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Why has O not yet been impeached?

-IRS targeting political dissidents
-DOJ targeting the press
-State Dept lying about Bengazi
-NSA spying on the whole world
-Patriot Act resigned
-NDAA signed

I think we can all agree that Bill got impeached for much less. My question is, why hasn't Obama? Is it that Americans really don't care, or is this some Republican strategy? I just don't get it. Any and all "theories" are welcome.

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Obama could literally run over their dogs and punch their babies, and democrats in Congress would still remain loyal.

'tic because pscyopaths don't care about their children

he'd have to threaten their precious pensions

Because most American's are

Because most American's are mindless tyrants, just like him. Sad, but true. Look at the person next to you and you'll see why. It's time we start giving our family and friends ultimatums - you're either for liberty or against it, and therefore against me. :\


We have to win the interpersonal culture war. A lot of Progressives want a police state as long as it is Reppublicans white men and small business people getting abused. They see it as getting even.

This sounds like a Bush quote


Interesting, because that is exactly what happens during

revolutions and civil wars. Everyone thinks of rebels fighting government functionaries, but a significant component is also neighbor killing neighbor.

This is what happened during the 1775 Revolution and the 1961 Civil War. Countless loyalist were forced to run for their lives as the war ended, some to Barbados for example. Read about the civilian on civilian violence in border states during the Civil War for another example.

What happens is the thin veneer of civility peals away and differences that were previously settled peacefully are settled with violence. It is not pretty; it is just a fact of human nature.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

There is also the fact

that Obama is not a natural born citizen and has a fraudulent birth certificate, Social Security card and Selective Service registration card.

What is going on? We really don't know who this man is.


The neocons and blind, mute and adoring liberals approve of BO's statist policies.

Impeachment Insurance

Obama has impeachment insurance... it's called Joe Biden, with a John Boehner rider.

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As far as I can tell,

As far as I can tell, Congressman Walter Jones is the only one left who is even mentioning the "p" word.

Walter Jones, GOP Congressman, Threatens Obama With Impeachment
Posted: 06/27/2013 7:54 pm EDT | Updated: 06/28/2013 11:18 am EDT

Clinton was Impeached because he resisted...

President Clinton was Impeached because, unlike Obama (who is just a subservient flak), Clinton resisted some of the big plans that the Elites had, and had the ability to think and reason independently.

The Elites did not like the fact that:

1. Clinton reversed the debt-generating Trickle-Down/Reagan Tax Code, which then made the Tax Code more progressive and led to balanced budgets, and even budget surpluses (for the first time in over 100 years). The great gap between the poor and the rich actually narrowed during the Clinton years as a result, and the middle-class prospered. That's not what the Elites want.

2. Clinton refused to be threatened by the right-wing into terminating Medicare, and even allowed Newt Gingrich to shut down the government rather than give in. Eventually it was Congress that gave in, and Clinton won the standoff. The Elites don't want a President that goes against their agenda that hard.

3. Clinton wanted to also use the budget surplus money to save Social Security for the next 100 years. We all know that the Fat Cats on Wall Street hate Social Security, and want it ended. Clinton's Impeachment derailed his "save social security first" negotiations with Congress, and nothing was accomplished.

4. Clinton did not agree to invading Iraq, as the Project For The New American Century Neocons wanted. Instead they would have to wait until their puppet George W. (and "President" Cheney) had the Office stolen for them to enact their Middle-East Madness Plan, and decades of War.


Clinton did however cooperate with the Elites on many other things, such as NAFTA, and also terminating the Glass-Steagall Act (which led to zero investment rules for the Big Banks -- creating the 2008 Wall-Street Corruption, and current Economic Meltdown & Depression over the last 6 years), and also the Telecommunications Act deregulation -- which led to the creation of FOX News (Murdoch Media Empire). So Clinton did a lot of bad stuff too.

But Clinton was only a 50-50 player for the Oligarchs ... not good enough for the ruling class ... so they tried to make an example out of him, and force him out of Office.

Bush and Obama are 100% players. So despite their egregious mass-murder, high crimes, numerous Constitutional violations, and unmistakable treason --- nobody will ever touch them.

Jeb Bush and Hillary (or Biden) will also be 100% players for the Elites.

So there will be no more Impeachments, because there are no candidates left who will ever stand up to the power, and the control by the richest 1%.

But if Ron Paul had been elected, efforts would've been made to Impeach him as well. But Rand Paul....not so much (as he will also not break too far from the GOP Leadership agenda, but they likely won't even take that chance by letting him get elected).

"Clinton refused to be

"Clinton refused to be threatened by the right-wing into terminating Medicare... The Elites don't want a President that goes against their agenda that hard... We all know that the Fat Cats on Wall Street hate Social Security, and want it ended."

I'm confused. So the elites want to end entitlement programs, just like liberty-mided people do?

Yes it is the Elites, and do your homework....

Yes, quite clearly Wall Street, the Central Banksters, and the 1% Elites, are behind the global, Worldwide Austerity movement to impoverish poor people (while corrupt Banksters and Corporations get all the public welfare).

