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Without us, they have nothing but words.

We build the system’s roads, we build their monuments, we supply their banquets, we build and drive their limousines, we build their governor’s mansions, and we cut their grass and install their air conditioning and repair their roofs. We pay their policemen and their firemen and their tax men. We pay for their cars and their gas and their guns and their bullets and their uniforms.

Without us, they have nothing but words. If we ever decide not to play their game, they are done. It doesn't matter how many enforcers they have on their payrolls - the moment we stop complying, those enforcers will see the end of their paychecks and will return home at night to face strong questions from us, their neighbors. We producers are manifestly unhappy about what the systems of the world are doing to us, but most of us don't think we have any right to dictate to them. The truth, however, is this: Without us, they are destitute, and we don't need them.

The Systemic Abuse of the Productive Class: It Ends When We Say it Ends<<<

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Like Orwell said in "1984"

"But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire."

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

this is priceless

thank you


I had never visited that Site before but found it truly enlightening. I found this super article as well:

The people don't know their

The people don't know their true power.

A picture to add to HuskerSkier's words. :-)

Exactly the image I was

Exactly the image I was thinking of!

That is brilliant!

Let's leave.