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Is Ted Cruz running in 2016?

For President, I mean?

My source says yes! Absolutely.

I said he couldn't, because of that whole Canadian citizenship thing.

Source says that if Obama got over his whole thing, Cruz will just have a cakewalk. It won't even be an issue. Old news. "Obama proved that birth certificates don't matter."

Hmmm... I didn't consider it. As a speculator, betting on Rand*, it is worthy of consideration.

All that really matters is how the law is perceived at the time of the election.

Obamacare - for whatever reason, is still revered by much of the population. People don't get it yet. Smart people - here in Boston, the supposed intellectual capital of the world - don't get it yet.

Massachucessets is Blue. Dark blue. So boring. So predictable. The people are like robots. But it would be equally boring if I lived in a red state. Everything would be equally predictable, just in a different direction.

The problem with American politics is the predictability. Everything is so damn predictable.

Let me predict the upcoming schedule:

Chris Christie
Hillary Clinton.

Rand might be Christie's VP, if he behaved himself and stood in the proper place in line.

- - -- - - -

Anyway, all speculation. The future is unwritten.

But this - 2013 - is where lines are drawn, that will be colored in, on the road to 2016.

It will be interesting. That is for sure.

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I don't know about 2016,

but I think Cruz has his eyes set on Mitch McConnell's job, or if the 2014 election tips the scales, Harry Reid's actually.

McCain was born in panama and

McCain was born in panama and it wasn't a problem. If your mother is american then you are a citizen at birth even if you are born in another country. If you are a citizen at birth then you are a natural born citizen. I am no fan of obama but the whole birther scandal was just a campaign of hate and had just as much credibility as the rumor that obama was the anti christ.
If Rand Paul and Ted Cruz both run then we are screwed. If the liberty vote is divided then we will lose. I hope they work out some kind of deal about who is going to run.

I hope not, he would better

I hope not, he would better serve in the Senate. Plus if he ran now he'd be as inexperienced as Obama was...

Southern Agrarian

Move on Cruz is not, will not

Move on Cruz is not, will not run for Prez

I don't

understand how he would even put his hat in the ring with his Canadian birth being public knowledge.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Obama Got Away With It, Ted Would Not

The Republicans won't nominate Ted Cruz. Like any gang, there is a price to pay. He hasn't paid his dues.

But here is what would happen if he ran.

The Democrats would say nothing during the Republican Primary. If he got the nod, Hillary would bring up the citizenship issue at the first debate. There would be billboards, t-shirts, talking heads and lawyers. Americans would start to cheer "Cruz For Canadian Prime Minister". Then Secretary's of State around the country would decertify him, leaving the Republicans without a viable candidate.

He would not be able to use Obama as an alibi because that would be the same as asking a cop why he chose to give you a ticket and not the one that got away. Besides, the Democrats don't want to hear what they got away with via Obama and the Republicans already blew their chance to challenge it.

2016 is not the year for Cruz.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

A Better Scenario

Cruz, Paul, and Johnson run in the primary against Christie and Rubio. Christie get's the most speaking time because he is the presumed nominee (even though his poll numbers are the lowest). Rubio also gets a lot of play because he would be the presumed runner-up. Cruz, Paul and Johnson would get their obligatory 80 second minimum total per debate. People will start to open their eyes and reject the media big boy and the media little boy.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

A friend is starting

a Clinton/Bush campaign. Tyranny is your only option is the slogan.

It's really good. already got some bumper stickers.

I think CC will self destruct, plus it's Jeb's turn. We need a Bush every other president.

Other than the whole Canadian thing

I'm all for him. All jokes aside, it literally sounds like death when Christie speaks. Christie vs. Hilary, what a sad sad outlook. :(