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Why has O not yet been impeached?

-IRS targeting political dissidents
-DOJ targeting the press
-State Dept lying about Bengazi
-NSA spying on the whole world
-Patriot Act resigned
-NDAA signed

I think we can all agree that Bill got impeached for much less. My question is, why hasn't Obama? Is it that Americans really don't care, or is this some Republican strategy? I just don't get it. Any and all "theories" are welcome.

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what are the grounds for it

It seems that many are upset by recent potus actions .rightly so.. what are the grounds for impeach looks to me as if every pres. has at one time of another blown the constitution apart if that is your measure ..otherwise I do feel that unsettling things have come but there are no persons alive that have the grounds to bring it on .. win or loose .. the word blackmail does come to mind .. now that's interesting .

The party which holds the

The party that holds the presidency will not allow their man to be removed while they have power to stop it, no matter what his crimes.

Power and Corruption

"We the people" are no longer in control is a definite possibility.

Popularly Elected

For the same reason that the birth certificate can't get traction: We outnumber them, and "we" voted for Obama, twice.

No politician will buck that trend, and one of the few statesmen who would, has retired from Congress.

What do you think?

It seems that this man has

alot to do with it.
About 3/4 of the way through the article.

I have a sneaking suspicion

The entire Washington establishment is being blackmailed by the Military/Industrial complex using the NSA.

What would a handful of freshman senators and congressman from the tea party/libertarian right be able to do against that?

Nothing. Unless they want to jump up and down with a big sign on their neck saying "please make me the next Michael Hastings".

Here's the complete interview

Here's the complete interview with Aaron Russo. More mind blowing than a double dose of LSD:

Watch it and you'll know why the good guys always lose.

Obama Impeachment

Let's get real here. Sure Obama has been a bad boy. Bill Clinton was a bad boy too. If anyone remembers, the Clinton impeachment failed in a Republican controlled Senate which had a room full of documentation to support removing him from office, but didn't.
Also, during this whole charade weren't two Republicans in the House forced from office?

If Obama is impeached who's responsibility is it to remove him from office -- 2/3 of the Senate,yes? Obama will never be impeached. The Clinton impeachment set a precedent for Democrat presidents.

The Democrats, whether having a majority in Congress or not, are always in control. The Republican leaderships is either in on the whole charade or the Democrats and the MSM have emasculated them completely. When was the last time a hearing was held in which a government employee in the executive branch of a Democratic administration was indicted? I remember Dean and Hunt serving time. They were of course Republicans.

John Bo(eh)ner is a RINO who has ably assisted Obama's monarchy. Why hasn't he used the constitutional mandate of the House controlling the spending and de-funded Obamacare, the TSA and any other function not in agreement with constitutional authority?

The House Republicans should be in control but aren't, probably because the Republican party is one side of the Establishment controlling elite's coin and the Democrats are the other side. In other words the Republicans are the Democrat's straight men setting themselves up as the party to be demonized for their supposed support of the free market and smaller government, of which both postures are just that, postures, as the Republicans have yet to stand up for anything as a party.

There are a few mavericks like Amash and Cruz, and seventeen other House Republicans, who are principled in spite of their Republican labels, but are held in check by the party so their actions won't set any precedents that would shame the other Establishment George Bush and John McCain clones.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

NSA has the dirt on everyone that could accuse him.

The reason they are scum is because the electronic "Voting" scam is designed to select only the blackmail-able.

Yes, they actually put the word "Blackmail-able" into their Google search when politicians are "selected" by the ultrascum.

This thread really shows the true colors

of DPers. How long is going to take everyone to figure out that the entire process is entirely corrupted. The only impeachment you will ever see is one that is a corrective psyop to appease angry masses. Carlin had it right. We don't have a choice it is an illusion of choice. We have owners. Its a big club and we are not in the big club.

Why is this so hard for everyone to figure out? There will be no impeachment or justice from Congress. The people in congress are the biggest corrupt slimebags on the planet Earth. You don't vote them in, they are decided for you with just enough diversity of voices to satisfy many groups in order to keep you believing that the process is real. I thought the DP was the last hope for America but now it is really easy to see that even most of the Ron Paul supporters lack attention span and clarity to realize what is really going on in America. Congress is now one big psyop on the American people. The Constitution is gone, Voting is gone, Justice is gone, Rights are gone, Freedom is gone, Americans attention span and intelligence are gone. It looks like even the Ron Paul supporters where a false hope.

