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Obama Administration: Screw the Homeland

National Guard soldiers, airmen to be furloughed

KAPOLEI, Hawaii (AP) — More than 1,100 National Guard soldiers and airmen in Hawaii — and thousands in other states — will be living with 20 percent less pay over the next three months as the Defense Department carries out automatic federal budget cuts.

Guard members will be furloughed for one day a week starting Monday, so helicopter pilots and mechanics, pay and finance clerks and others who keep the guard operating will have eight hours less each week to do their jobs.

It's not clear precisely what effects the unprecedented cuts will have. They could, however, make it more difficult for the guard to fly helicopters to help put out wildfires or rush to the scene of natural disasters in trucks.

"Our general sense is that short-term, it's going to be a terrible hardship for those soldiers, airmen and their families. But if it goes on for any length of time, that may have a negative impact on our readiness and our ability to respond," said Hawaii National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Chuck Anthony.

The military's furloughs were only supposed to involve civilians, but large numbers of National Guard members who wear Army and Air Force uniforms full-time will experience them as well. The National Guard added military technicians to the furlough list in May, after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave official notice to begin furloughs for civilians.

It's not immediately clear how many uniformed personnel will be affected nationwide.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said the furloughs, which will affect nearly 1,000 guardsmen in his state, are his biggest concern for this summer's hurricane season.

Some units will be exempt, like the 169th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron responsible for tracking aircraft in the skies above Hawaii. The 199th Fighter Squadron, which protects Hawaii airspace with F-22s, will be somewhat shielded from the effects of the cuts because a large number of active duty airmen work alongside them.

But many others will have to squeeze 40 hours of work into 32 hours, and receive one-fifth less pay.

It could become difficult for mechanics to maintain helicopters and trucks at the same pace, meaning fewer aircraft and vehicles may be available when needed. Guardsmen who plan drills for the part-time soldiers and airmen who train on the weekend might have difficulty getting exercises ready.

"We don't know what will fall by the wayside because we've never had to do this before," Anthony said.

Commanders are trying to help guardsmen cope.


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Foreign aid

I would say we need to cut foreign aid first and foremost

I have contracted to the

I have contracted to the military as one of those maintenance "mechanics"(I use that term loosely because most of the contractors I worked with realy didnt know what they were doing). I was in Kuwait working 6 days a week 12 hours a day. It was a joke of a job, those are the best maintained vehicles I have ever seen. We had maybe 2 hours of real work to do a day...the rest of the time. ...Well, lets put it this way....I would spend a lot of time looking for more work or helping out other contractors who looked in over their heads. I also stopped using ratchets...they were too fast. I would use a wrench instead. Now...it might well be different for the national guard...but my guess is that they would still be able to maintain the same amount of readiness, but they wont do ot. They will milk the situation for all that it is worth.

Excuse me, isn't this a libertarian site?

The so-called "national guard" is actually the unconstitutionally federalized state militias, and as such, they should be paid for by the states in the first place. Besides, isn't it the libertarian position that we shouldn't have standing military in peacetime in the first place?

Lets not get in the weeds here.....

These are not full time soldiers. These individuals work as civilians during the week. There is a difference between being AGR (Active Guard Reserve) and just a regular civilian with a dual status job. AGR gets paid salary just like regular Army therefore they would welcome the extra day off because they would still be paid the same. Besides these individuals who are being furloughed one day a week will more than likely perform Annual Training or Inactive Duty Training for pay therefore resulting in more pay than normal. With the government, it is all a budget game. If the unit is hurting on equipment readiness, then put several mechanics on orders to come in and help out. These individuals knew the furloughs were coming at least six months ago so they should have already had their ducks in a row.


All service men & women in the "National Gaurd", should immediately strike & demand the evil empire bring it's troops home so you guys don't have to lose your wages while the wage immoral & crimso wars over seas. Not that I'm for any state run military period, they should all be abolished really. But I can see the use of a National Gaurd far more than the rest of the U.S's Stasi. So STRIKE! Why are the troops from around the world where there is no conflict being left there, & you guys cut. End the evil empire.

One question comes to mind over all this.....

Is DC taking a pay cut? Giving up bennies? Cutting back on their finances?

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

Catch 22 - I do not care.

I visited a couple of national guard facilities and spoke with a few higher-ups as well as lower onsite. I asked their opinion on the future of our Republic. I asked if they would defend and protect the American people. I asked if they would disobey orders to disarm Americans if given the order. I asked if they would defend and protect the Constitution of the United States which is the Law of the Land.

In the end, they informed me that they would absolutely carry out orders given by superiors whether it abided by the Constitution OR NOT.

I have come to realize that just as I can not and will not rely on government to take care of me, I can not and will not rely on national guard or any other to take care of me.

So, it does not matter to me either way whether guard members are cut or not; the administration will do what is necessary to redeploy frns to suit their own anti-American agenda. They are not stupid.

Lastly, I remember Katrina.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is one of those situations

Where I believe the ones higher up on the totem pole should be standing up and stating, "take my pay instead of theirs."

Honestly, this sequester crap keeps finding more ways to irk me. So many other ways to cut than these bottom up cuts that will just end up hurting more than helping. I'm sure that there are ways that they can cope with losing the 8 hours to compensate but there are likely many who will definitely have a hard time making up for it especially in states/areas with high unemployment ya know?

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

what sequester?

Three weeks before the sequester began, Obama gave twenty f-16s and fifty tanks to the Muslim Brother hood government of Egypt. This was before sending Kerry there to give away millions for Egyptian 'youth programs'. Last week, the sequester ongoing, Obama gave away $7.1B of power infrastructure to Africa. This is about priorities.

Not Feasible

The fat-cats won't give up their pay to sacrifice for their charges. TPTB wouldn't let it happen anyway. They *want* the pain to be felt because they want the debt to keep going up. There is so much fat that could be cut instead but they chose carefully to make sure it made news and to show people suffering as a result. They want public pressure to be put on to increase spending.