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Senator Mark Udall's Brother Found Dead

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The family of Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says searchers looking for his brother in western Wyoming's Wind River Range have found his body.

James "Randy" Udall had left June 20 for a weeklong solo backpacking trip and was due back a week ago.

Sen. Mark Udall's office released a statement from the family Wednesday night saying the 61-year-old's body had been found. The family says that while an autopsy is forthcoming, it appears he died of natural causes.

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The Udall family

Is an Incredibly powerful political family. They currently have 3 serving in the Senate. I believe Marks NSA stand is primarily to get exposure for a future presidential run. With cousins all over the country serving in the Senate that task is a bit easier. Regardless glad for his voice on the NSA thing, and hope this was a normal incident and not something more sinister.

Looks like

They only have two currently in office, but Mike Lee and Utah Supreme Court Justice Tom Lee are second cousins. They also have family in other non elected high rank positions everywhere.



Wise elders say "Karma is Accelerating"

I say "beware you cheap capitol hill whores" Karma is going to get you.



"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Thought more people would care about this...

It seems to be from natural causes, but Sen. Udall has been pretty helpful regarding the NSA debacle.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Well it is sad

It does make one wonder, though.

I feel like we're living in a house of mirrors anymore. Every death is suspicious to me, especially any death connected in any way to anyone fighting the PTB.

- - - - -

Ballad Of Paul And Sheila

October morning, little plane on the forest floor
Up on the tv between a rerun and another war
Here in a hotel, trying to make some sense of this
Two thousand miles from my family in minneapolis
Hey senator, i wanna say
All the things you fought for did not die here today
Hey senator, i'm gonna do
All the things i can to live my life more like you lived
A story of a love undivided for thirty-nine years
Strong when it counted through the hard times and the fears
Together forever, that was always what it was about
No hesitation, there was never any doubt
Hey hey sheila, i want to say
All the things you fought for did not die here today
Hey hey sheila, i'm gonna do
All the things i can to live my life more like you
Hey senator, i wanna say
All the things you fought for did not die here today
Hey hey sheila, i'm gonna do
All the things i can to live my life more like you

It is sad...

most certainly for the Udall family, but it is also sad that the US has become a place where every death of this nature must be thought of as a potential political assassination.

It's not really the "good ol' USA" anymore.

Michael Nystrom's picture

No, it isn't the "good ol' USA" anymore.

These are pretty dark days, honestly speaking. At least for those of us paying attention.

Even for those of us who aren't - who are on food stamps (42 million), and the 76% living paycheck to paycheck.

I really wonder more and more what we can do. What we can actually do, to remedy the situation. There is so much wealth in the world, and in this country. It doesn't have to be this way.

Walters - you were big on Johnson, right? Do I remember correctly? What do you think about 2016? Are you a Stand With Rand guy?

Just curious.

I've been very critical of Rand at times in the past but...

I'll vote for him in the primary and in the general if he's the nominee.

In 2012, after Ron was out, I switched to Johnson. I think if people would have not taken his candidacy as a personal insult against Dr. Paul, he could've gotten somewhere between 2-5% of the national vote (if the voting machines didn't flip votes). He may have even gotten more than that if the entire RP army would have gotten behind him.

I tried to make the points that writing-in was futile and that showing our numbers by voting Johnson was a more powerful statement but not many listened. I still haven't seen any public count of RP write-ins. Those stats will never be known. People let their emotions guide them. Of course that's water under the bridge now.

I just hope in 2016 if Rand doesn't get the nomination that people will consider the Libertarian Party alternative. If nothing else, it's a vote against the establishment.

I abstained from voting in the 2012 general election because I vote in Oklahoma where 3rd parties are nearly impossible to get on the ballot.

As far as, "What can we do?" - I would say that not paying taxes and buying goods through locals using cash or trade is one of the best things people could do. Further, we need to employ psychology in our speech. We need to make people working in government question what they are doing, and we need to plant seeds of doubt in the citizenry. Word of mouth is powerful, especially when similar opinions come from several different sources. The trust in the media is almost zero. We need to further diminish it. The best thing we can do is destroy faith in the government and the banking cartel running this country.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yeah Johnson got a raw deal

But at the same time, he was not a very strong candidate. Conceptually, it would have been great if he could have mustered enough support to get into the national debates, but still, he was not the ideal candidate.

As a third party alternative, I still like Ventura, as I think he would be able to not only hold his own as a 3rd party candidate in a national debate, but put the other two from the singular Democratic-Republican party on the defensive.