From reading the comments in this article it seems that most are still thinking that the system is somehow legitimate. It is not. The people in congress are not voted in, they are installed according psychoanalysis routines that will keep Americans in the game and keep them thinking that with the next election we will 'win'. I don't think most of you here realize how utterly corrupt and far gone the system actually is. The people formulating the congressional mix are planning out more than 20 years in advance. The mentality displayed here is NOWHERE near what is required to return the rule of law to America. These strategies for elections or writing your congress critters is inferior to elite planning and the psychological operations being carried out against you. If the American people are ever to truly restore the Constitutional Republic We the People are going to have to be more strategic have more intelligence details about their activities and movements, and war like strategies for victory over the money masters, all with virtually no resources compared to their nearly unlimited resources. From reading the comments here the mentality of where we are at as a People working to regain Liberty and the Rule of law seems like cavemen from a million in the past vs an advanced intelligent alien race from a million years in the future. It seems like we think we can win with a stick vs an intergalactic death star that vacuum up galaxies with a black hole. The distinction between the thinking of the elite vs the most of DPers is that big of a stark contrast with DPers being cavemen compared to the primordial soup of the jobless welfare dependents.

I am sorry to be negative here but this is reality. Freedom is getting stomped and people seem to have no idea what the game is or how it is even played. I am sorry but the mentality displayed in this thread's comments is utterly inferior to what is needed. If you think that anyone else is ever going to do anything for you to regain liberty then you have already lost because you surrendered everything without even lifting a finger. Politics is not going to bring Justice to criminals. It is never going to happen and I really don't understand why anyone ever thought that it would.

As long as people are not more strategic, more aware, more intelligent and sophisticated than the criminal usurpers we will do nothing but lose our freedoms. This is a war people and it seems most of you do not realize the nature and scope of this war. It is way more complicated than having Congress represent you and fix things. It is all pervasive. They already have an army of people in every city in America that are full time usurpers and work full time to do nothing but control every single aspect of all three branches of "government". These armies work for the banks, government, government contractors and especially Universities. These people are easy to find once you realize what is actually happening and the intelligence collected on them and through them can be easy to obtain once you find them. They already see this as a war and they are laughing at us for our scramble brained waste of time we are doing with politics and in fighting. We are losing big time and really no one is even giving them any resistance. It is truly unbelievable to see the utter confusion of the American trailer park.

You can have all the philosophy in the world but if you do not realize that there is a war going on all around you and understand that detailed intelligence on the enemies movements, activities, and planning are required to actually win the war then you have NO HOPE of winning this war for your own future. If you think that the answer is anything other than total freedom and equal liability for each and every man/woman before law then we will always be broken into opinions about whose policy should be implemented and YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING in the process of arguing about politics while those money masters who vigorously pursue and obtain total freedom will destroy you and everyone you are arguing with. If you think that islamo-fascist is anything other than a psyop on you to get you to accept tyrants controlling you in the name of security then you will lose. If you think that any statute for government is law for the people then you will lose. If you think congress is going to bring justice then you will lose. If you think a judge is anything other than a referee to ensure a jury can hear all facts to be presented by the two parties in a case then you will lose. If you think corporations are people or people are corporations you will lose. If you think that government can charge anyone with a crime without an accuser accepting liability for accusation against the accused and facing the accused in a court of law before a jury then you will lose. If you don't organize into an asymmetric autonomous acting force to be reckoned with whose intelligence gathering and offensive/defensive strike capability exceeds theirs then you will lose. If you are not willing to physically arrest any bureaucrat in government who is committing a crime against you or your neighbors and accept liability for the accusations against them then you will lose. If you are in the military and you are not willing to go after the corrupt soldiers who give unlawful orders or commit crime then you will lose. If you work for the "government" and you are not willing to raise the issue of violations of Article 1 Section 10 use of unlawful tender and demand your pay in lawful tender and be willing to take the issue to court and WIN then you will lose. If you are willing to continue to pay taxes in unlawful tender and consent to violations of 4th and 5th amendments then you will lose. If you are not willing to arrest police who commit extortion, kidnapping, assault or violate their oaths in any way then you will lose. If you are not willing to form security forces stronger than your local "government" forces then you will lose. If you are not willing to be stronger healthier more aware and more intelligent than every single government agent or bankers agent or money master then you will lose.

