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Warrants issued for Kelly Marlow, adviser Robert Trim and Cherokee GOP Secretary Barbara Knowles

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By Joshua Sharpe


CANTON — The Canton Police Department issued warrants Friday for the arrests of Cherokee County School Board member Kelly Marlow, political adviser Robert Trim and Cherokee County Republican Party Secretary Barbara Knowles, on charges of making false statements that School Superintendent Dr. Frank Petruzielo tried to hit them with his car.

Canton Police Chief Robert Merchant confirmed Friday night that warrants were issued earlier Friday for the three, and that they each face charges of making false statements for telling officers that Petruzielo attempted to run them over after a School Board meeting in June.

Following a heated meeting of the school board June 13, Knowles dialed 911 and reported that Petruzielo had been driving aggressively and almost ran her and Marlow over, as they walked across the street in downtown Canton, according to a copy of the 911 call, obtained by the Cherokee Tribune.

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