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Bolivia President Morales Responds: 'The Intimidation of the EMPIRE'


President Morales

I want to express my enormous gratitude for the unity of the Bolivian people and for this immediate reaction to the intimidation of THE EMPIRE. This was an open provocation toward a continent... not just a president. North American imperialism uses its people to terrify and intimidate us.

I just want to say they will never frighten us... people of dignity and sovereignty. I cannot understand some countries being faithful servants, obedient to North American imperialism.

This fight is not only in the country of Bolivia and on other continents, but also within the people of the United States.
It is important to seek an alliance with the North American migrants who could be our allies... to END the policies of humiliation and domination over people of the world.

and this, thanks to ydranko

"Without the US we are better politically and democratically. Without the IMF and World Bank we are better economically, so we do not need them."


Latin American Presidents Held Emergency Summit Yesterday
Why is this important?

Just to declare joint outrage over the detention and forced search of the Bolivian Presidential plane?
It may be more...
to establish solidarity and commitment for an asylum solution.



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Bolivia banned GMO in 2012


Other articles can be googled, but felt this one gave more detail.

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Now if the world would put santions on the US

would that make the government criminals fill their pants.

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President Morales will complain to the UN, for what it's worth.

Bolivia complains to UN over 'abduction' of its president

Bolivia said it would complain to the United Nations Wednesday over the "abduction" of its president, Evo Morales, whose plane was grounded amid a false rumor that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board.
“I feel this was an excuse to frighten, intimidate and punish me. More than anything, an excuse to try and silence us on the struggle against the politics of plunder, invasion and domination,” president Morales said.

The statement added that Morales’ life was put in grave danger when Portugal and France stopped his plane at the last minute.

“I don’t understand why France, Italia, Portugal and Spain would say ... that they were stopping me because I was taking a certain Edward Snowden,” he said.

Snowden was "no suitcase that could be taken aboard a plane" and flown to Bolivia, the statement added.

Cuba echoed his comments, denouncing the international decision to divert Morales' flight as "inadmissible, unfounded and arbitrary."

He talks a good game....

but yesterday he apologized for saying he would consider Snowden's asylum request. All talk...no action.

Okay, Bolivia

I am all in for Snowden and support the Bolivian Pres on what happened to him, BUT.

He says "It is important to seek an alliance with the North American migrants who could be our allies... to END the policies of humiliation and domination over people of the world."

In essence what he is saying is that he is looking to all the current Non US citizens of hispanic descent to help overthrow American policies... I am all for fighting our policies, but I am diametrically opposed to THIS type of mindset. If he was smarter about the world and/or had better speech preppers, he would call on all of us in America not just the 'migrants' coming here to make money to send back home to Bolivia et al...

Boooo, thumbs down.

I thought he was referring to

I thought he was referring to US expats. Maybe someone should get him to elaborate. I was actually amazed that he made that distinction between the citizens and the government....but maybe you are right.

Taking this into consideration

I went over the material again to try and foster your viewpoint. I present this to you:

He specifically says "North American migrants" as opposed to "migrant North Americans". The latter would support your take, but the first one is what he said.

Thanks for the discussion :)


I didn't pick up on that... 'migrants'...
appealing to a brown v. white worldview is definitely NOT the way to fight against the real powers he is confronting. If so... he is fumbling a golden opportunity... I'm surprised.. even Hugo Chavez was MUCH smarter than that.

All these people see is the

All these people see is the opression and bullying by the United States. They also see the Hollywood movies coming to them. They see the unjustice of the drug war that puts the burden on the poorest farmers. We have to change that. They need to see the struggle of people such as Dr. Paul, A. Kokesh, Alex Jones, and many people here in the Daily Paul. All of these great people are unheard off even though they are excellent human beings.

It is the same as with Nazi Germany. There is a tendency to think about all Germans during that period as Nazi sympathizers.

Precisely my point

although, I think I pissed off a couple of the Sweathogs for a downvote with this observation... ;) I figured someone would be upset that I don't blindly support Bolivia speak. (Even though I was the one that posted the thread about the plane diversion with support to Bolivia). I would like to hear opinions from the downvoters, but I'm sure they simply didn't have the attention span to grok the entire post as it was longer than 2 sentences.


Pepe Escobar is typically on the money.



Solidarity is needed... then asylum would be the golden opportunity to express it.