This is just part of the real battle. It is called Nature and you are it. You will be the best with a grounding in real law or you will lose.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Another the Game Is Rigged Posts

Bottom line: If the entire electoral process is rigged then the writing a letter to your congressman, contacting bureaucrats/public officials, canvassing for a candidate, and other legitimate peaceful redress of grievance is dead. Your only conclusion is the the United States of America at the local, state, and national level all three branches government is controlled by the bankers and rich elites. I guess you and others preparing for Egypt type civil disobedience level? If not, do you advocate the restore of the republic via other means?

Do you want to implement nationwide sustained civil disobedience or start an uprising/revolution arresting bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, bankers, military, police etc.,? If so, do you plan on a Dark Knight Rises type systemic tribunals akin to the French Revolution?

We cannot do anything useful

towards winning until we have WAY more intelligence gathering activities and detailed dossiers built on the criminal usurpers at every level. We don't need civil disobedience we only need to truly understand and exercise our laws and use the tyrants actions to collect detailed intelligence on those who wish to subvert our laws and our rights. I am talking about WINNING the same way the founding fathers won against the strongest military might in the history of the world at that time. The founders won because of their detailed intelligence and divine providence. They understood law and they exercised ALL law and this gave them every advantage necessary to be victorious. They knew every single thing about the British activities, movements and supply chains. They understood the importance of intelligence gathering and this intelligence is what enabled their victory.

It is actually really simple what we need to do. We only need to know our law and exercise our Liberty and happiness. The tyrants cannot stand liberty and especially happiness and they will attack everyone who exercises their liberty and happiness and this is exactly what enables us to begin collecting all the intel we need on who the criminal usurpers are locally. The tyrants will come right to us when we exercise our rights freedom and happiness. The key is being smart enough to know what to do with these opportunities of the tyrants exposing their true colors. Throw your drivers licenses away, take your license plates off your cars, stop paying property taxes, tell the IRS to take their usurpations and criminal fraud and go shove it, go sell some ice cream on the street, go dance in the street and be happy. The criminals will come to you like flies on sh*t. Tell the facts of the law to the courts and police that their only job is to respond to accusers claiming violations of life liberty or obstruction to the pursuit of happiness and that if they do not act in agency to an accuser who is a member of the governed who has exercised the powers of justice (just powers) then they are breaking the law, challenge their jurisdiction on every act they perform that is not in agency of an accuser accepting liability, inform them consent was never issued for their unlawful colorable actions and that it is your duty to throw off such tyrannical government. Build detailed dossiers on every single tyrant that violates your rights. Find out where they live document where they hang out. Build databases of intelligences dossiers on them and inform them justice will be sought and exercised for any colorable acts that violate your rights. Let them know the intelligence gained on them and let them know their criminal activities will never be tolerated again. Gain a valid cause of action against them and take it to our juries and when they obstruct justice document these criminals too and let them know they will be thrown in prison for their felony crimes against you. Keep going back to the juries document the criminals and build intelligence dossiers on ALL of them.

We do not need to commit civil disobedience because we have no obligation to obey them in any way for colorable acts not derived from consent of the governed through a valid cause of action of an accuser accepting liability for their accusations. They claim no liability and almost never have a principle accuser they are acting in agency for and this is colorable actions by them. They claim code violations but code does not and does not even claim to be applicable to we the people. Once you completely understand why and how code does not apply to the people then you will know the true extent of your own rights and their bound duty to the Constitutional contract they voluntarily obligated themselves to.

Drop the political spit spats with your fellow countrymen and demand that war be declared against the banks and intelligence agencies violating our rights and that the full force of the US military be utilized to destroy these most egregious enemies of We the People. Get the word out to active military personnel and inform them that We the People demand the military exercise their superior power to go after and destroy the enemies of all free people. Form well regulated militias that will exercise their power to arrest the criminals who are obstructing justice and usurping our laws and bring the criminals before our juries. Let them know that we are going to be free and they will obey their contractual obligations to the people or they will go to prison. Utilize the money you save from not paying taxes to pay for private security forces who will protect your community from the tyrants who will most definitely show up when you exercise your freedoms. Draw them in with free speech and organized actions knowing that they will walk right into a trap to be arrested and taken before juries. Do everything lawful and take happiness and freedom to the absolute maximum and the tyrants will show up and then utilize this foresight to bring them to justice. There are literally millions of things we can do that are NOT being done right now and that are totally lawful. We have no requirement to allow them to reduce us to absolute despotism and it is THE LAW for us to bring them to justice. I could go on and on on how many things we can do but to understand these strategies requires that people understand that the Constitution, code and statutes DO NOT apply to the people and never did. We already have common law and code is for regulating government and commercial entities contracted with the state for limited liability status of personhood. If We the People do not understand this simple fact in law then we will never understand how to protect our rights and we will never gain access to divine providence necessary for complete victory. Our ignorance of law is really the only battle there is. If we do not become victorious over our own ignorance of the REAL LAW then we will never gain access to the protections of DIVINE LAW and we will lose everything.

