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JULY 4th 2013: Adam Kokesh Has Done It! Iraq War Vet Open Carried In DC - VIDEO

JULY 4th 2013: Adam Kokesh Has Done It! Iraq War Vet Open Carried In DC - VIDEO


Paul Joseph Watson
July 4, 2013

Former Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh staged an open carry protest in Washington DC today by loading a 12 gauge shotgun near the White House – committing at least four felonies in the process.

“I committed at least four felonies this morning and got it on video”

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/adam-kokesh-in-open-carry-protest/

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A competitive angle of view, offered.

You all, anyone of you, can take it or leave it, and that is called an offer, which is demonstrably opposite a DICTATE.

When dealing with criminals who torture, enslave, rape, children, teenagers, any innocent victims will do for these criminals, when dealing with these serial killing, mass murdering, criminals with their badges that they create and pin on their Union Uniforms, when dealing with those criminals, they will only listen to words that they understand.

Criminals invent DICTATES.

Criminals understand the language of DICTATES.

If you don't, if I don't, if anyone loving Liberty does not, want, to speak the criminal language of DICTATES, then there are only a few alternatives left when dealing with criminals with badges.

Blind obedience is one process available to anyone who happens to be targeted by criminals with badges.

Yes sir, how high sir, lick your boots sir, my teeth, my lips, and my blood has soiled your boots sir, so yes, yes sir, I will lick your boots.

Here have my daughter, she is ripe, if it pleases you sir.

Here have my wife too, she may not like it much, but here, have her too.

Don't even pretend to not know about this crap.

Major source of profitable child sex slavery, kidnapping, torture, murder:

The pedophiles are running amok at the National (False Federal) level, and everyone with half a brain knows this fact.

Major source of profitable enforced drug addiction:

There is a whole Country, known as Afghanistan, whereby those False Federal "Leaders of the Free World" use it, the whole Country, to supply the Drugs they then PUSH onto Americans, they do so for POWER, for PROFIT, and for fun, and they are the people, the criminals, you keep sending Federal Reserve Notes to keep them happy, and keep them out of your homes, for now.

Major source of collective punishment, fraud and extortion, copied from the False Federal example, and now working against honest productive people in each State, County, and city across America:

The routine is predictable. The liars lie, and the victims believe the lie, and the power flows from the victims, who grow weaker, and the power flows to the criminals who grow stronger.

The example that almost blew off the curtain of lies, shown on almost every television, as a Reality Television Show, for all the ignorant masses to view, to then process the information shown, and to then either OBEY, without question, or to realize, in fact, that the criminals have, in fact, taken over, without any doubt left of any kind, reasonable or not, the criminals have, in fact, taken over, and they show everyone exactly what happens to those who disobey.

Having the POWER to invent, produce, and maintain competitive offerings of information, on Youtube, or on any other inventive, adaptive, creative, broadcast channel, of any kind, offers a way around the DICTATORIAL channels of MONOPOLISTIC information, so more and more people, in more and more places, are now less ignorant concerning many alternative versions of information, where once most everyone was under the SPELL of the ONE source of Disinformation, or False Advertizements.

It is our time, this time.


So...my name is Joe Kelley, I approve of this message, and I wholeheartedly approve of the message offered by that brave soul named Adam Kokesh.

I acted out a similar show of very limited, very individual, very inventive, very adaptive, spur of the moment, with little time for planning a safe path, small case bravado during my Campaign as a Candidate for National (not federal, the federal label is false) Congress, as a representative of the 40th District in California.

At the time I volunteered myself to attend an NRA meeting. I was running against both Republicans, the gun grabbing, assault weapons banning, incumbent, and the gun grabbing, assault weapons banning high paid liar, or idiot, being praised, and financed, by these members of this NRA lie. I was at the time a paying member of the NRA, but no longer am I investing in those lies. I said, from the audience, after someone acknowledged my hand waving, standing up, speaking, I said that no piece of paper can take away my power to defend myself.

