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My thoughts on Independence Day and freedom.

In years passed, I started out celebrating Independence Day as a foolish chauvinist, taught the fuzzy outlines of history by the de facto government schools.
While a service member in the U.S. Navy, I celebrated it in vein thinking I was actually protecting the freedom and rights of the American People.
In my twenties, I celebrated the holiday with my friends for the party.
In my thirties, I started to read and learn what was wrong with what we have been taught by those de facto government schools and actually started to understand the great document.
Now mid way into my forties,I no longer observe the holiday in the same manner, nor would I ever again give any credit to the criminal de facto federal government on Independence Day, rather I would for now on celebrate the spirit of freedom and independence, which made it possible for a lawful, honorable people to thrive.
Sadly, This holiday has been poisoned and I see no reason to celebrate this any longer. It and the constitution for the united states of America hold no weight in the eyes of the criminals holding positions of "power". I will celebrate my independence humbly everyday instead and defend my independence in union with like-minded people, when needed.
Freedom can only be obtained if we work at keeping it everyday.
It is time to abolish the criminal de facto federal government, restore lawful de jure sovereign state governments, at the very least, if not at even smaller levels, and hold those whom would do harm to the People and their property accountable.
Rise up and stand in honor, be slaves no more to the de facto.
Christopher Kairnes

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