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Iceland Congress puts forward bill to grant Snowden citizenship

One day before members of the Icelandic Parliament are due to break for summer vacation, leaders of three political parties have submitted a special piece of legislation which would make NSA whistleblower and fugitive, Edward Snowden, a citizen of Iceland.

The issue was raised this morning by MP and former Minister of the Interior Ögmundur Jónasson, which could be decided before the weekend.

Some are worried that this bill could be delayed by a piece of fisheries legislation which is also up for vote this Friday.

Although the bill is being backed by three parties, Brighter Future, Piran (Pirate Party) and the Green Party, there is still a possibility that the Snowden bill could be stopped by the current ruling coalition of the Conservative and Moderate parties.



  • Background/Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson Facebook statement
  • RT: Haven for Snowden: Icelandic Pirate Party pushes for granting citizenship
  • Icelandic legislator's blog: Bill sponsors/Snowden's response

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    Hopefully he can get a small houseboat

    and live on the Blue Lagoon.

    US Military Flights Often Refuel In Iceland

    They make some money from Uncle Sam and might be thinking of that while considering Snowden's case.

    Perhaps US military needs to

    Perhaps US military needs to be grateful to Iceland for allowing them to land.

    After US planes intercepted the plane carrying the President of.

    Bolivia's plane in Austria, I doubt the small amount of "blood money" paid to Iceland by the "Criminal-in-Chief" will sway them.

    "Ég er íslensk"

    Please post email addresses of Icelandic parliament members?

    Could someone post or link to email addresses of Iceland's members of parliament so we can write to them and urge them to do the right thing?

    Liberty Vigilante

    Iceland Congress

    Iceland's Legislative branch is called Althingi. Their website is

    If you go there you can change the language to english and then click on 'members of congress'.

    Other links of interest.
    -These are the two most popular news organizations. MBL has a link to 'News in English'.

    I've wanted to go to Iceland

    I've wanted to go to Iceland every since they put the bansters behind bars. I am so proud of them!


    I wish I knew Iceland had a Pirate Party! Hopefully I can get my name inserted under Edwards.... HAHA

    Now that they made this public...

    we're sure to see some type of thuggery against Iceland.


    They shut down the bankers! They are the only country in the entire world that stood up against the Bankster's!

    If they have the guts and courage to do the RIGHT THING and not worry about the United States, GOD in heaven will bless them MORE THAN THEY CAN IMAGINE.

    And, watch the TOURISM increase!! I know, as far as we are concerned, we would love to go to Iceland then, and I don't even like flying!

    However, I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Restaurants in the USA won't like it

    If our government threatens Iceland.....and I even think the EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS WOULDN'T LIKE IT! And I really think they would end up putting pressure on the United States to just let it go.