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Who represents the Liberty message the best?

Tom Woods, Ben Swann, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Grenwald come to mind. Sometimes I wish we had a jersey with our last name on the back and the statue of Liberty for a logo. I imagine high fiving anybody I see wearing one!

The farther our country departs from our Constitution makes me admire the bravery and commitment to truth, those who defend it best.

Our movement is evolving. The coalition of people that are organizing has the power to change the world. I do not know when America will wake up but I have a feeling the best parts of America are about to be seen.

Ben Swann is about to do something really big. In media, there is absolutely nobody better on our side.

I have witnessed Rand Paul make a fierce display of leadership. He is setting the tone of the debate. He is standing up for the Constitution and defending our Rights better than anyone else in Government. I see the direction he wants to lead this country and the view leads to responsible governing. The buck will stop with Rand. Holder? FIRED. Clinton? FIRED. Clapper? FIRED AND FACING CHARGES. Responsible governing starts at the top. The executive office sets the tone for the country.

What is Ron Paul going to do next? Surely wont stay completely away but who knows what is up his sleeve?

Scahill and Greenwald are tirelessly pursuing the truth.

Our government is spying on all of us. Our government kills American citizens abroad. Our government gets away with lying to us. Nobody is taking any responsibility at the top. Its a game of hot-potato and bait and switch. It is painfully obvious that a lack of responsibility is directly because of a lack of leadership. Everybody at the top is asleep at the wheel and dodging the questions.

Who are our greatest allies?

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Lew Rockwell

And Russ Baker is another (his website is WhoWhatWhy.com). I think Baker disagrees w/ Lew Rockwell in terms of solutions but his work as a "forensic journalist" is outstanding.