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-State Demands $700,000 from Small Farming Family; Destruction of 70 Prized Heritage Pigs

Please see if you can get this out to your networks.

BREAKING --State Demands $700,000 from Small Farming Family; Destruction of 70 Prized Heritage Pigs

On this Independence Day we should be celebrating freedom and thankful for those who died, were injured and served in the military over the decades to keep the freedom we have. This is the thanks this 20-year military veteran has received from the Michigan state government and this is an example of those freedoms being lost.

Late last week, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) demanded the payment of $700,000 from a small farm family of ten and the destruction of 70 of their pigs at Baker’s Green Acres, operated by Mark and Jill Baker and their eight children. This action followed Mark Baker’s comments during testimony opposing a new rule at a state congressional hearing where he identified himself as owner of three hogs deemed illegal (because of their looks). He understood the new rule, called an Invasive Species Order (ISO) to mean the state would threaten him with fines, criminal charges and a two-year prison term and an order to destroy his animals. Baker answered the ISO by filing a lawsuit against the state agency for the damages and their reckless behavior.

Full story http://wp.me/pZzqp-1Vl

Please see if you can get this out to your networks.

Mr. Augie

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UPDATE: More Suspense and Twists


DONATE! Hearing is tomorrow and Sat is Pig Roast and Festival

Ashamed to be a Michigan resident

So much for voting in a Republican Governor, did you hear that Rick Snyder? This is beyond disgusting.

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Supporters that will be in Michigan at the 12 July

For anyone that is interested in making a show of support and will be in Michigan on the 12 July. You can show up at the courthouse and show your support. Location is:

111 Canal Street
Lake City

time 2:00

Two shorten the road.

Bump to remind.


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks



limit pork intake

..from big chains imo.

Swine-eaters should be more particular about their pork.

Factory farms are an abomination in my view. How is this being a good steward of the earth?

Good for pharma as well I guess.


If anyone

has contacts w/ Alex Jones/Info Wars or Mike Adams/Natural News I am hoping you can forward this to them. Im ready to spill the beans.

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Mike Adams/Natural News

I know Mike Adams has covered this story before. He probably knows about it already. They might not have the time to cover it some more. I think some new news media needs to give it coverage as well. I think even Peter Schiff has even covered the story. I think there might have been an interview as well.

Two shorten the road.

This is crazy

I can only imagine how hard this is on a man with 8 young Children. This must be stopped.

My investigative report

is doing quite well in the readership already--released around noon -- and it will be hitting a peak this weekend.

I spoke Baker an hour ago-- and they are very appreciative of getting this story out. Please read the story and SHARE it.

This is the first crowd-funded lawsuit against a state agency. This will make a huge precedent if we get the support. I have done all I can with this so it is up to you.

Chip in! --Mr. Augie

The link is down.

Sorry man, couldn't go to the link. I hope it's just me.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

it works

ok. keeping bumpin

Note the state demands destruction of the animals and his farm

No mention of meat for sale, simply owning these animals is a crime.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

He sells

to restaurants and chefs -- also his community-- USDA approved

As anti government sentiment grows, it is exactly incidents

like this that will trigger the violent stage of the developing revolution. A similar incident occurred in Missouri recently when the State raided and shut down a raw milk dairy and cheese operation.

I can see someone in a similar situation shooting it out with the government thugs and instead of ignoring it, others being emboldened themselves to join in the fray. After all, it really was just a handful of the Colonial population who met the British army at Lexington Green to set off the 1775 Revolution.

Each day that passes brings us closer to the revolution point, the point when enough people realize the pain and suffering from going along with the present system of plunder and control is greater that what they estimate will come from revolt. There is no plan; it will be spontaneous.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

This is UN Agenda 21 at work.

Please read
The take over of the US was started with small steps, and the take back will start the same way. Please fight UN Agenda at a local level.

What they are really

saying is it is illegal to have a pig outside. (CAFOs)

Criminals in government hiding behind phony laws.

Raising hogs is a right. No one has been harmed but some government official's pride.

$700,000 for hurt feelings! Highway robbery, on the front page of the paper.

Free includes debt-free!