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Fiat Dollar? Try Fiat Math.

When thinking about nonsensical, contradictory, and unenforceable political creations, keep in mind the government's "can do" attitude and willingness to legislate just about anything, including the laws of nature/math.

Here is a link about the infamouse bill proposed for setting the value of the circumference of a circle to a constant:

For those that are hazy of the subject of circles, PI is a natural number that happens to be irrational (can't be expressed as a ratio of "real" numbers), is infinitely long, and does not simply repeat a smaller string of numbers.

To be fair, scientists may be making the same kind of determinations with things as basic as the measurement of gravity and the speed of light. Both quantities might actually vary over time.

Here is a recent DP post on that subject as well:

Combine all of this with a Patent office that only recognizes one science, and you have a cumbersome system for bleeding-edge inventors of devices that seem to break the (current) laws of science.

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