There was no response. The group returned to investments in lies.

So those here who discredit inventive, competitive, adaptive, solutions like the solutions offered by Adam Kokesh, having some reasoning, in their own minds for such criticism, are challenged by that example, and challenged by my own example, to come up with something better.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (Start in the mirror)
Do so by July 4th, 2014, start now, finish early.


The obvious message offered by me, or Adam Kokesh, or anyone else who offers the obvious message, is a message that can be seen in the following link:


The criminals do not offer, the criminals DICTATE ORDERS, there is no opportunity to agree, or disagree, with the criminal version of UNION. You are a victim because the criminal joins you into the criminal UNION, and you had better pay when told to pay, because you will pay, one way, or another.

The criminals don't mince words all the time, sometimes the criminals let you know, in no uncertain terms, what you must do, or die.

Die slowly, by being worked to death, or die faster, in a cell, where your power to defend yourself is gone, where your power to defend anyone you may love is gone, since you were too powerless to see the criminal UNION for what it is.

Die alone.

Join an effective effort to defend against criminals with or without badges.

That is what is shown in that FLAG.

That is the defensive, voluntary, join or die, because the criminals have taken over, and the criminals will kill you, because that is what criminals do, the criminals will enslave you, the criminals will kill you, so join the voluntary effort to defend against the criminals, or be alone, all alone, a single individual against all those criminals with all those lies, those false badges, those false licenses, that false authority, all that Web of Deceit, one person, one individual, all alone, having only individual power to volunteer to fight against the criminals who took over.

All the defenders, all of them, always alone, separated, divided, cut into pieces, all unable, powerless, alone, against the Involuntary Union of Union Criminals with False Badges and False Authority.

It worked when that FLAG was the FLAG used by the Volunteers.

It worked as a Democratic Federated Republic, or Free Market Government Super Market, when it worked between 1776 and 1788, before the Criminals took over with their False Federal Involuntary Union.

If it did work then, in Liberty, why can't it work now, in Liberty?

There was nothing wrong with Voluntary Association then, so there is nothing wrong with Voluntary Association now.

The problem is such that the victims are led to believe that the only way to gain Liberty is by paying all that is asked for payments paid to those who invent, produce, and maintain INVOLUNTARY UNION.

If you are not joined voluntarily in defense against the horrors purchased on the backs of the ignorant and the apathetic masses of workers, then you are one of the ignorant and apathetic masses of workers, or you are one of the criminals.

If you are one of the criminals then your Federal Reserve Notes that you have are then sent to the Internal Revenue Service, in your Interest, because it is YOUR National Interest, to POLICE the world, so as to get your slice of the booty.

If you are one of the victims then you pay those Federal Reserve Notes to the Internal Revenue Service to keep those criminals busy torturing other people, not you, and that is called Extortion.

If you have a better idea than a Democratic Federated Government, a working Free Market Government Supper Market, then speak up, share your knowledge, please.

If your idea is just another example of an Involuntary Association, such as the ObamiNation created in 1788, then you are in a word stupid. You may be just ignorant. You may be believing in the lie. You may be just another criminal who DICTATES INVOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION upon your targeted victims.

Individuals think individual thoughts, individuals act out individual actions, and the math of adding all those individual thoughts and actions add up to a POWER that can be known by the individuals. The "collective" is not a thing, not something that can be held to account, and not something that can be blamed, no more than a gun can be blamed for willful murder, no more than any criminal claiming the false claim that the government, or society, made me do it.


The collective sum total of actions are not the individual actions.


Each individual adds to the total sum, but the individual having a will is the source of that individual POWER, and therefore the only ability to respond, as in responsibility, and therefore the only account that matters, as in accountability is individual, and fit to the individual matter at hand.



“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Have a nice Independence Day, every day, please.


Thank you Joe!

Joe this is very well written. You should post it as it's own thread in DP Originals.

