better to never put those thoughts into words on blogs.

Do you think the next stage of thought crime prosecution will be going after someone like me writing something like I just did?

The guy does.

Its obvious that the guy does need some help for posting things like that, but a $500, 000 bail for a crime that was never commited?? Thats worse then some other crimes that were commited.

Welcome to The Minority

Welcome to The Minority Report.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

He belongs in jail

Threatening innocent children is not a game.

U love your thumbs down.

Attention whore idiot.


Do what you want.. you simply sound angry that your downvotes don't phase me personally. Collectivist group think inspires me to post more. Thank you for the inspiration to post more.

You need a life.

You are now the first person in all my years here that I am ignoring. I am sure many others have. Tool.

I have a very good life TY

Do what you want, and may peace be with you.


You're correct that "threatening innocent children is not a game". Where you're wrong, however, is the following:

A) I highly doubt he was threatening children (innocent or otherwise). It's far more likely that he was simply writing lyrics and trying be controversial.

B) You don't throw people in jail for exercising their right to free speech.

I wore ugh boots for decades

You may doubt all you like, it was a threat, that was insensitive to all the children who have lost their lives, their parents, family and friends who remain in mourning, the first responders who have lost their lives because of events he THREATENED to do.

I don't make threats with no intention to carry them out. Matter of fact, I don't threaten, I act. I will not tell you that I'm going to get an attorney and sue you, I sue.

Free speach stops when you make violent threats.

WORDS not only hurt the weak among us, they KILL and why we now have bullying laws.

deacon's picture

anti bullying laws

were created by the nanny state,it was done to control the kids
and to keep them thinking for themselves,Disney has a few commercials about what bullying is
In one,3 girls sit eating lunch,another walks up and tries to sit down
they move so she can't,they call this bullying,instead of letting the kids
associate with whom they want to
words can hurt,but they do not harm another,ever hear of sticks and stones
will break my bones,but words will never hurt me?
kids need to be taught how to deal with these types of situations,but in schools they do not learn how to,they get taught they cannot do it,they need a teacher,a grown up a higher power,as kids are not bright enough,not
intelligent enough,and they are all impotent in their own thinking,kids do not lean how to deal with the real world,they get taught another grown up
has to be the one in charge
the 1st amendment has no stipulations on what can or not be said,it does not state we have free speech unless takes offense to it,it does not say,we can what we want until another doesn't like it
what we end up with is bunch of kids without knowledge of how the real world works,are afraid of saying anything,and are brought up thinking
others have more of a say over their own persons
we have kids growing up to adulthood without the basic tools to make it in the world,as this was never taught to them
we have kids in trouble now just for this reason alone
kids who are not taught at home,not corrected by their parents end up behind bars,in trouble more often,and into more and more drugs
and this is a direct result and a reflection of failed laws and a failed school system and these created to undo the crap laws put in place,that have also failed
kids have the right to defend themselves,but they aren't taught this,they are told to go tell an authority figure,now what happens to them as an adult,with this same mindset?
the nanny state stepped in and told parents they could not correct their offspring,this created yet another failed policy as we are seeing more and more in trouble,less and less learning a trade,and puts that burden on the cops and courts to deal with
but it was done with a grand design in place beforehand

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I don't disagree

that anti-bullying laws are made made a NANNY STATE.

I adon't agree with you that they were created so kids won't think for themselves. I believe it was created to establush a dependency on THE STATE in the name of protection.

Parents, GOOD parents, are THE NANNY, and they don't let their kids associate with whoever they want. Kids are born into a world they didn't create, don't KNOW the difference between FRIEND and friendly (most predators attract kids by being friendly). Childhood is not easy. Kids are going to make mistakes, and so will parents, and the NANNY STATE, in the name of protection, in an attempt to apare people from their own mistakes, also makes HUGE mistakes.

Yeah, I'm well aware of "sticks and stones, and downvotes" and I have a very healthy self esteme, so the bullying doesn't effect me as others who cry over one downvote. I was "The new kid at school in many schools, so bullying is not new to me. I grew up with it. I grew up among a lot of kids. People don't grow up among a lot of kids today. They are pretty isolated.

