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Morsi Ousted! Breaking news, chief justice Adly Mansour just sworn in as interim president

Morsi has been ousted

I just watched 5 mins ago, the swearing in of chief justice Adly Monsour as the countries interim president.

I just switched across but it seems it was him speaking when he said he believe the people of Egypt should continue protesting in the square!

Seeing that Morsi declared he wouldn't not relinquish power without bloodshed, and he has now been ousted, it seems the people of Egypt have had a win!

People power has prevailed! Lets hope they can elect someone who will now truly represent the people of Egypt.



The Egyptian army has arrested Morsi and many leaders of the Muslim brotherhood, they took over control of media outlets, and shut down some of the Muslims brotherhoods outlets. Obama seemed very reluctant to support the overthrow, and called on the Egyptian army to not crack down too heavily on the current government members.

US President Barak Obama said he was “deeply concerned” over Morsi's overthrow and urged the army to refrain to “arbitrary arrests” of Mr Morsi and his supporters.

In May, Washington approved $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt. That was now under review, said Mr Obama, as he called for a swift return to democratic rule.


Perhaps a few of tptb's people are among those the Egyptian army may be coming for.

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The Powers That Be

Are losing control every which way they turn. I wish I worked for the NSA so I could listen to David Rockefellers phone calls right now.


Wouldn't that be fun.

He must be shiting a brick! The people are awakening!