I have listened to Eddie Craig for quite some time. Thanks for posting his summary as well as the other links you posted. I've downloaded it to my ipod for multiple listening.

Thank you.

I am working on something I call Liberty Day Challenge.

I will cut and paste that earlier arrangement of words into the latest version.

Here are past versions of Liberty Day Challenge:


My willful plan is to start a 2014 version.

Notice in the Adam Kokesh video there is a statement made by Adam as such:

"See you next Independence Day."

Notice also the comment:

"We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity."

Like this:


"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth - and listen to the song of the siren till she transforms us into beasts."

When each and every individual Federal Reserve Note user, and Internal Revenue Service user, knows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the criminals have taken over, that the False Federal Employees are money launderers, counterfeiters, frauds, robbers, extortionists, rapists, child sex traffickers, torturers, serial killers, and mass murderers, and We The People, each one of us, still uses that Fraud Money, and We The People still pay those "Tax Liabilities," then we are, each one of us, at that time, ourselves, willful criminals. At that time we are investing in saving our own asses one more days worth, while we hold all those innocent children being tortured, being murdered, to be tortured, experimented on, and murdered in the future, as OUR HUMAN SHIELDS.

We are then beasts.

When is the point of no return crossed?

Not idle words.

Not a vain attempt to gain popularity.

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth - and listen to the song of the siren till she transforms us into beasts."

Real people, really doing something, something resembling due process, something resembling Liberty, something effective at defending the innocent from the guilty.

End the FED (make their issue of money irrelevant through competitive effort in Liberty)

End the IRS (without any demand for Federal Reserve Notes the IRS is powerless unless the criminals rewrite this system of extortion to base it on some other form of money other than Federal Reserve Notes which is the current based currency demanded as payments by these Federal Employees who are criminals)

Bring the Troops Home (One of them is already home, his name is Adam Kokesh, home from Iraq, and busy working in Liberty in an exemplary way, an individual way, and an effective way at defending the innocent from the criminals, so look in the mirror before discrediting one of the Troops who have come Home to Liberty)

Do these simple, easy to understand, things, by a certain targeted date, such as July 4th, 2014, start now, finish early.

If many copies of the Network idea beginning in that earlier link are currently working all across this country, the idea of competition in Legal Money will be realized soon enough, it is inevitable.

People become concerned about their own personal loss of power at the hands of potential criminals.

Not at all a wild conspiracy theory fantasy of utopia.

Then, after people become concerned about their own personal loss of power at the hands of potential criminals they realize that the Dispatchers at 911, Central Command, are often, and then more often, the criminals calling for reinforcements upon you, when you are stopped by "The Police" and where "The Police" are aiming to get money from you.

Not a big leap of faith.

Simple observations of facts, where people finally realize that the criminals have taken over, and then these people who are concerned about their loss of power are people who invent a process by which defense of Liberty is effectively realized in time and place.

Man, or woman, in a car, or in court, calls for help.

You can't call 911 when the attackers are the false authorities.

Who do you call?

Ghost busters?


I think he did what he claims, but not yesterday

I've been to DC on the 4th 27 times and I've NEVER seen it so quiet. Even if he was out there at the crack of dawn, on the 4th of July, DC is hopping. I think he did it another day and saved the tape until yesterday.
I'm surprised he didn't go smoke weed at the smoke-in and claim he was really doing something new and unique.
In fact, want to see thousands of people breaking the law in DC on the 4th?? Google dc smoke-in july 4th" It's been going on since AK was a twinkle in his daddy's eye.

Adam Kokesh

You stand for what is right in our Republic. You, standing alone OC in DC on Independence Day, representing what ALL Americans should be doing in the name of Patriotism and Liberty.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

dont get mad becuase his

dont get mad becuase his march didnt happen, just be happy that he did SOMETHING instead of drinking beer all day at a bbq

You people are kidding right?

