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Euro Union MEP: Goal of EU is to erase nations and create Euro Citizens


While discussing objects in his office, Guy Verhofstadt of Belgium (Euro Slime), he mentions one of his favorite books is one of a post nationalist europe where there are no borders or nations, only citizens. Not that anyone with a clue didn't already know what the gist of the EU was, is there any doubt now?

I highly doubt they will be going around to Nigel Farages office any time soon.

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Bump for Liberty


Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Euro Citizens? HA! try Euro Slaves

It's about enslaving a population in such a way that allows them no recourse to change or challenge their rulers. It's about appearing to be a democratic system, when all the while the individual voice is eradicated and local representation is only for show. It's about the self appointed rulers reducing a mass amount of citizens to farm animals to be milked, sheered, and slaughtered.

This reduces the # of other countries to go to

if one country becomes too tyrannical or the government puts in policies that stagnate the economy


Ha ha, 'Euro slime' good one! Unfortunately the EU is much worse than merely destroying national sovereignty. Have a look at this:


Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.