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Public vs. Private

Though there was a considerable range of opinion among the founding generation, one simple truth was apparent to them in a way that it may not be for our generation. That truth is that both public and private are necessary and desirable, but that public and private should be strictly separated from each other.

Government is a public institution, but not all public institutions are government or state based, nor should they be.

When public takes over private, we have some type of undesirable totalitarianism. When private takes over public, we have some type of monarchy or oligarchy. When public and private are merged together, as they are now, we have some form of corporatism or fascism.

It seems we need to separate public from private and keep them separated. Both are only desirable when they are separate from each other. The public should not invade the private and narrow private interests should likewise be prevented from taking over the public realm and privatizing it for their own benefit.

It seems like those on the 'left' tend to worry about the private invading the public and those on the 'right' tend to worry about the public invading the private. Maybe we should join forces under the banner of keeping them separated from each other?

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