Historically, these groups were always opposed to Social Security. They also hated Medicare from day one -- which is why actor Ronald Reagan was trotted out in the 1960s as a paid-off General Electric PR Man to denounce it.

Roosevelt, who created Social Security, was not at all liked by the Elites. They thought he was a traitor to his class. Prescott Bush was even involved in a plot, involving General Smedley Butler, to Militarily overthrow FDR (and replace it with a fascist government ... which is what we have today). Butler refused to be manipulated by them, and broke up the plot. But this is the evidence of just how close FDR came to a coup 'd etat (instead they got Kennedy).

George W. Bush tried to cut Social Security (a reflection of the Oligarch's agenda)
Obama has also tried to cut Social Security (a reflection of the Oligarch's agenda)

Bill Clinton was actually trying to preserve the program, and not cut it.

And you are mischaracterizing the "liberty" position. Even Ron Paul has said that he does not want to cut the program. He has said only that he would allow people to opt out of the program voluntarily if they so choose, and also that he would strengthen the program for people who need it by cutting Trillions from the Military and Overseas spending, and Corporate Welfare.

I dont think you understand economics.

Or the global agenda of the elites.

It is exactly the function of social safety nets to impoverish the middle and lower classes, and transfer wealth to the top 1%. I know that you have done alot of research so all I ask is that before you start arguing with me, you read some bastiat, mises, hayek, rothbard, Murphy, Salerno, Rockwell, and any other Austrian you can get ahold of.

If you have read have these folks, than before you start arguing with me, please read them again to see if maybe you missed something.

The power elite controls country through deficIt spending. It doesn't matter weather its on social programs or war. The more the merrier. Its how they make their money.

Austerity is a silly term. Austerity means letting the economy get itself out of the mess that the government got it into. Its going to suck, but it's the only way to liquidate the malinvestment and restructure the economy. It is absolutely not in the interest of the power elite to let the economy restructure.

a really good book that talks about how banks use economics to destroy nation states is "confessions of an economic hitman."



The Power Elite, and Wall Street, (and The European Union overseas), are the ones who want the social safety net to go away. Why do you think both George Bush and Butt-boy Obama have tried to kill it?. That's their agenda.

Now Bill Clinton and Al Gore wanted to save it. Clinton got impeached, and Gore had the election stolen out right from under him. Kennedy, who proposed & advocated for Medicare as a logical extension of the social security program, was killed. And FDR was subject to a coup d'etat attempt. The globalists did not like these people, and have worked to undermine these programs (as well as get them personally).

Now, there is no Country on the planet (other than 3rd-World) that does not have some sort of social safety net. The United States has one of very the weakest in the World, but what little exists does indeed prevent mass poverty in this Country.

You see, the very best educated Countries, are those where college education is free (or virtually free). The United States is NOT one of the best educated Countries.

The best Health Care outcomes, longevity, and child mortality rates are in Countries where Health Care is free (or virtually free). The United States is NOT one of the best Health Care Countries. In fact, it is the only place on earth where 50,000 people die each year of treatable diseases because the Corporate Controlled FOR-PROFIT Health Care is just way too expensive, serves only Insurance Company profits and NOT the patient, and is too far out of reach.

No it is NOT the few and meager programs for the poor that have Bankrupted this Country. That is rich man's propaganda.

It is the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars that we waste away overseas on mass-murder, Wars, and Imperialism, and the TRILLIONS paid out unnecessarily to Big fraudulent Banks, and RICH GREEDY CORPORATIONS, and the Top 1% superclass -- this is where the real corruption and real debt comes from (as well as from our debt-based, predatory Banking system itself).

My parents would have been reduced to abject poverty without social security. And so will I, as there is no possible way to save enough money to pay housing, food, utility, medical costs for 30 years. Few people are rich enough to do that. Only a rich person would ever be so thoughtless as to want this to be removed altogether.

It would be totally stupid to follow the global bankers and gut social security. That would produce only mass poverty, and we would still have Trillions of dollars of debt because of our globalist, imperialist policies and policies based on Corporate Corruption.

Fight the 1% they're the problem and always have been .. Not the damn poor

Well I agree that Wall street

Well I agree that Wall street hates SS. While I don't like SS, it is preferable to people having to rely on a Wall Street that is infested with moral hazard. So in that sense, we are in complete agreement. But if we could end moral hazard by ending all bailouts, the FDIC, and other policies, I would be all for privatizing SS. But not till then!


Why can't you save enough to live for 30years???!!!

How about because the price of everything goes up because of inflation of the money supply, artificial protectionism, and over taxation, which does not harm the top 1%, or the corporations that give those costs to the consumer!!!!

Your wealth is being siphoned off everytime you make a transaction!!!
Do you think it's easier to make a loaf of bread now or was it easier to male it 50 years ago?

