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Found this on reddit and it made me sick

Visually stunning. Loved it. Then started lokking at it closer, and got depressed. Then literally, I started to feel ill. Like I was going to throw up, looking at it.

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If that aint a statement, I

If that aint a statement, I dont know what is.

This is an excellent visual on the problems with this country. Far too much federal reach into all areas.
Originally, it was supposed to be the states would have the ultimate power and be like their own countries, but more loosely tied together via the federal government. Now we have the federal government as the ultimate power with the states basically subserviant to it.

As for them trying to get it taken down, they are so going to fail, and fail so badly, its almost laughable. In fact, it is laughable: hahaha.
Que the "You have no power here" meme. There is a certain law that says once something is on the internet, its going to stay on the internet. Ok, not really a law, but come to think of it, the internet would make a fascinating study on group resistance to authority.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

It's what Congresses do that are $17 trillion in debt.

End the Fed and end this madness.

Free includes debt-free!

Not so bad

I would feel sick if they actually had 50 stickers.

Defense recruitment poster

With the slogan, you'll never have to worry about being furloughed in bad economic times because We'r the health of the State.

Notice how fasces have become ubiquitous in USA symbolism?

Everywhere you look is a bundle of sticks or bundle of arrows. Mussolini loved the fasces symbol too.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Found this on Dees' site today. Made me even sicker.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Ron Paul had it wrong...

...there's a lot more than 5 departments we can shut down.

Jesus, what a fat and bloated government...makes me ill too.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

This would make

This would make a good flyer to hand out at the fireworks tonight.

the guy who made that, SoCal

the guy who made that came in the to chat on here seeking advice because he got a letter sent to him from the place he hosted the image at that stated the NSA is calling for the removal of that based on copyright infringement. He even went on the Treubig show (www.treubigshow.com) aka Daily Paul \ Lone Aspen Radio.

I forget his full name offhand but it was SoCal[something] ...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Censorship under the guise of

Censorship under the guise of copyright, you watch, i predict we're going to be seing more and more of it

Edit: if thats not a political statement, then i dont know what is,
THEY know it is, THEY, just hope they can pull it before is widely recognised as such, which is foolish, because one will get through eventually, which will then shed light on those they succesfully CENSORED.......just silly, do they think themselves kings? made men?......that nobody can touch?

It is that attitude that brings down a nation, or more precisely, brings down a government who claims one thing, then does another

I don't see how the government can claim any type

of copyright protection seeing as how they are funded by the public, and therefore, anything they produce is inherently owned by the public.

First I voted your reply up, but then....

....I voted it down. Here's the reasoning. You're right in terms of how things are SUPPOSED to be according to the delusions many people still hold on to.

However, in REALITY, you are wrong and its wrong to propagate delusions.

The FACT is, right or wrong, for better or worse, the government is a corporation and, therefore in law does have copyright.

Again, should it be that way? Of course not. But it IS that way. And one has to deal with REALITY if one ever wants to affect change to that reality.

Why is that ((((MN)))))

What would you prefer.. a UN flag with global agencies?

Inserting a (((hug))) while kicking someone in the crotch...

...does not somehow negate the kick in the crotch.

I don't kick below the belt.

Demonstarting a ((((hug)))) is to say that it's not that I don't LOVE the person, just I don't LOVE what that person has done.


I did because what's preparing to replace US intel and departments is a UN one. Think you have issues now? Keep knocking America.. becasue it won't be long and you won't have an America to knock around.

Nystrom did not "knock America".

Being disturbed by what many of those agencies have come to represent does not equate to "knocking America".

It is recognizing something is wrong, very wrong.

Also, if you think U.S. intel and some of those departments/agencies on that flag have been acting in our best interest, I'd beg to differ. I'd even contend that some of them are being used AGAINST America and to intentionally BREAK OR SUBDUE it. And for what?

You already know toward what end that is being done. You are just misguided in faulting those who recognize that something is wrong and are sick about it.

I didn't say that he did

You do.

It's one thing to run around saying THERE IS SOMETHING VERY VERY WRONG

And quite another to say What is wrong.

Differ all you like, I'm happy to differ with you, because I believe and think that while there is plenty that is wrong, such as saying SOMETHING is VERY VERY WRONG.. not not be specific as to what that something is, it to fearmonger, and fearmongering is VERY VERY WRONG.

For what.. what do you think? Do you think that those who have invested interests don't have road maps and plans? Do you actually think that things that are wrong are by accident?

I am misquided by what, who? Why are you so vague?

I seek soultions, it's something that drives me.. so to say something is wrong, is not saying anything.

If you have a car problem and you take it to a baker and say, SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG? Do you think your car will be repaired? Is it the bakers fault?

YOU are the one saying something is cvery very wrong and reading all kinds of WRONG, but you are unable to name anything.. see a flag that show departments that work with and for America. some may have things that are very very wrong.. name what that is.. some may not, some may do a lot of good.. some may have a combination.

I have not faulted anyone.. MN puts up some antiAmerican image and it makes him sick.. so I suggest that maybe a UN flag with departments mught make him feel better and you've been on me with accusations that I'm misquided because SOMETHING is very very wrong.

I suggest to you that what is WRONG is those who don't know what is wrong or blame America while they themselves don't participate.. what are tyou waiting for riots? Is that what is right? You want a marshall law? Military coupe? UN dictate? What is your solution? Putting up art, being sicjk, saying SOMETHING is wrong?

Or maybe youre not about solutions, just fearmonger?

Do what you want. I am. I'm not going to "go along to get along", I'm going to ask questions, make suggestions in seeking solutions.

