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EGYPT: 'This is not a duck' said the man with a duck

“The perversion of the city begins with the deceit of words.”

In response to the military coup in Egypt or whatever it is…President Obama has chosen not to use the word “coup” in his public statements. The mainstream media has treated the public to an endless parade of “experts” tying themselves in knots in an attempt to avoid the dreaded word.

At the heart of the dilemma is the $1.5 billion in aid the United States sends to Cairo every year.

Take a look at the cartoon made to illustrate this:

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A friend of mine came up with the image...and another liberty friend worked up that cartoon...Can an admin embed the image? (you have permission)

Here: http://iroots.org/wp-content/uploads/final-e1372967943187.jpg

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When is a coup not a coup?

When it's a sedan.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Not at all.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Chant, chant....

"This is what Democracy looks like"
Egypt is in a state of anarchy. Ruled by a military owned by a foreign government.

Soon the Egyptians will beg for a King, and get it.

It is a tough question...

to me, a coup is when the military or some within it, depose the elected President and set up military dictatorship.

In the case of Egypt, the deposing of the President...Morsi, was forced by millions of angry protestors, and the military stepped in to try and maintain stability until elections are held.

The military did the same two years ago and it worked as well as can be expected.

Clearly, millions of people in Egypt have no patience for another American puppet. The problem for Egyptians is that 1.6 billion in aid from the U.S.

Personally, I think Washington is calling the shots

They probably gave the go ahead to remove Morsi and are now determining what puppets to place on the ballot.

Obama is prolly avoiding the word "coup"...

...so as not to give anyone in this country any ideas. ;)

I had not been paying attention to Egypt,

until yesterday as I was driving and getting my bi-weekly dose of State propaganda via NPR. The program purported to be interviewing protesters on the ground in Cairo. When I heard the buzz words 'legitimate democratically elected' a couple dozen times from different accented, English speaking 'protesters' with impossibly perfected grammar I knew I had the whole story - The US Govt is P.Oed about this coup ousting of the 'legitimate democratically elected' tyrant. The delay of coverage until the 20 or so million protesters forced an NPR mock interview was the other clue. When the slime oozing out of the tv set (or radio) gets to be 100% lies, it is as easy as doing your ABCs to interpret it.

The following article shows

who gets military aid, and how it is a disingenuous term.
Much of your tax payer dollar actually goes to the Military Industrial Complex...your hard earned dollars for their obscene profit.
In return, your citizens are killed in foreign lands, and you get to live in an increasingly tyrannical state.