Than why the hell is the price going up? Oh I'll tell you why because were overburdened by taxes. Bread would be cheaper, if we let the average Joe experience a little benefit from society's technological advancements, but instead the price rises to pay for the BS services government provides. Ask yourself this. Why is the guy administering your parents social security getting paid more in one year than your dads likely to receive back in his whole life?

I asked you to do one thing, just a little bit of reading. And you couldn't even do that. Now I'm all spun up!


Retirement not possible for the vast majority

> "Why can't you save enough to live for 30years???!!!"

Well, let's say I could live at 60K for 30 years. That's $1,800,000.00 dollars I would need to have saved up.

So that's a whopping $2 Million dollars. You got that much savings, Sparky?

I don't, nor do 90% of the people living in this Country. Tell me how does a school teacher save up that much money? a fireman? a labor worker? a nurse? It is just not possible - especially with the employment insecurities and turmoil of the last 3 decades, and the stock market gyrations. It is not possible.

Now you can cut taxes all you want and it won't change much. Taxes are too high. But the corrupt Rich Corporations like Exxon-Mobile, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, J.P. Morgan, etc. pay zero taxes here. And the rich people run circles around the tax code, and have their offshore accounts, to avoid any tax collection. So all the important people are already paying either no taxes or low taxes. The Tax Code is better characterized as grossly unfair, rather than just simply high -- because the Rich never pay...but the middle-class and poor (payroll taxes) do lose half their income.

But even with lower taxes, I would not ever save after normal bills a sum of $2 Million dollars.

There would be mass starvation and poverty without the creation of Social Security. Once again, save your spun up anger for the top 1% and the robber barons, and the War Establishment. They are the criminals who raped and pillaged this Country and destroyed the middle-class and looted away TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS for themselves.

The few bits of bread crumbs that still exist for the poor are not the problem.

Chances are even you will need some of those bread crumbs yourself (or someone that you know).

totally missed my point

The reason you need 2 million is because the price of everything is artificially inflated because of taxation and protectionism.


You never answered my question, why is it more expensive to have things that are easier to make than it was before? Why do you think it only took one person ins family to work to support a large family and now it takes two working parents to support a small one? There is so much more wealth in the world now, it makes no sense. The reason is state granted monopolies, and administrative overhead, as well as a corrupt political system, and military industrial complex. All funded by what? Say it with me now, US TAX PAYERS!!!

Not only would that 30 years cost less, but it would be easier to save because we wouldn't have to spend so much to survive. Think about what JUST the federal government costs. 3trillion right? Then you have your state government sales tax, local property tax, subsidized energy(read: tax), subsidized food(read: tax), subsidized medicine(read: tax), subsidized retirement savings account(read: tax) and then all these people who are supposed to administer these things. The vast majority of our tax dollars goes towards funding these bureaucracies, there pensions, and lofty benefits.

You said it yourself, the big corporations dont pay those taxes, who the hell do you think does.

The truth is SAFETY NETS ARE HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! They are a ponzi scheme designed to make you fell better about them taking your money. They cause the price of everything to go up which makes their cost go up with then causes a spiral effect of explosion. It makes life more difficult for everybody, except for those with government jobs, pensions with cost of living adjustment, and free health care(read: tax on somebody else). That and those who are best leveraged to use to government to do the only thing its actually good at. Introduce violence.


That is simply a

That is simply a misrepresentation of Ron's position. He WANTS them cut, but people have become so dependent on entitlement programs that he'd rather they be phased out gradually.

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Who knows

but I've thought for awhile (and now showing in Europe), that part of their plan is to bankrupt countries with socialism (handouts), then pull them back to insight violence. Then they can come in and "save the day" with a new system of entitlements (NWO).

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

The Democrats won't impeach

The Democrats won't impeach Obama because he's a Democrat. The Republicans won't impeach Obama because their man George W. Bush did the same or similar things. And both presidents did/are doing the bidding of the elites who actually control things.


We are in the end stages of the greater plan.

Where no rule of law exists. Where all evil is done without resistance.
In plain view.

The eye of the storm. Where there is a type of calm.

Just as none of the bankers have been arrested except in other nations that take law seriously.

People don't realize that the police state is now. Yes it will ramp up more per day over time.

That all rule of law is gone. And the only thing that will change it's course is what has happened in Egypt.

Mass protests, with military overthrow knowing they have the backing of the people.

Unfortunately, even with such massive protests, the military as it currently stands is captured.

So do your best in ousting local government and pray.

The last thing we want to do

The last thing we want to do is oust local government. We want to oust the federal government with the power of local governance.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Good point.

Let's all run for office and BECOME the local government.

That's easy !!!

That's easy!!! Because we have too many corrupt cowards in congress and in the government.



his puppet masters want him in the oval office.If we are going to get him out of the oval office,we are going to have to make them face the consequences for all the many crimes they have committed against humanity!!!

Why? Two words -

Joe Biden

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Men of integrity do what's right, mattering not the consequences

Let the chips fall where they may.

Undo what Wilson did

don't forget

fast & furious ;)