I don't feel sick about any of this.. I don't feel afraid, I don't feel worried, I don't feel mad, or sad.. I feel good, grateful actually, that I am free to search for what is good, build on that and make my little corner of the world a better place.

I think many of those departments would be better of they had competition on the free market rather than strapped by bureacracy and inter-department politics. I think America has the ability to do better for its citizens and foreigners, and I believe we can acheive that if we participate. rather than wait for hell to break loose and see inncocent life parrish in the name of SOMETHING IS WRONG.

That's me. I'm only speaking for me, and I think that flag is nothing to get sick over.

To me...

...this flag is saying that the original design of America, with the prominent stars representing the importance of the States, has been diminished, with things being turned on their head, with the Federal government and its agencies being treated as pre-eminent and most important, that We the People and the States must be subservient to. The Federal government was supposed to be extremely limited in size and scope, with most of the powers retained by the individual States.

What is wrong with pointing out this disparity between what the Founders established and what our current situation is? Recognizing a problem exists is the first step to resolving it, and this flag illustration, like many political cartoons, is just an attention-grabbing way to start such discussion -- to startle people out of their complacency.

It is not 'anti-American' -- it is pro-American in terms of what America is supposed to have been.

What's wrong is the apathy

I don't disagree with your observation of what the flag MN posted represents, but it's not the whole truth, after all, each state could place it's own department symbols, eh? And that goes for cities and counties too.

The thing is, as Americans, we do have the opportunity to do something about it, which being sad, mad, apatetic isn't going to accomplish.

America is where she is because we have several generation that are NOT involved as activists within the organizations, parties, committees, boards.. It seems too many want hand outs for doing NOTHING, complain rather than do anything besides sign some toothless petition, or attend some protest where they complain about that too.

I don't see how this flag is startling anyone out of complacency, but more, it justifys reasons for complacency by doing what they have always done.. complain or NOTHING.

How many people do you think saw this flag and decided that they were going to go to meetings and change things? Not one is my bet.

To me, it is anti-American because it offers NO solution. "Look at this flag. It made me sick. It makes me sad. It's wrong as hell......." What good is this, to be sick, sad, mad and complain when there is no solution offered?

Pro-American would have been something along the lines of, "Look at this flag and tell me how many departments we can eliminate and your plan to eliminate them."

A long time ago, I worked for a couple of years gleaning beach trash, and I wound up with a collecting that indicted several corporations and government departments. I made a case against them, and I won.. but what I won wasn't what I wanted.. it was like winning the booby prize because the ptb had a solution waiting for some complainer with evidense like me.. all my work helped them, and that win became THEIR win.. it was a very hard lesson I will never forget. So to me, if you want change, have the solution, because you will get change, and if you don't have a solution, someone else's solution will be your reward.. and it could be worse than what you had.

That's always in the back of my mind when I think about activist persuits.. and this wasn't even an activist persuit. It was apathetic moaning with NO solution.. anyone can point out what's wrong.. solutions take more than that.

Thank you for a thoughtful post!


...for every 1000 people that wake up to our plight and start complaining, how many end up motivated to take additional actions to change things? Even if it was only 10% initially, that percentage would grow as more and more thousands and then millions also started complaining, creating a snowball effect, where others become emboldened by the moral support and political cover that the growing chorus of dissent provides. We shouldn't downplay the importance of communicating ideas in the 'infowar', to borrow a term -- and coming up with clever ways to communicate these ideas should be encouraged and multiplied.

I wish it was 10%

I live in one of the most active political counties in CA. Statisically we have less than 1%, more open seats than occupied seats, spend a lot of money begging the public to participate in everything from jury duty, to other offices, the races are very slim with candidates, many who are involved do at last double duty serving on committees, boards, and councils.

Still we are futher ahead than most counties and states, and it's not inforwars that motivates people, but it's when a local activist group gets a resolution or inniative written and goes through the process.

That said, back in 2004 we had 26 peace groups.. I know of two that remain active.. part of this was the big national groups like Code Pink, come in, take names, make promises, and leave people waiting, while the local groups that were already vying for competition, dry up and apathy sets in.

Presently, the most active are from Churches, which turns off the majority that are non-religious,, yet, the 1% that are active, I have found are Church goers, and those who have government or had government jobs.

Without doing a...

...good job of communicating the ideas and philosophy behind those initiatives, though, how will you convince anyone to vote for them in the broader public? Communication of ideas, education on philosophies is paramount.

Hit them at home

One thing about this area, right or left, we all believe that we have the power to do it ourselves and don't need the state ot feds to direct our government.

Take medical marijuana.. it's decriminalized here.. Measure G was local, and now if you want to grow, you buy a tag from the sheriff.. I think it was scaled down from 99 to 25 plants. Whether someone agrees or not, we all accept that is OUR law of OUR land, and the key is, don't make your business your neighbor's business because your neighbor doesn't want to know your business. It's working very well. Sometimes when I go into a store I'll smell someone that apparently is in the business, but I don't make it my business, I MMOB..

I have learned that it's really important to be involved in local politics.. to not be afraid to stand for what I believe as long as I'm not standing on someone's elses beliefs.

When I went for my elected seat, I told the truth.. "I'm a Ron Paul Republican and I want a committee seat, please let me represent you. I got my seat, and when I'm out and about my neigborhood/district, people ask me, "What's up with such and such// and also at community events, crab feeds, fish fries, community breakfasts, we talk politics on a local level.. I never bring up infowars, ben swann, glen beck.. they don't apply to my area and since my area really has a great grip over state and federal power, it's all about empowering the people, not MSM.

Happy Independence Day


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Thank you


You're welcome


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Imagine how paranoid people become

after being bathed in the "private" thoughts of individuals sick and tired of what this nation has become.


...to say the least.