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Turn The Tables On NSA Spying Supporters!


If the NSA can see our private communications, then would the Senator mind making the contents of his e-mail's and phone conversations public so we can see what he's been up too?

What does the senator have to hide? If the NSA needs to see the contents of my communications to make us safe, then we sure as hell need to see the contents of the Senators communications to ensure he's not a terrorist, or working with terrorists!

What does the Senator have to hide? If the government can spy on us, then we can spy on the government and we MUST do so in order to keep us safer! Does the Senator not want us to be safe? What does he have to hide?

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"You know, every year people are killed or raped or kidnapped by people they know. To keep everyone safe from these criminals we associate with, we all need to be able to read anyone's email at any time, listen in to their phone calls, check their bank statements, and so on. Since you and I have had contact, I will now need to protect myself by insisting that you give me your email address and password. Here is my [fake] info: ..."

Of course, this may make them feel unsafe. At which point you reassure them that you were only kidding, but the human beings working in the government are not kidding.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


I would love to listen to the conversations between lobbyist for the MIC and our congress critters. Think they would be ok with that?

Everytime a politician's private electronic communications have

Been made public, they've cried about it. Yet another thing that's only legal when the government does it.

Excellent point.

... after all, aren't they supposed to be public servants?

And we just keep repeating,

And we just keep repeating, "what do you have to hide"? And we all know that congressmen have a shitload of things they need to hide!