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Video - 29 NFL dudes arrested since Superbowl


Fran Tarkenton gives his take on the issue.

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I din't see the stats

I didn't see the stats anywhere but my guess is that over 80% of these arrests didn't involve a victim.

you might have a point

Yet I do not they are the positive role models they once were perceived as.

Heck I thought some of those guys on North Dallas Forty were out of control lol

I do recall the Joe Namath episode on the Brady Bunch ;)


I just don't really care

I just don't really care about them(sports players) or their perceived 'role model' status. I just hate seeing my tax money wasted by the government arresting people that have harmed no one.

My step father was a sports writer(football - Raiders,Niners) through the 70's and 80's and has some great stories about many of these athletes from then. I highly doubt today's players could be perceived to be worse role models then those guys. The difference today is the 24/7 wall to wall media coverage.