Yes, kids need to learn how to deal with these situations, buty these situation do need to be addressed. I've seen plenty of situations where there is sympathy for the bully and this comes from a BLAME THE COMMUNITY, rather than, STOP THE BULLY.

The first amamndment does not apply to kids. And a BIG BIG problem we have are adults who use kids as reasons to promite their own NANNY STATE agenda. "For the kids" turns me cold.

Parents need to be involved. Parents need to be supported. I don't believe what is happening is by accident, I think it's a bad design and now I see more grandparents raising kids because they have more resources than parents. More things should be done FOR THE PARENTS than the kids, to enable parents to do more for their kids.

Still, as far as I'm concerned, you post threats to kindergarteners in general, and with 55 violent crimes committed against schools by young adults, I for one, do not believe this is harmless and should not be addressed. It's NOT ok to make violent death threats to kinder garteners. You think it's ok?

deacon's picture

I don't put the cart before the horse

if that's what you mean
I think the 19 yr could have stated it better,maybe even not at all
previous and or prior records,if he had any,would be an indication
of any or no motives
I do know,from being a guy,at times,we say things just to say things,showing off,getting the one up on another guy,and most, if not all is harmless
what do you mean the 1st doesn't apply to kids?,as you have put it,he was no kid,so it does apply to him,and to others as well
the nanny state was created to remove all rights the parents have had in raising their own children,it was created to make them all mindless sheep
and to keep them dependent on every authority figure the states creates
and they have created quite a few of them
the state does not want kids growing up thinking for themselves,or knowing they have rights
they want docile servants,at home and on the job,it makes them all easier to control
when i was in school,we had bullies,but they were out numbered,and usually were dealt with after school,at lunch or on the play ground,they learned real quick what happens to them
but now we have a gov hell bent on dictating all manner of thought crimes
things created out of thin air,when no crime has yet to take place
now the gov tells the schools officials,their jobs are to monitor kids
off school activities,such as facebook,myspace ect ect
so now we have them being monitored by people who have no authority over them when they are in school,spying on them in the off hours
there bus drivers calling the cops and the principals, for pranks at the bus stops,as if a prank is against the law,and the bus driver now has authority over the kids,might be a bit different if the schools owned them stops,but most are public right of ways,meaning the public owns them,not the schools,so they no jurisdiction nor right to correct them kids
a threat is still covered under the first amendment,unless of course you are a higher up on the food chain,then it is wrong.

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I didn't say that you did

Perhaps I should have given you credit for your points. You made good points and I thought my agreeing with them made that evident.

I apologize if it did not.

The Patriot Act wiped out the amendments, at least in my book, and that is why I was attracted to join Ron Paul rEVOLtuion and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC: I read it as restore our rights.

The way I see it, our rights no longer exist and you do not have any right to mouth off for any reasin because the poice state WILL come and take you away. That's how they make money.

All this aside, I do not tolerate violent threats and I most certainly do not support anyone who posts what the 19 year old adult posted about kindegarteners. It was FAR beyond bullying.


" ..... that was insensitive"

Face it, lady, you simply want to cage people for being insensitive.

You face it

I'm insensitive to many here, and their perspectives, but I don't make violent threats against their children or them. So it's not insensitivity that I beleive belongs caged, I am insensitive. It's those who make violent threats who belong in cages, as I'd rather they be caged, than anyone dead in the name of freedom.

Wanna try to get this guy censored again while we're at it?

Don't freak every time someone runs their stupid mouth.


I believe that videos like this are part of the system, employing (because these guys get paid, the 19 year old was not paid, and there's the difference).. I fully believe vids like the one you presented are part of a consiracy to track, and sting, the purchasers. If you are attracted, influenced, resonate with this kind of production, than chances are, you are in the radar.

To me, this kind of video are for those who have emotional and intellectual problems. They are not going to contribute much to humanity because they are already "on the dark side", unable to grasp concepts beyond basic banal emotional response.

People who buy into this kind of vid are already angry.

Music industry is HUGE controlled propeganda. The industry is well aware how to manipulate people. If you think this kind of vid is not a "set up", then you don't understand the industry, which is controlled by attorneys and the courts.

It's a "fly trap". AKA "Predator trap". Law of attraction. It's BAIT. Why not compose your own music/rap/life?

