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US Postal Service has been tracking all mail sent within the country for more than a DECADE

US Postal Service has been tracking all mail sent within the country for more than a DECADE
Federal officials have been tracking all mail sent through the United States Postal Service for well over a decade, but have been monitoring select pieces of mail for over a century.

Using a pair of systems that snap images of envelopes and catalogue them into batches, the federal government tracks all mail sent in the United States, and has been able track down multiple suspected terrorists, according to media reports. Though the automated systems are only about a decade old, the mail covers monitoring program dates back almost 100 years.

The system tracks names, addresses, return addresses and postmark locations, an expert told the New York Times, explaining that it effectively maps out an individual's network of contacts for the federal government.

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And if you were expecting a package and didn't get it

You'd be pretty mad if they said they had no way of tracking mail. What has happened around here???? This is bad. It's like folks are back to sleep dreaming about tyranny.
It's out there in a major way, but the post office tracking mail?? Really??? THAT'S THEIR JOB!!!

Let's all wake back up and stop falling for self-justifying propaganda.

Google search:Worst post

Google search:
Worst post office in the country

I think it is still one in New York, but the reviews are hilarious.

Chicago, but you get the point.

Southern Agrarian

US Post Office joins ranks of criminal officials.

Then they try to cover it up by claiming that they secretly stopped "terrorist plots".

But they did not stop the terrorist plot that invaded the privacy of innocents by their own leaders.

Shame on them! They took an Oath, then they took the pay while breaking their oath.


Government is guilty until proven innocent, that is how authority is established, over and over again.

Free includes debt-free!