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Oliver Stone: ."to Me, Snowden Is A Hero." "We need countries to say no to the United States."

"He should be welcomed, and offered asylum," Stoned continued, "but he has no place to hide because every country is intimidated by the United States. This should not be. This is what's wrong with the world today, and it's very important that the world recognizes and gives asylum to Snowden. Everyone in the world is impacted by the United States' Big Brother attitude toward the world."

But he didn't stop there.

In front of a room of mostly European journalists, Stone said, "We need countries to say no to the United States."


I read this more as a positive article which I am sure was not the intention of the author. -Kotter

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"...This is what an American

"...This is what an American says in the Czech Republic on the Fourth of July. How disgusting." writes Mr. Noel Sheppard. Ho, but on the contrary, not a more appropriate day in which to say it, and echo the overwhelming thoughts of all true patriotic, non brain washed, Americans.

Next they'll have Michael Moore offer support

Then all the hannitized dolts will truly hate Snowden. (who I still think is a CIA operative engaged in a limited hangout operation)
But, it will be funny to see how telling people you're being spied on is something only liberals worry about.

I emailed that punk writer, Noel.

If you want to, here's his email address: NewsBustersNoel@gmail.com.

My email said:

The writer, Noel, is the disgraced one. What is disgraceful about Stone saying the truth? Which country is attacking one nation after another? Which nation has an unrestrained, active, menacing war machine? Which nation, and I'm speaking of the criminal elements that run our executive branch and military, which nation tramples on the Constitution and which nation seeks to destroy our Bill of Rights?

Oliver Stone speaks the truth. Pompous? Maybe you're referring to the other directors in Hollywood, almost all gladly take the million-dollar contracts to spew New World Order and state propaganda.

You, Noel, are a disgrace. Alex Jones, Drudge, and the like are those whose media empires are growing exponentially because they are fighting against the powers that seek to destroy YOUR freedoms and ALL of our freedoms. Wake up. Stop selling out, and join the good fight against tyranny and oppression.

If you don't like America, leave! There are far too many liberals now who aren't even liberals. They've drifted so far to the dark side that they side with authoritarians and evil despots alive today and who reigned with blood and horror while they lived on earth. Disgusting.

Not to sound "religious," but repent, before it's too late. Realize that your ignorance helps the traitors to our country and if it's not your ignorance, if you willfully are pro authoritarian state, then you truly are despicable.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

It makes you wonder....

Even though most every comment is a negative to the article and its author, does that constitute a following, which in turn gives points to, and assures the authors continued notability or success?

As Tonto suggests in the new Lone Ranger.... The world is out of balance....

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

The author

called him Stoned. So the question is was the author stoned, was Oliver Stone stoned, was the author taking a cheap shot or did the author fail to proofread his own work?


Happy Fourth for the restoration of the Fourth!

I'm a fan of Mr. Stone