Oh c'mon - I didn't think you

Oh c'mon - I didn't think you were one of those "everything is a conspiracy" people. Before Eminem was making money he did a split w/ Royce Da 5'9" where they called themselves "Bad Meets Evil". It was easily classified as "horror-rap" or something along those lines because it was essentially as disgusting or "provocative" as possible. My only point is I don't think he raps that way as bait. I don't see how it's any different from The Misfits or Sex Pistols or Marilyn Manson, with the exception of him probably being more talented than all three, they all used controversy to promote their careers. I digress (but I don't delete. what's up with that?) What was the intellectual process you employed to determine anyone who listens to it has some sort of mental or moral deficiency, study of empirical evidence or did you blow that out your ass? (I'm assuming it's the latter) So you have NO authority to question the capacity of those that listen to this. "The Dark Side"...really...ok - better use "the force" to repel the violent, evil, mentally deficient like me.

Oh man

I have been into conspiracy theory for decades, long before the internet I used to get magazines and books about it. I think I have the largest tin foil hat collection here. I believe conspiracies are what makes things happen. Mead made a quote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Anyways, as a promoter, I saw conspiracies all over the place. Great bands, great talent went absolutley no where. The band NO DOUBT was black listed for 8 years..

You and I, everyone here has limited freedom to think outloud. You've seen "censorship" here. I've had plenty of posts and removed with no reason.

Interesting also, how you name bands that are not American. The British invasion of music was no accident.

Personally, I don't have any authority nor even an interest in telling anyone what to do, or what to listen to. I do know as a promoter, I had to sign release forms with many levels of AUTHORITY, who were absolutely there to "mingle", and entrap. And they did. My best band quit because they felt personal responsibility. They were there to give people a great time, not to entrap people for the DEA. The indisutry could not believe they walked away from the money.

I am also convinced, it's not talent that is needed in the industry, it's great attirneys and a good business head, willingness to work with AUTHORITY and have no conscious about your fans.

Okay..hmm.1)Are you saying

1)Are you saying No Doubt was black-listed for not cooperating with the DEA? Because they were never too controversial so I can't see a need to censor them.
2)What exactly is your interpretation of the "British Invasion"? I think the only band I mentioned from there was Sex Pistols, wasn't the British invasion mostly kinda bubblegum like Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, etc.? (Minus Zeppelin and Pink Floyd I guess)
3)What kind of release forms did you have to sign as a promoter regarding DEA entrapment?
PS: You may not have an interest in telling people what to listen to, but you don't have a problem insulting them for it :)


1) I don't have all the details about their black listing. They were scheduled as an opening act, they were just starting to make it BIG, and I was told by the venue, to not look at booking them for future events or prepare my attorneys for a battle that not only would I lose, but would cost me. I have no idea what the issue was with them, I personally felt it was a huge loss of talent for the industry.

(In booking, because of the drug culture known of my fan base, I was forced to sign releases to get bookings, and make contracts with venue security, local police, sheriffs of the area. The venus had more obligations than I did.)

2). I had four attorneys working with me on productions (actually more than that, but my contracts were with four firms for different areas of law). When I decided to take an Entertainment legal course so I could get a grip on the legal side of the business, which was massive, I learned that INTERNATIONAL LAW is where it is at. So that changed up my course, where unless a firm dealt with international entertainment law, I was losing money.. the British invasion happened because international entertainment law was way ahead of Americans.. so America had British bands flooding into the states and American bands suffered as the British attorneys were more astute and powerful than Americans.. and recording contractors were hiring British attorneys, producers, and bands because internationsl entertainment law is where the money is. Most Americans were stuck on talent. "Gee look at that guys licks".. I don't give a damn how grat a guys licks are. How great his attorney is is how he gets gigs and paid (beyond the bar sceen).

3). I had to sign forms with the Venue, that I would co-operate with their security, with the local police or Sheriff's that I would co-operate with the forces.. especially when the acts drew thousands of people.

So I understood, that if any force came to the event, I was not going to tell them, NO YOU CAN'T COME IN. NO YOU CAN'T GO BACK STAGE. NO YOU CAN'T arrest whoever the hell you please.

The show must go on. And it did. And by the way, I also hired my own security.