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Latin America fumes over Bolivia incident in Snowden saga

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Latin American leaders slammed European governments on Wednesday for diverting Bolivian President Evo Morales' plane on rumors it was carrying a wanted former U.S. spy agency contractor, adding a new diplomatic twist to the Edward Snowden saga.

Bolivia said Morales was returning from Moscow on Tuesday when France and Portugal abruptly banned his plane from entering their airspace due to suspicions that Snowden, wanted by Washington for leaking secrets, was onboard. Italy and Spain also banned the plane from their skies, it said.


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and they've got every right

and they've got every right to be miffed, and not just because of snowden, although that too matters, just more to add to the unwritten list of hypocrasy, dare i say it, LIES, mistruths, fakers.....or just plain stopid*

Stupid, not in the sense that they dont know what they do, although im sure theres that too, but stupid in the sense that they know exactly what they do, and assume that there will not, or ever will be consequences, like, at all, not even the possibility, you know, the thing that goes along way to keep governments in check, a healthy fear of the people if you try to screw them, but only if you try to screw them