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Achievable goals to raise $4 million for October

Let's work together to make sure the Ron Paul campaign meets its goal to raise $4 million for October. I absolutely love the idea of the $100 million pledge (http://www.pledgebank.com/Pauls-100mill), but it doesn't seem to grabbing substantial support. It is unrealistic. Let's work towards the campaign's goal.

The average donation to Ron Paul in Q3 was $40. Divide that into the $5 million raised in Q3, and you see he got roughly 125,000 donations. To raise $4 million with the same number of donations, the average donation must be $32 per month or about $8 per week.

I love this idea of a pledge website, and we can use it to set "small" goals get us there. Let's pledge $1,000,000 by the end of next week. Since we already have over 1,200 pledging $100 from the above pledge, I've set up 2 pledges to get us there:

25,000 to donate $32 to Ron Paul by October 13, 2007:

2,000 to donate $100 to Ron Paul by October 13, 2007:

Choose only one; although, it doesn't hurt to pledge to both. :) If you've already donated in October, please join one of the pledges and mark that you've already contributed! This is achievable!

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added $100

There was a $100 thread going a little while ago - I bet some of those users would sign it.



Thank you!

Yes! We need everyone who pledged $100 to add to that second pledge. We also need new members to pledge just $32.