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Green Bay Bans Coolers At Annual Fireworks Display. City Inmates Become Restless (UPDATED)

Please note - I deleted approximately 8 comments that were in favor of the cooler ban. These were what remain.

I'll just skip the story and go straight to the comments:

http://www.wbay.com/story/22745612/2013/07/02/no-coolers-all... (abc news)

"Why don't they just erect barbed wire fences and man them with machine gun nests, install TSA body scanners, drones flying overhead so we can enjoy the Independence we somehow won! Search warrant is required since most law abiding citizens should not be subject to probable cause. I suggest get a copy of the Constitution to hand out to officers!"

"The abundance of caution, organizers say, is just that. Leaving the coolers and carry-ins at home alleviates one potential threat" - Let's take it a step further, if we stay home, that's one less person our thought police don't have to deal with."

"Here we are... going to picnics and holiday celebrations and the city of Green Bay decides that we can't bring a cooler to keep our food and drinks cold. After all, you never know who might be a terrorist. Would it be OK if I packed by beer and groceries into a pressure cooker?"

"This is a core violation of our rights! The Green Bay police have labeled ALL citizens of Green Bay as potential terrorists THUS have probable cause to not allow coolers, how do you feel Green Bay being labeled as potential terrorists? Giving away rights for public safety is a joke and an excuse for the state (Green Bay) in this case to have unchecked powers over its citizens! I hope somebody in Green Bay takes this to court!"

"I really hope there is medical staff on duty passing out free water, if it's a hot day. This is absolutely ridiculous 30 + years and now is a issue.The weasel Jim Schimmt isn't in this for the safety of the people..money hungry!!! I can't afford the food and drink prices with a family of five. Next thing you know they will charge a entrance fee!!"

"Don't like the rules, don't go. It's as simple as that. Of course, if something happens, then conspiracy theorists would say "why didn't they see this coming", "why didn't they ban (whatever it is)" or "it was an inside job". Yes, please stay home and whine from there. I, for one, can live one day on the waterfront without a cooler."
(reply) "Patriot1979: as soon as you said "conspiracy theory", you became one of them, the enforcers of 1984! That is exactly how they want sleeping folks to respond with!"

Green Bay Press Gazette:

Dave Baur - Mayor Schmitt do you remember the quote by Benjamin Franklin? Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I have a suggestion for people that will get the attention of the Insane Government Proletariat: Stay home this 4th of July!. It is supposed to be a celebration about Independence from the Tyranny of Government! Send them a message loud and clear!

Troy Kamps - I think this is ridiculous. What next are we going to not be allowed to do? Pretty soon no chairs with beverage holders.

Also, large bags that could conceal a weapon? What if the person has a conceal carry permit? Come on Green Bay Police, let people have their celebration, deal with the trouble makers like you do every year, and will have to do every year no matter what, and let families and people bring their coolers and bags. All this BS in the name of 'safety' is really out of control. If the big bad boogey man wants to get us, he will find a way to do it without your 'no coolers or bags allowed' approach.

Josh Bahr · Employment and Training Specialist at DWD State of Wisconsin
Total BS. This is just due to the agreement they have with the beer distributor. Use the fear of terrorism as a front to help your beer distributor make an extra couple bucks... really classy Green Bay.

Thomas Sutphin · Top Commenter · Green Bay, Wisconsin - As the police have no authority to check bags without probably cause, I'll be bringing an extra large on myself.

Bob Bowman · The Gestapo has spoken! Listen to the Fuhrer and leave your fun and can cooler at home! It was only a matter of time before all this "police state in the name of safety" bullshit came here.

Kathy Arnold Holland · Top Commenter · Co-Owner at Holland Surfaces LLC
When the terrorists can make us abandon the coolers, it's time to take this country back.


just one comment - from me:
Will they simply confiscate our property or will we have to pay a hefty arbitrary fine as well?
Also, I hope that any beverages found in the coolers are disposed of in a proper fashion...


Julian Hurrle · Green Bay, Wisconsin
Nothing like showing how free we are by enlisting totalitarian bans on the people's rights.

Todd Smeester · Top Commenter · NWTC
This would be a good day for EVERYONE to bring a cooler, empty will do! Pass the word. Bring a cooler!

"We're only going to blow off the works we bought with your money, at an event paid for with your money, if you follow my rules, and buy my beer. Just give up some of your liberty, we'll keep you safe, and empty your pockets in the meantime."

It's one thing to try to make it a family friendly event with no alcohol, it's quite another to present the guise of "keeping us safe" while selling highly overpriced beer. Think about this Green Bay, does anyone really believe that the handful of cops down there are going to spot a terrorist with a bag, or cooler; considering the layout of downtown, just because there's a new rule to ban them? IMPOSSIBLE!


Jay A. DeLap · Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Let me guess they ban carry-ins but will have city sponsored vendors on hamd for all your refreshment needs , how convinent

Kevin Spice · Top Commenter · Wisc Green Bay
What about milk and cookies and other snacks for kids? Wagons?

Layla Schreiner · WWTC-Viroqua
ya, there always has to be some that ruin it for everyone.

Jack Goundrill · Green Bay, Wisconsin
Independence Day. Hmmm... Didn't we break away, because a bunch of politicians made us buy their drinks at high prices?

Lucreza Borgia · Follow · Top Commenter · UWGB
Actually, no. The British tea was the cheapest.

Mark Zimmer
Are they also going to ban the fireworks, they are explosives.. Are they going to ban the boats docked on the side or under the bridges? Someone could wire them up to hurt someone.. And they are worried about a little cooler that could easily be checked by the police. They just want to make people pay the ridiculous prices at the tents.. Or are they going to lower the prices so everyone can actually afford to buy their refreshments?

Jack Goundrill · Green Bay, Wisconsin
Just like al-Qaeda using the religion of peace to promote their agenda. The city of Green Bay uses terrorism to promote their pocketbooks. Might as well extend it, to tailgating at Packer games. Just saying...

Reverand Dave Flanum · Drafter at Bay Engineering
oh no, I hope they're not reading this or you just gave them another money making idea

Michelle Larscheid Zimmer · Follow · Cashier at Walmart
You know thay are going to screw you for a drink of water...think about that!

Lisa DeGrave · Follow · Green Bay, Wisconsin
Wow that's ridiculous! Coolers, strollers, diaper bags, wheelchairs with built in bags. How is this going to make us safer? Good thing I don't plan on being there.

Jessica Brosig · Process Technician at NEW Plastics
Oh, I'm sure the party goers will understand.....yeah, right.

Julian Hurrle · Green Bay, Wisconsin
A victory for terrorism. Good job Green Bay. *golfclap*

(and saving the best for last)
Joshua Jahnke
No coolers or carry-in alcohol? How's an infidel supposed to get bombed?

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Flashing colored lights in sky prompt mass panic...

loud explosion sounds accompany terrifying multi-color aerial display...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Revised, edited, updated...


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

hey Chris...

I have followed your posts for awhile. just wanted to let you know I live in the Marinette area about an hour north of green bay. it's good to know the are some others in NE Wisconsin who care about our freedoms. make sure you let me know if anything is ever planned in the area and I will do likewise. we need to stick together!

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

When time comes to bug out to the family farm in Pound...

I'll give you a jingle.


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

I have plenty of supplies!

and my wife and son are damn handy with their rifles!

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

If they fine people $100,000 each...

they'll have enough for another roller coaster!

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.