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Name that Country

►What country provided $20,000 to newlyweds for purchase of a home?
►Who paid half for a vehicle?

►Who made petrol 7 cents a gallon?
►To farmers, who provided free training, free land and a home, free equipment and livestock, free seeds and money to hire help?
►Who made all loans interest free by law from the state bank?
►Who spent millions if not billions providing water and electricity to nations other than his own?
►Who provided free education and quality healthcare, and if you couldn't get adequate of either in the country, paying for travel abroad?
►Who said that a home was a basic right and would make sure everyone would receive housing before his own father?
►Who had a quality of life higher than Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil?
►Who had the support of nearly the entire country?

If you guessed Libya and Col. Gaddafi, you are correct.

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What government stole from the producers of their country to give to SOME have-nots (How many were Atheists, homosexuals, Christian, Muslim Sunni Muslim (official) 97%, other 3%)

In the 1970s Libya initiated a socialist style nationalization program under which the government either nationalized oil companies or became a participant in their concessions, production and transportation facilities.[7] As part of this program, NOC signed production-sharing agreements with Occidental Petroleum, Sincat (Italy), and formed a joint drilling company with Saipem (an Eni subsidiary). The was accompanied by nationalization of ConocoPhillips's Umm Farud field in 1970, British Petroleum's Sarir field in 1971 and Amoco's Sahabir field in 1976. After commencement of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and other Arab states proclaimed an embargo on oil exports to countries who supported Israel, primarily the United States. Additionally, the NOC had encountered legal actions by BP over claims of ownership. Although the 1973 oil crisis increased global demand, BP's legal position made some countries wary of importing from Libya. NOC compensated for this weakness by arranging barter deals with France and Argentina. On March 18, 1974, the Arab oil ministers ended the US-embargo, with Libya being the sole exception. During 1974, agreements were reached with Exxon, Mobil, Elf Aquitaine and Agip provided production-sharing on a 85-15 basis onshore, 81-19 offshore. Eventually, all the foreign companies (excluding BP) agreed to partial nationalization, providing Libya with a substantial oil surplus. However, declining world oil prices resulted in NOC selling back its production shares. Other concessions that were nationalized that year included those belonging to BP, Amoseas (Beida field), Hunt, Arco, Esso and Shell's 17 percent share in the Oasis Oil Company. Mobil-Gelsenberg was owned by the NOC (51%), Mobil (32%), and Gelsenberg (17%).[8] Overall, during 1976 the National Oil Corporation produced about 408,000 bbl/d (64,900 m3/d) and exported 1.2 mmbpd.

IOWs While BP developed the ability of Libya to produce oil, the socialization "stealing from the producers to give to the non-producers", to build a theocratic society is a good thing?

To me, this is why America needs to develope new energy and transportation resources and get off the foreign oil teat.


...robbed everyone to buy newlyweds a home?

...stole the people's money, took a cut, and then used the portion remaining to help pay for cars?

...used price controls to interfere with market forces?

...robbed the people to pay for "free" services to prop up the agricultural sector?

...reduced the interest rates to zero like every other foolish country that has a central bank?

...stole from the people to pay for "free" education and healthcare?

...sought for the government to service positive rights - the right to housing - at the very likely behest of (now former) property owners?

Government cannot give without first taking. None of those things are sustainable policies.

While I did/do not agree with intervention in Libya - or any country for that matter - I vehemently disagree with the types of policies listed above.

Ha... :)

Knew that was coming..
Not 'promoting' the social policies... nor Equador's, Venezuela's, Bolivia's and on etc.
Just trying to 'unspin' the rhetoric or 'justification' for DEMONIZING any little collection of humanity that dares not kiss the NWO boot.