Has the bar of success been lowered to below zero? What happened to thousands of people? Ok- they didn't show. Fine. Then why not still start the march were it was supposed to begin and march alone?

Maybe I am just tired of the double speak psy ops shit from both sides. If you talked the talk - just walk the walk. Enough of the BS enough of the hype. He can now be filed in with "hope and change" in the filing cabinet labeled "biggest crock of shit stories".

Just FYI, tracing goes all ways.

Truth is to be fought and died for of necessary.


What did you do today? Who

What did you do today? Who will remember what you did today a year from now?

Who Will Remember ...

Is that what we are supposed to be doing, making people remember what we did a year from now; even if it's merely self-aggrandizing?

Edgar Morgan

Let's Be Real

Let's be real about this. I may have been born at night, but not last night! This stunt has zero credibility.

Edgar Morgan

Something about this 22 sec thing has people coming out

of the fucking woodwork.

Edward Moran
15 days 4 hours 12 minutes

Something About This 22 Seconds

Something about this 22 seconds does, indeed, have people coming out of the woodwork, out of the woodwark of gullibility and naïveté.

Edgar Morgan

23 seconds

and if you think that the number has no significance, do a search.

ya how dare people join and

ya how dare people join and then comment at a later point.

Don't be the dumbass who does

Don't be the dumbass who does this next in DC & gets caught, arrested, fiream taken away, charges pressed against you, fines, jail, prison time, felon, voting right taken away, etc. No one will care, not even Adam will help you


I can suffer a LOT of things. BUT DON'T TAKE AWAY MY VOTING RIGHTS!

Look folks, Adam did something that none of US did today.

I respect both sides of the argument, but think it's only fair to remember to look at what we each have done ourselves first. I'm not calling Bill a troll, but this is my post to him.


Bill, I understand that Adam didn't restore the American
Submitted by base1aransas on Fri, 07/05/2013 - 02:11. Permalink

Republic today.

Are you saying that he worked against it? Are you saying that this will not inspire people but will lead them to only fight from their keyboards?

Are you saying that Adam is just a self serving punk making money off of keyboard patriots?

What did you do today? Who will remember what you did today a year from now?

What are YOU going to be doing Monday? Have you ever considered hosting a podcast? I'll bet you can do better than Adam, give it a try.

God Bless,

looked like a guy reading B

looked like a guy reading B movie lines in front of a camera for 22 seconds. no one can verify if its real or fake, which makes it pointless politically and legally. i think its retarded and lame, but that's just my own opinion. adam can promote his business with whatever tactics he likes.

as for your questions, answer them yourself.

your posts smack of jealousy

if that's not the case you might want to think about why they do.

twenty three seconds and counting...

everything appears as

everything appears as jealousy to a groupie when the object of their adulation is not sufficiently adored.

those of us criticizing kokesh consider him a clown and object of ridicule, not something capable of producing jealousy.

the dude

The dude (BILL3) doth protest too much, methinks.

its okay to have erotic

its okay to have erotic fantasies about adam kokesh, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. it does NOT make you a bad person.

i take it

you speak from experience. the giveaway is your choice of "erotic"
seriously? a little creepy. just saying.

ahem. ghey

ahem. ghey

not as lame

as your obvious obsession with adam kokesh.

His "activism" is only to

His "activism" is only to entice others to break the law and expose the people to the leos and govt Intel agencies.

He sold out under legal pressure before the RNC.

Follow him at your own risk.


Is he the terminator?

If a person loads a shotgun,

If a person loads a shotgun, and no one is around to witness it. Is it civil disobedience?

There was no march. No activism. No protest.

Just provocative talk at near violent incitement language.

tamtamfreedom's picture

YES! It is civil disobedience...

"the refusal to obey laws" is the classic definition of civil disobedience. Doesn't matter if anyone was around to witness it or not. He clearly chose to disobey the laws of D.C.
I don't see anyone else man enough to do the same and post it on you tube, do you?