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Hat tip to Dwalters and others who've engaged me in debate

on central points and principles of logic and ideology over the past few weeks.

Despite the imperfections of the format, and less than perfectly strict adherence to the best argumentative behaviors at all times, amongst all participants, yalls have all valiantly defended your points of view, stuck to your guns and provided the best intellectual defense you were able to muster on any given topic.

Give yourselves a pat on the back. I hope it has raised the level of discourse or at least bored a few people to tears.

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This post is more or less Bill3's attempt to convince himself he is retiring from forum arguments/discourse. He was a head of his time. He will be missed. Hug for u.

i will slowly back away from

i will slowly back away from the room like someone who accidentally smothered a pet kitten....... then dash!

here is your theme song, then:


“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

And to you for the best you could muster defending protectionism

and might makes right - two of the foundations of tyranny.

While I admire your persistence, you have doggedly embraced stances that are antithesis to liberty. For the sake of the people who don't read the comments, I've come to the conclusion that it is best to let your threads die in order to save those folks from the propaganda. After all, you have rendered yourself blind to the fallacies in your arguments and would never admit you were wrong even if your life depended on it.

May your future posts supporting tyrannical ideology die quick and harmless deaths.



Ventura 2012

Protectionism and the Destruction of Prosperity


In addition, the argument in the article is not an argument for protectionism. In fact protectionism has led to the concerns that that author expresses. The author complains of the availability of cheap labor while failing to consider that wage price-fixing (minimum wage) is a large source of this problem. In addition, the author fails to consider that companies such as foreign car manufacturers have recently began moving production into the US. As well, protectionism through the use of regulation has also been a very large factor in the outsourcing of jobs.

The author of that article said:

What can be done? Neither Senator Schumer nor I have solutions. Pressed for solutions by the New York Times editors, we said the solution was to restore the conditions necessary in order for free trade to produce mutual gains to the countries involved. But as we could not specify how factor immobility could be restored, the editors allowed us to present a problem without offering a solution.

I guess they weren't brave enough to suggest the true solution, abolition of protectionism.

Wait, the solution is to pay

Wait, the solution is to pay chinese slave wages to American workers?

The truth is no one has come up with a great solution to this problem, but it doesn't mean there isnt a problem. PCR wants a VAT favorable to domestic corps.

That article does not address PCR's point, fyi.

Ventura 2012

mozarts most. is mozart best...

(morning edit)

Dang - another drunky reply. Morning damage control sucks.

I happen to enjoy finding out when I am wrong and correcting the situation. It sets me on the right path and helps me feel less confused - conned, f'ed, and used.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I hat tip you for the post.

but somehow still find you on my troll list with no reason to remove it.