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Soft Egyptian Military Coup Deposes Unpopular President Mohammed Morsi!
In a world of military coups where national leaders are overthrown by the presence of military power, demonstrated or implied, this Egyptian Military Coup is both ‘soft’ and ‘swift’.
The transfer of power from a legitimately elected unpopular representative to a transitional government imposed by a popularly-supported military is exceedingly rare, if not a clear precedent for the future.
I have been witnessed to and may even have participated in one or two coups but I have never seen a popular secular movement demand military intervention in order to create a more just and efficient government.
Leave it to the incredible Egyptians, the cradle of Middle Eastern Civilization, to contrive a new game changer in the Pharonic history of leadership.
Garnering over 33 million votes for the removal of President Morsi, the Egyptians of all types of religious backgrounds [including even the Salafists] demanded that the Egyptian military support the peoples ‘wishes’ and ‘intimidate’ Morsi into leaving his post as President.
The Egyptian military gave Morsi 48 hours vacate his presidency or face the consequences, which btw, were never really ever spelled out in detail.
So Morsi left without a fight.
And that is what I call a ‘soft military coup’, when no one, on either side of the confrontation is killed, imprisoned or in any way harmed.


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