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CNN Nakedly Spins Zimmerman Trial Testimony In Direct Conflict of Actual Testimony

Medical examiner conclusively testifies that Trayvon Martin was leaning over Zimmerman when the bullet hit his chest.
Medical examiner testifies that Trayvon did not have any -- not even the slightest injury or scratch anywhere on his body except for the hands he used to beat Zimmerman.

CNN's response: Not a word of commentary acknowledging medical examiner's conclusion.

Trayvon's mother and brother in very subjective testimony claim it was Trayvon's voice crying for help on 911 tape.

CNN's response: Totally ignores common sense observation that Trayvon had no injuries from the scuffle and since he clearly was not beaten by Zimmerman it would be unlikely that Trayvon would be screaming for help since he was conclusively on top of Zimmerman -- the bullet wound proves his position on top of Zimmerman.

CNN just wants Zimmerman proven guilty of murder.

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Creating division where none should exist. The evidence is overwhelming in Zimmerman's favor.

It is indeed! Self defense is

It is indeed! Self defense is obvious to anyone with a brain.

Divide and conquer

Is their game!