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Do the benefits of the frequently down-voted outweigh the costs?

Any time I come across a comment that has been hidden due to downvotes, I make a little bet (with my self) before clicking on it that it's going to be from a particular user. I'm right at least 80% of the time. Am I the only one?

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I may view the up and down votes differently than others

I use upvote if I want others to read something, or say "this message should be spread"

I don't often downvote, but would only do so if I wanted to push the "Ignore this and move on," usually it's non-logical or nonsensical.

If its a valid viewpoint that differs than mine, I just don't upvote.


Upvote "The Bible teaches freedom!"

Do Nothing: "I love freedom, but don't believe in the Bible!"

Downvote:"My name is Glenn Beck, I want to create a perfect libertarian society, but we wont allow outdoor BBQ's, the Gap is out, and there will be no cars, it's all designed so we can walk close to things, and we'll all share resources and duties, it'll be fun!"

Similar viewpoint?

Anonymous POWER is offered on this Web Page.

Who wants it?

I don't.

I have no use for a button that gives credit or gives discredit to anyone.

Who does?

What is the point?

An individual is given the power to do something, so what is it that the individual does with that power offered?

Will any of those who use that button confess their true motives?

Do any of those users of that button even know what they are doing, why they are doing what they are doing, and if asked would they confess that they are driven by some power other than their own power of will?

I think it is better to know the accurate facts than to assume wrongly.