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Former Marine Ken O'Keefe Truthbomb!

He drops a LOT of truth in this. Floored me actually. BIG PROPS!


(mods would love an embed) (Thanks!)

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Ken O'Keefe for Prez!


Nothing but the truth.


He's got several things very wrong

And this is part of the problem when he brings up someone like Ron Paul, he is twisting Ron Paul's words.

First. I do not like press TV, it's a UN front that sides with petrol powers, doesn't matter that the currancy, the UN is petrol controlled, and they LOVE the Muslim religion because it affords a means to their ends.. people eliminating each other, doing their dirty work for them in the name of religion.

Second.. the tape was chopped up, you could not hear anything the Muslim woman had to say.. It is evidense that women are second class citizens, and what was more important was this rant.. that was misleading, but attacked Israel.

Israel is less oil dependent than any nation and they are working hard to become oil free.. the UN does not like this, the oil rich nations profitting off oil dependency does not like this.

This, this is NOT a truth bomb, but propeganda, and why the tape was editied.. they don't want you to have the whole picture, but to make conclusions based on what they give you.

And that is what you call truth?

Would you be specific

about the problem that you have with the man's statements.

Just for you

14 seconds into it, he says the only legitimate reason for going into war is self defense.. I don't disagree; however, he is implying that self defense is limited to one's borders.. we live in a nation that is dependent on foreign oil because so many here are against producing/drilling for oil, and neglect to think that to drive our cars, have products delievered from China takes OIL, oil that Americans with their technology and resources delevoped in the ME.

The ME would love it of Americasn would abandon what they built and give it to them so they can profit off our tech, our investment and become more dependent on them.

23 seconds into it, he says "any kind of training does not matter, when you are being shot at.." This is not true.. the kind of training one gets is very important, and American forces use cultural norms as part of their intel.. defeating an enemy is always best when one can defeat them without blood.

1:08, when he talks about who is controlling the world and then mentions the Federal Reserve.. the problem with the federal reserve is their artificial manipulation of currancy: Money as debt.

That said, the real power is based on supply and demand.. and Americand demand oil, so the power is those who own the oil, and that is not America.. America has a stake in oil because we developed it in the ME, and now we fight to keep our stake, least we be under control of those who own the oil.. this is why the UN is taking shape as a global power, for they too have a stake for the nations that are oil dependent and have no stake.

1:13.. he wished we had more time to talk about the federal reserve being the real string pullers.. who made him the director of the show's time.. it was a clever way to get out of the hole he was digging himself into.. he has not mentioned the Saudi control at all,, aand yet, if you watched Michael Moore's movie, Fareinheit 911, you saw the POWER of Saidi Arabia's embassy in Washington.. they have more power than ALL of congress combined.

1:38 I don't agree with what he said about military supporting Ron Paul and why, but I am also aware, that good propeganda MUST have some fact and truth to hold up the misleasds.. also, note the owmen has been cut off.. they have only used her to ask questions, but she is NEVER allowed to make a point.

by the 2 minute mark, he makes a 911 Truther case, and he gives OBL a free pass and blames America.. it's not that America, and I mean BOTH political parties, don't have responsibility and are getting away with murder.. but they did NOT act Alone.. he is COVERING for Saudi Arabis where OBL came from.

At 2:13 his blames Zionists (Israel) and "American traitors".. I don't agree and that is because I KNOW, the WTC needed to be demolished, yet, there was NO LEGAL WAY to do this.. the UN Agenda and Kyoto accords would NOT allow for it, yet, at the time the WTC was build, there was abestos and other outlawed products, WTC only had 20% occupancy so it was consuming a lot of enrgy for a few, who complained about the problems in the buildings that were growing because of the materials used to build it, the placement.. tourists were not interested.. it was a white elephant. BOTH parties are responsible.. 911 truth NEVER brings up Hilary Clinton who was the Sr Senator.. or the Port Authoity that WTC was under jurisdiction, or the one term Senator from NJ.. they focus on Bush and the GOP,, and this was a huge embarrassment to the GOOD people in the GOP.. it gutted much of the GOP.. and why Ron Paul saw the GOP as a party we could take.. seats were empty.. that was part of the blowback.. and for thsoe who want a UN NWO.. it helped kill the GOP to give us a one party government like Communist China.. also oil dependent. I do give him credit for mentioning Saudi and Pakistan intel... however, this is also the reason for going into Afghanistan, and he didn't mention that in the beginning.

He winds up giving solidarity in the name of nations, to Muslims.. and so, by the way he treats this woman, which is very rude.. he acts like a Muslim (A johnny Lihnd Walker).. which is just another deception.

It's like a spy vs spy.. his deception is actually worse because it's inside hatred for America.. "suicide intel bombing" isn't better than "suicide bombing". He's just another deception, in the name of Ron Paul who NEVER was a truther.

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spoken like the true...

new neo-con that you are.

14 sec in...I agree! (You don't)

23 sec in... I agree! (You don't)

68 sec in... I agree! (You don't)

98 sec in...your freaking kidding me! The military ABSOLUTELY supported Dr. Ron Paul above all others and to deny this is to completely lose whatever shred of credibility you may have held on to.

133 sec in...zionists doing the bidding of neocon/democrip overlords?
Yeah, that sums it up!

Individual freedom means individual freedom for ALL peoples. Not, just Christians.

God, you're a loser, granger.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

As if you corner the market on truth LOL

How much of what you know is from first hand experience? And how much of it is from you believing what certain people have told you over the years?

You have a specific world view that you believe in. Anything that challenges that world view or contradicts it can cause people to quickly dismiss it and say "he's wrong! He's deluded! He's exaggerating!" or even.... "He's a conspiracy theorist!"

What you don't know...is what you don't know. Meaning there is a whole lot of people that have first hand knowledge of things that you don't.

To put it simply, you don't corner the market on truth and it's arrogant to think otherwise.

I don't have a corner

Truth is like the six blind men and the elephant.. I'm only one of the blind men reporting on the part I've got a hold on.


the teat.


I haven't seen this clip before. Very impressive. Thanks for reposting! [I wonder why the mainstream media doesn't invite him on air???]

Because They Are Part Of The Problem

Didn't you hear him say that?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


Yes. It was being stated sarcastically.

I Know

Reverse sarcasm.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

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Ken O'Keefe truth blast- Love this clip!

Thanks for posting. (It's been posted before but I bump for those that have not seen it yet!)

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Hell ya!

TRUTH....nice to hear....yet sad at the same time....

Why was this taken off the front page?

Surprised that there are no comments.