The game is rigged and it only really matters when we do not understand our own laws. Once we understand that codes/statutes who no application to us then politics really does not matter at all. TPTB already know this and that is why they are destroying us right now. Most now think code/statutes is applicable law to We the People and this is simply not correct. Everyone is obeying every code/statute they throw at us and we are wasting our time with this nonsense when if you actually who the code applies to it applies to Persons NOT People. Read the historical definitions of person and then you will see what I am talking about here. When the people realize that codes/statutes have no lawful application to the people then we can focus our efforts where they need to be; ON JUSTICE!

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

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Because the senators SUCK...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Winning Over the Minority Communities

My prescription for the Commonwealth of Kentucky is for tea party, conservative, and Republican elected officials to come out for real investment in the majority minority communities(the hardest hit of the recession) In Louisville and Lexington a private sector investment of three billion each would go a long way in improving the poorest section of our state. How about other poor areas in the largest inner cities of our state?

Its the elites way of humoring themselves I guess

Sort of an "in your face" "we can do what ever we want" "break any law we want" from their perspective.

I recall a certain Aarron Russo's interview where Aaron said Nick Rockefeller was laughing when he explained how "your going to see people looking through caves" and theirs this endless war on terror of which there's no real enemy. and went on to say "look how stupid everyone is, we can do what ever we want".


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

That interview in full is

That interview in full is somewhere on the Alex Jones web site. Alex Jones promotes some dubious conspiracy theories but the interview is Aaron Russo talking, and I have no reason to believe that Aaron Russo was making his stuff up. It is the most eye opening interview I've ever seen, period.

Are you kidding?

Why would Obama be impeached? He has been a fantastic puppet.


Official White House Photo. CC BY-NC-SA

Peached! Town hall meeting at Kroger's Supermarket in Bristol, Va. on July 29, 2009. Seconds later, the President handed a dollar bill to the CEO of Kroger's, who attended the event.

This official White House photograph is being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way or used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Somebody needs to give him a

Somebody needs to give him a bit of felattio, that might do it.

Why hasn't O been impeached?

My guess would be that during investigations, Republicans would be found just as culpable.

I hope you aren't so naïve to

I hope you aren't so naïve to think all these things would have not have happened if Biden or Romney were President. There's only one man who would have stopped all these things, everyone else would have been business as usual.

Maybe because people realize

Maybe because people realize that impeachment means nothing. Bill stayed in office and continued to be president.

You answered your own question with your list.

Is all not going according to plan for the PTB?

They don't want to impeach him (The Republicans in Congress)

anymore than the Democrats in Congress wanted to impeach George W. Bush. (Or George HW, for that matter) Why?

Alliance With None below gave an even better answer, in one word:


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Two Words


"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

It's crazy that Clinton was

It's crazy that Clinton was impeached essentially for lying about a BJ, but Bush & Obama's much more serious violations go absolutely nowhere. Lest we forget, Bush had 35 articles of impeachment against him recorded into the congressional records.


not crazy

He was impeached for lying in court to win a lawsuit. Clinton somehow, with the help of the media, diverted everybody's attention to the scandal with Monica Lewinsky, which was NOT his crime. The problem was what he did to Paula Jones, NOT what he did with Monica. Unlike Monica, Paula Jones did NOT welcome his advances. Clinton was a pig, not because he had consensual affairs with women in the workplace, but because he sexually harassed women who worked under him.

If people rang their phones

If people rang their phones off the hooks, then yea, it might happen, but most people dont seem to care enough. However, doesnt the liberty movement have enough people to swamp their inboxes and phones?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Votes Not There to Convict

The Republicans in the US House do not have the guts to impeach because there are only 45 or 46 votes to removal in the US Senate out of 67 needed. Not one single Democrat in the US Senate would vote to removal the President from office.