At this point, Rand looks like the best thing we've got going, but unfortunately, I just can't get too excited about him. Part of this is personal - with how his campaign treated me. All politics is personal. But even beyond that, I can't see myself expending much energy on his behalf. He's such a crapshoot, and I'm a speculator. With Ron, the odds were long, but at least the payoff was good. With Rand, the odds are still long, but the payoff is unclear.

He's definitely got a better shot than his dad, but I'm not sure that he's got a good enough shot to win.

If he does well, I can see them giving him the VP slot, where they can control him, and give him an extended audition. He would probably take it because he's a climber like that, and because he is a climber, that is why I don't quite trust him. So it would be hard for me to really throw down for him in any meaningful way. There is certainly no way the DP is going to morph into the Daily Rand.

What does "nearly impossible to get on the ballot" mean, for OK? Nearly impossible is not the same as impossible. Personally, I find a third party just a little more fun and exciting.

As for the other stuff you said - diminishing trust in media, banking institutions, gov't etc. - I fully agree. But I think those things will happen of their own accord. It is like those buildings are already falling. There isn't much more we need to do except watch them fall (and get out of the way!)

Thanks for the thread.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Regarding the "Ideal Candidate"

Rather than focus on the negative about Johnson - that he looked like a bird (big bird, honestly), and was not super articulate - let us look at it from another angle. But let's also consider the shortcomings of Ron Paul.

And I want to make a loud disclaimer, because I know that people are sensitive to this kind of stuff, and Ron Paul is viewed, really, as some kind of diety by some people around here. It has almost become heresy to say that Ron Paul was just another guy. But that was his appeal - that he was just another guy.

So ever since the end of the campaign, I've been trying to detatch. Detach from Ron Paul, because he's not a god. He is a hero. But in this era, we can't afford to look back. Things are just moving too fast.

The GOP wants to look back to Reagan, and it is like, "GET OVER IT ALREADY!". But some here are still hoping for Ron Paul 2016. Seriously - are they kidding? Sometimes I can't tell. But that is just unrealistic. Much, much, much (as in 1000x more) realistic is Rand Paul 2016. That is what is going to happen, whether the deniers get on board or not, that is what is going to happen.

But again, he doesn't reflexively earn support - not from me anyway. We'll have to watch him like a hawk.

That being said, I think he can win. I think Rand has a shot. And I have to admit, that is an exciting prospect.

- - - - - -

But take someone like Ben Carson. He has a wider appeal than Rand. It is not enough to win the Republican nomination. Rand can play the cards to do that. His only competition is Ted Cruz. This is dangerous because they could get into a game of brinksmanship where they both look like they're running to be the Mayor of Crazytown.

Rand's challenge would be to tack back towards a wider appeal, immediately after winning the GOP nomination, after having been officially elected mayor of Crazytown, GOP. You have to understand, that that whole left looks at Rand like Rick Santorum. He's just some funckinc crazy-ass hypocritical white dude who wants to be all in your business.

Rand's GRAND Challenge, is to swing those guys.

How did Hitler do it? He united opposing factions: The National Socialists. The Nationalists (the Right) and the Socialists (the Left). Stop fighting each other and you roll like a machine. HItler did it through force of personality

Is it possible to do that in America? I mean, unite these two poles that are at each others' throats?

If so, how? How do you united these two ununitables, the Tea Party, the GOP, AND a handful of democrats?

The handful of democrats come from us. The libertarians. The hippies. The ones that swing both ways.

Expect some competition here at the Libetarian spectrum for our votes. We should be witness to a little pandering.

Is Ted Cruz running in 2016?


a third party candidate must collect a number of registered voter signatures equal to 5% of OK votes cast in the previous election for the office at the top of the ticket.

For instance, based on the 2012 vote where 1,334,872 votes were cast, a third party candidate would have to collect 66,744 signatures to get on the ballot.

If a party makes the ballot, the candidate must receive at least 10% of the vote for the party to remain on the ballot the following election.

They are the most stringent requirements among the states.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I see

Not insurmountable, though. Not with the right candidate.

The problem is that we are limited by our imaginations. Someone could come along who is so popular that he could get that many sigs with room to spare. It just has to be the right person.

Anyway, thanks for the info. And good luck to the Thunder, the former Seattle SuperSonics, the team I was in love with in 1979-80, when they won the NBA championship and I was just in the 5th grade. I still root for them.

But I'm looking forward to Seattle getting a new team!

Sincere regards to Senator

Sincere regards to Senator Udall. Sorry to hear that.